Saturday, August 6, 2011

Giggles Abound

They are here.
Ah, my heart.
They got in last night, pretty late, and were up this morning, pretty early. Not me. I slept until after nine. Vergil had all sorts of ideas- let's go for a walk! Jessie and I looked at him like, "What? Do you know how hot it is?"

Anyway, right now they're eating watermelon that Mr. Moon cut up and flax seed crackers and cheese that Billy sent over from the New Leaf and stuffed grape leaves from the Costco.
Perfect breakfast!

And there are all sorts of plans being tossed in the air and discussed and that forty-eight pound deer ham is thawed out and sitting on the counter.

I'm about to get busy.


Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Welcome home to the magical Land of Moon, Jessie and Vergil ~ have a wonderful, giggly weekend, everybody!

  2. Dear Ms Moon-So glad to read your blog again, the fullness, the family, the food stories...

    XXXXXXXXX Beth the midwife

  3. First off Mary...don't know how long the new header has been up but DIVINE...nuf said.

    Yes, there is nothing like having the young folk back home. I wonder if our kids really realize how much that means to us parents? To feel their hugs, laughter, their incredible faces that we see all the years that were from the start to right that moment. Oh the world all fits again.

    You enjoy the weekend and you have much to do with that big deer ham. What else is cooking?

  4. Enjoy - the deer ham (first time I ever heard of that!) the kids, the weekend, everything in your life!

  5. Nice. Enjoy the day and your family.


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