Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The New Old Me

Well, I went to Monticello and got my hairs done. All of them. Almost.

I swear. I cannot go to a regular place where no one knows you and there are assistants and someone answering the phone. No. I have to go to a place in a woman's house where her six-year old son washed bottles with his feet in the sink while his mama was foiling my hair and where the phone rang constantly and I heard about a woman whose husband had died, and the woman who did my hair and I traded heart-ache stories and her son surprised me by putting a small black and white rabbit on my chest while I was getting my hair washed.

And of course I wouldn't have it any other way.

I think she did a great job, trying to get rid of the red and blend in the gray which I want to let grow in and also, trying to lighten it up some because, as she said, I need that. I need to not be depressed with dark hair.

And I like it. It's not real dramatic but let's face it- I create my own drama. My hair doesn't need to do that for me.
And I should have tipped her more. Dammit.

So odd to be a fifty-seven year old woman who really does still want to be a girl sometimes, even if she doesn't wear girlie clothes very often, even if she is a grandma, even if she deals with poop a lot of the time, even if her mascara languishes in the bathroom, waiting patiently to be used again.

Even if.
Maybe especially if.

I really like the woman who does my hair. And her son, too. And that bunny was so very soft.

Well, I better put my overalls back on and get to work. In my girlie hair. My graying, girlie hair.


  1. This is the flat out best post I've read all day, over a week, wow!
    I think we may have the same hairsylists...mine will go outside and smoke and talk with me through a screen door about his mom, his life, his loves, the other folks who come in, and the salon is below his apartment, so I get this! And I too would not have it any other way!

    I too undestand the girlie identification and I think you already are, even if you deal with poop a lot..probably because you do deal with poop a lot!

    Thank you for the best post!!!

  2. You look great. Are those your waves? I think the color is perfect. And thanks for the laugh - I create my own drama - me too! Don't need any extra thank you. Enjoy your pretty new hair while you do your chores. xo

  3. you look fabulous.....sunkissed and fabulous!!

  4. Nice hair. Your hairstylist reminds me of a childhood guitar teacher whose kids were walking around in diapers and the cats were jumping in my lap. It was an interesting place. LOL--glad that you had a good day.

  5. the hair looks really natural! we had family haircut here today.


  6. Nothing to make us feel new and fresh like a hair cut and the not too miss wash up front. I could sit for eight hours being head washed... I think the pale brown makes you look so different then the red. You are not Trudy anymore! You are back to the new and improved Ms Moon.

  7. Gabriella- Hello! Thank you for coming by. Your hairdresser sounds like a hoot.

    Mel- Yep. Those are my waves. My hair gets wavier, the older I get. Odd.

    Youngandfabulous- Sun-ruined, more like it. Sigh. Oh well. The hair is good.

    Syd- Hey- anyone can take lessons or get their hair done in a normal place.

    Mrs. A- Family haircut sounds like a good time.

    Photocat- Oh. I know. "Wash it some more, please!"

    DTG- Yes, of course. A youngish one. It was so nice and quiet and I pet it for awhile. I think the little boy liked me and I was charmed.

  8. I wish I knew of a place like that to get my hair cut---I hate salons, the vibe, the look, everything about them. A six-year-old with his feet in the sink and a rabbit sounds just right.

  9. A- We all want a Steel Magnolias place, don't we?

  10. Looks great! I too wish I could find a place like that, but I don't think they exist here. This post totally reminded me of 'Steel Magnolias.' :)

  11. It looks great!! I think getting your hair did is so so intimate, you know? To go to such a public, glossy, fancy place always turns me off. My hairdresser is one of my best friends, her salon is pretty and warm, and we get to gossip and talk about our kids (who are friends with one another and have been since they were babies).

  12. I know that feeling, Ms Moon, the young girl in the aging woman . How I would love to wear my hair in ribbons and pony tails ponytails again, the way I did as a girl, but it's not on, mutton dressed as lamb as we say here. A lovely post as ever and you look great, girlish even.

  13. There is still enough red to make me smile.

  14. This is a lovely story. You described the scene so well, I could have been sitting there. Enjoy your new, "beauty" hair (as my daughter would say.)

  15. I just spotted title of this post as I was turning off my laptop.

    You look bloody gorgeous! I love your hair.

    Nice touch re the rabbit. I love you very much xx

  16. Nice! Lighter as a transition to gray is good. Worked for me....

  17. Red, blonde, grey, whatever. You are beautiful in any color ~ within and without!

  18. You're certainly right about that, Ms. Moon, you create your own drama. You are beautiful no matter what your hair color is.

  19. I LIKE it. And I imagine you entering a second sexy phase. Just saying.

  20. Very pretty and girly! I wore mascara last night. And I had blue smokey eyes. And indigo blue tights! I like girly sometimes too. I think I have some poop to deal with now. x

    Oh, and I did kind of read all your posts anyway because I love you and wanted to know what was going on. But now I swear I'm looking forward. Big kiss to you.

  21. looking good ms moon and gorgeously girlie if you don't mind me saying so.

  22. Love the hairs! You are so beautiful! Now I'm inspired to start growing mine out again (now that I've got the trendy pixie cut, I of course am longing for long hair - you always what what you don't have.....).

  23. I love the new hair color. It's looks great on you, Mama.

    I had such a good time being home with my beautiful family and friends. I will miss that so much, but I am also glad to be back in my home as well. It feels like autumn this morning!

    Love you so.

  24. Your hair looks really pretty. I love the length on you, too.

  25. Lisa- Thank-you.

    Nicol- Seems like they would exist everywhere.

    silverfinofhope- Perfect!

    Elisabeth- Why can't mutton dress up like lamb if it makes the old Ewe happy?

    Omgrrrl- There is still red, isn't there?

    Lora- You would like it.

    Christina- Thank-you, sugar. Love you too.

    Denise- That's what I'm thinking too.

    Lulumarie- You just described yourself, love.

    Bethany- I'm glad you like it.

    Angie- I know I do. I know.

    Elizabeth- Once in awhile I remember that sexy stuff.

    Mwa- I bet you are a beautiful girlie girl. Kiss back.

    reeflighting- No. I do not mind at all...

    Kati- And I look at your hair and want mine short.

    HoneyLuna- Feels like autumn? Oh my. I might have to come visit again soon. It doesn't feel as if autumn will ever be here. I love you so much!

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- I am letting it grow again. Old granny braids is what I need.


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