Monday, August 22, 2011


Monday morning and up, up, up, Ms. Moon, get up and get to town and get your prescription and go buy fish oil and a bottle of rum (yo-ho-ho!) and all of the things you need for the beach. Get up, get out, go to the library, find a nice yummy book, no, you cannot take a chicken to the beach.
Well, you can take a chicken but only cut up in a package. Where is the ice chest?
Don't forget limes and coffee. Don't forget sunscreen and lots of it. Don't forget the pizza pans and don't forget the recipe and don't forget the flour, yeast and there will be water at the beach.
Wait. Olive oil.

Get up and out, Ms. Moon. Move, move, move!

Oh god. I hate packing. I hate getting ready for traveling. I want to take a bathing suit, a dress, a pair of shorts, a pair of overalls, a dress.
Two towels. A book.


What is it with us humans? We gotta take all our shit with us everywhere we go. Cameras and journals and pens and underwear and horseradish and umbrellas and cover-ups and flip-flops and rafts to float on if we want to float and our Own Special Brand of Coffee and our sleep-aids and all our other pills and games and is there a good knife in that kitchen? Should I bring my knife? Oh god. My pillows. Must have my pillows.

And the damn thing is, none of it is going to matter. They have all this shit down there at the beach. Okay, maybe not my prescription or pillows. Those I need to remember. But they even have things we do not have here- really fresh shrimp, for instance. Flip-flops with jewels on them. I don't know. Fuck it. It's the BEACH!

I don't need make-up or jewelry or hair products except maybe shampoo and conditioner. I don't need...

You know what I don't need?
This fucking anxiety about a simple trip to the beach.

I DO need to take the trash and recycle. I DO need to go to town. I DO need to stay with Owen for a few hours. Not because his parents need me to babysit but because I NEED my little boy time. I do need to chill out and quit checking the damn projected path of Hurricane (!) Irene.

I wonder if I'll have such crazy dreams at the beach. Last night I had one good one and one bad one. In the good one, my friend Liz had adopted a beautiful baby girl and arranged a barge trip with friends and family to celebrate and it was glorious. In the bad one, I ended up somehow the sister-wife of a crazy polygamist but not one of those that lives in squalor. No, this family was rich and there were sister-wives everywhere and the husband and his brothers were the roosters, the mean roosters, and "my" husband tried to rape me, okay? Yeah. What's up with THAT? How can the same brain come up with two such diverse story-lines in one night?

Monday morning. Get up, Ms. Moon. Get up. Shrug off the dreams, go feed the chickens, go to town. Drive tomorrow and maybe listen to Jimmy Buffett as I go over the bridge singing "Apocalypso.

Say what you will about Mr. Buffett (and I've heard it all) that man brought me out of the biggest, deepest funk of my life and delivered me unto the beach where he sang to me as the waves sang to me as the stars sang to me as I danced myself back to a place where I could breathe again.

All right. To town. To get ready. So that I can be dancing as I go.


  1. I wish I could go with you! Have fun.

  2. I love love love Jimmy Buffett. Have fun at the beach. xxoo

  3. I feel the same trip-packing anxiety too. What has helped me this past year is when a trip is coming up I claim a corner of the bedroom for my clothes stuff and when I do laundry or get ready for bed at night for a week or so prior I drop stuff as it comes to my mind in a pile (OK, I realize you have a dog situation) and then do the same in laundry room for the non-personal items I have to take. I'm excited for you for your girls' trip!!!

  4. Oh honey, I think that polygamist dream was mine (I've been really missing his compound). Sorry for you catching it instead.

    Hopefully I'll get out of here within the next three months and those dreams will leave us both alone!

  5. The person who loves to pack is insane, which makes you completely normal.

    Ha. I can't wait to hear about your travels --

  6. son of a son of a MungamAugust 22, 2011 at 11:32 AM

    It's highly interesting to think that I absolutely LOVE packing, and thinking about packing, and it's such a rush knowing I will be going somewhere and I get to pack for it!!!! yay! Weird huh?

    BUT, nothing good can come from what I have to say about the Jimmy Buffet, so take care and have fun.

  7. Lois- Thank-you!

    Mel- I believe it will be awesome.

    Stephanie- This is probably quite true.

    Michele R- I do something like that. I have piles around the house.

    NOLA- Oooh. Then definitely do NOT get any more involved with him.

    Elizabeth- I'll do my best. I don't think there's wireless in the house. Jesus.

    Pirate-Looking-At-Whatever- Mungam, we cannot help whom we fall in love with. This is a basic fact of life.
    And you LIKE to pack? Maybe it's a man thing.

  8. Can't feel sad while listening to Buffett...that's a medically proven fact I bet.

    Have a great time at the beach. Wish I were going too. I would make a good butt dent in the sand and sleep this cold away in the sunshine. And if the hurricaine carries me away...what the fuck! Love and hugs to you Ms. Moon.

  9. Have a great time at the beach with dear friends. And yeah, you'd better pack a knife. They often suck at rentals, like at the Goldhead cabins!

  10. It will be lovely on the edge of the water. What better way to jump from August to September... Have a wonderful stay with lots of chats and laughter.

  11. Have a good time. Keep an eye on the hurricane. We are dead center in the forecast here.

  12. Gosh, have a wonderful time!!!
    Now I have the tune "Good-night, Irene" in my head. I need Mr. Buffet.

  13. The worst that can happen is that you take too much or not enough......

    Have a grand time and don't fret about anything.

  14. Mel's Way- If hurricanes only sprang up and carried you away but NO. There's all that wind and rain and terror beforehand. That's the part that sucks.

    Lulumarie- Exactly.

    Photocat- I'm thinking that will happen.

    Syd- You and I both know that this far out, the hurricane predictions mean nothing. But let's all be careful.

    Denise- No one can ear-bug you like J. Buffett.

    Lo- You are so right. All will be well.

  15. sister moon, you are wonderful. so, so wonderful. that's all.

  16. Is there anything negative to say about JB? His daughter went to schoole with my son, he even performed at her graduation which I thought was sweet.

    Enjoy the beach Ms. Moon. You have earned the holiday!


  17. I don't like Jimmy Buffet. Sorry, but I think he's cheesy as hell. But if he helped you, I will stop talking negatively about him. That's the best I can do.

    I love you so. You are my touchstone.


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