Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back To Being Me

Lawd, Lawd, Child. I finally feel myself.

What a nice thing.

I took a walk this morning, I did some outside work, I got lot of little piddly things done that I've been meaning to do. I weeded around some plants I want to save, I moved some potted plants that Mr. Moon keeps complaining about being in his way as he walks to his car, I repotted a few plants, I washed rugs and the dogs too. The sheets in the guest room and in Jessie's room are clean. Those sweeties can sleep wherever they want to and there will be clean sheets.

I waited for the phone man and when he came, I followed his instructions and then listened to his stories about chickens he had known as a child. Let me tell you something- almost everyone has a chicken story around here. And they all involve loving a chicken or chickens. He, the phone guy, looked incredibly like a Fisher Price figure. He was short and stocky and his name was Victor. He loved his rooster as a child and when he was in high school, he raised a pig that he named "Sausage" and he showed him at the Future Farmers of America show. I wanted to ask him if he still had the beautiful blue corduroy jacket that the FFA guys always had but did not. I always lusted after one of those jackets.

I've got chicken burrito casserole in the oven and my face is burning because after I cut the peppers, I wiped my face with my hand. It's going to be a good supper with chicken and beans and onions and peppers and salsas and enchilada sauce and corn tortillas.

I'm just so grateful to be feeling myself again. To be able to look forward to tomorrow again. And tomorrow Owen is coming at one and will be here until seven-thirty and so he'll get to play with his Bop and eat supper with us. And then the weekend and Jessie and Vergil will be here and we might go out on the boat and go scalloping and oh my god, the taste of fresh bay scallops, barely cooked with garlic and olive oil and oregano over pasta. It's been so long since I dove for scallops, seeing those beautiful blue Paul Newman eyes shining up at me.

I'm going to sleep well tonight and take another walk tomorrow. I'm going to play with my grandson and I'm going to get the house ready for Jessie and Vergil to come visit.

Yeah. It's August. It's hotter than holy hell but we're tough and we don't die.

And I told the governor of the state of Florida what I thought today and although he'll never read it, I fucking said what I wanted to say.

A good day. A day in which I am myself again.

Go on wid your bad selves. I'm surely goin' on wid mine.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Love the sunflower header.

    I'm glad you're feeling good. Sounds like you did two days work in one too.

    Your burrito casserole sounds like just the thing for Texas! Is your recipe written down and if so, would you share it? I'll give you credit every time I serve it.

  2. Kathleen Scott- Of course my recipe is not written down. It's a conglomeration of shredded chicken and corn tortillas and whatever's in the refrigerator as to salsas and cheese, all rolled up and baked and served with with guacamole with avocado, tomato, onion, garlic, salt, pepper, cilantro, and lime juice. You know what I'm talking about.

  3. Gosh, do scallops really look like that. Oh gosh, o gosh!

  4. I always want to taste what you're making for dinner!

    Those blue things? What ARE those? Are they really eyes? How come I never knew this before? It makes me feel like I did when I saw some little reddish-brown creatures somersaulting through the grass behind the kitchen and for the life of me couldn't figure out what they were. Turned out to be baby weasels.

  5. I am as shocked as the rest over the blue scallop eyes - who knew?? The world is full of mysteries.
    I'm glad you're back and company is coming.
    I wanted to ask you about the peppers you posted a picture of - are they the ones burning your face? I grew three plants of yellow banana peppers this year and the first one of the season was very mild and I assumed they all would be, but woo hoo did I burn my tongue on the next one. So now I have a dozen of these hot babies and don't know what to make. Now I have one idea, any others? I thought maybe I'd dehydrate them and use them as I need them for some heat.
    Enjoy your company and getting on with your bad self too.

  6. Denise- Oh yes. They really do. Those eyes shimmer up at you and you have to gather your loins to gather those scallops. And then you have to clean their guts! It's not purely easy to harvest those sweet little morsels of goodness.

    A- My casserole was divine in that it had all the good flavors of beans and chicken and lime and garlic and onions and tomatoes and avocado and cilantro and corn.

    Mel- Yep. Those are the peppers. You can chop them and freeze them if you want. That'll work. I just watched Roseanne and I'm feeling especially bad. In a very good way.

  7. Those blue eyed scallops are great. I like them too.

  8. Happy to have you back!
    Dinner sounds wonderful but you can have all those scallops to yourself...I'll have left-overs.

  9. we got our mojo back after a nice walk in the misty woods and some sliders.

    glad you are feeling better.


  10. Thanks for comin' right by today, after I had been MIA on ye blogge for quite some time.

    One of my 140 cousins 'round Boston has two scallop boats. He made fresh scallops, grilled on a flat grill with just a little lemon, at the family re-union and I managed to get !5!. Best scallops I've ever eaten. Hope you get some this weekend while your Baby and her Boyfriend are home.

    x0 N2

  11. I, too, have never seen a scallop, apparently! Good golly Miss Molly!

    And I'd love to know what chicken burrito casserole is -- it sounds like something my boys would like. Recipe?

  12. Syd- Aren't they delicious? So sweet.

    Mel's Way- And there are plenty OF leftovers. I just can't figure out how to cook for two.

    Mrs. A- What works is what works.

    N2- Yum! Were they the big sea scallops? We get the tinier bay scallops. Fifteen would NOT BE ENOUGH!

    Elizabeth- I can't do recipes! You know that! I make a sauce with canned enchilada sauce, whatever salsa I have and the chili bean gravy and onions diced tiny and peppers and garlic and dip the tortillas in those to soften them. I cook chicken marinated in Mojo and shred that. I heat up the beans, add the chicken, more onions, garlic, chili peppers. I dip the corn tortillas in the sauce, roll up some of the chicken/bean mixture in them, lay them seam-side down in a casserole dish and when all the tortillas I want to use are done, I mix whatever's left of the sauce and filling mixture and pour over the top. Oh! Mushrooms are good in there too! Then I put cheese on top and then diced fresh tomatoes, more onions and bake. I add chopped cilantro when it's all bubbly and done and serve with guacamole.
    Now- make it however you want!

  13. I'm glad you gave that sonofabitch governor, hell.

    I guess I have never seen scallops before. That's wild--those eyes.

    Love you!


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