Saturday, August 20, 2011

Scatter Shot Of Love

The heat is back up to roaring, stunning levels and the thought of working outside today makes me shudder. I had a quick sensory memory the other day of how it feels when all of the doors and windows can be flung open and in my mind, it seemed as if that were a sort of going braless- no constraints. I am looking forward to that. It is a completely different way of living than having the house shut up for the air conditioning. To think of the cool breezes sweeping my walls and floors is something good to look forward to.

Something else to look forward to: I am truly and really going to the beach next week. Kathleen has rented a house on St. George for a week and I thought I wasn't going to be able to get away until Thursday but it looks like I can go on Tuesday instead.


I can't even imagine that many days in a row on St. George.

So Kathleen is going and Judy is going and Kathleen's childhood friend, Vicki, and a friend of hers who has never seen an ocean. And Denise will be down on the weekend when she gets off work.

A no-man, no-bra week at the beach. Can you imagine? (Although, to be honest, as much as I love a girl's only island trip, right now I am sort of wishing I could have a no-bra, all-man weekend, with the man being my man but you can't always get what you want but if you try sometime, you just might find, you get what you need, etc. and what I need is probably an all-woman trip but who knows? Not me. Owen and Lily are coming down on Thursday for some beach time so there will be THAT man of mine- the little one, but most assuredly a man for all of that.)

I have no idea what it's going to be like and I am not making any plans other than a plan to make pizza one night for Denise's birthday dinner because that is what she wants. Which makes me happy and feeling honored.

So. The beach is coming up and I am thinking of how for me, that means complete and utter letting-go. To have yogurt for breakfast and to have lime-flavored tortilla chips and salsa and cold Coronas with lime when it's time for the day to come to an end. Long walks, dolphin sightings, sitting on the beach under an umbrella with a book and a thermos of tea, perhaps, always lots of ice, the smell of salt and and sunscreen, the deep, deep sleep born of sun and swimming, floating on the water, the sound of the tide as it scrapes back across the shelly, sandy beach, the hiss of the foam, the moon rising over the water, skies that look like this:

All of that and trips to Apalachicola to buy supplies at what used to be the Red Rabbit grocery store but is called something else now. Perhaps also we'll stop in at the fantastic bookstore and River Lily,

of course, the best shop in the tri-state area, whatever that is, where we can buy or not buy mermaids and sparkly earrings and beautiful skirts and perfumes and candles and whatever a girl's heart desires. Perhaps lunch at restaurants, shrimp and oysters and grouper sandwiches. Ah-yah.

Oh, Ah-yah.

I sort of wish I could take my chickens with me. Just a few minutes ago one of the new hens who'd been on the nest came out of the hen house and made her bold and proud call of "I have just laid an egg!" and Elvis came running over to her and pretended that he wanted to fuck her but I think it was just a token love thing like when your sweetie comes up behind you when you're making biscuits and grabs you from behind, and then they ate some corn together and she rejoined the flock. I mean, who could get tired of watching this sort of activity?
Not me, baby. Not me.
Can you imagine though, hens on the beach eating periwinkles and sand fleas and pecking through the beach morning glory? Oh my. Well, that's a dream for another time.

It's good here in Lloyd this morning. I have spoken to both Kathleen and Judy. Judy and I planned the games we're bringing and the liquor we're bringing. Judy and I know what's important.

Mr. Moon is off to town to pick up some parts for a truck. He is in a very good mood today, as well he should be. We are feeling especially lovey and giddy and what could be better? I got an e-mail this morning from a woman who has recently found my blog and she told me that she and her husband, who have been married for 48 years are still very much in love and still love to make love and then she apologized for TMI and yet isn't that just what we all need to hear? Isn't that the best thing ever? What a gift she gave me in telling me that.

I am feeling especially lucky today, but even more importantly, I am able to accept that into my heart.

Okay. That's all. Chickens, the beach, sexy love.

Be well, my sweeties. Be well.

P.S. Yes, I am fooling around with the blog again, changing its look. Who cares? But that header picture? That is actually a shoe that dearest Lizzie gave me a long time ago. Well, she gave me two of them. They are the awesomest shoes I will ever own, each with its own village in the platforms. Maybe I will take them to the beach.


  1. I am in a good mood this morning too. Isn't it a relief?? Guess what -I got a new job :) Hallelujah!

  2. We should trade: you come to my hills and I come to your seaside, ocean or island. As much as I love hills, living near a sea side is one of my biggest and most coveted dreams. Have fun with the girls, time to get your feet wet and your mind cobwebs dusted...
    And darn it, I like the white version of the blog too. I had no idea that the photograph was shoes. Beautiful!

  3. I live near the ocean too. It is about 5 minutes away. It is one of the reasons I will never leave this place.

  4. Kathleen looks beautiful!

    Your writing makes me feel good.

  5. Everyone of those plans sounds perfect - even the beach chickens.


    Photocat- I would trade for a short while. But I am a water-girl. I know that for a fact.
    Yes. Those are shoes! I should take a more-full picture of them.

    Birdie- I understand.

    Maggie May- That was Kathleen last year. She looks even better now.

    Lisa- ESPECIALLY the beach chickens! Aw. Squawk!

  7. Now I'm revising my fantasy beach house to include chickens. And I would still have lingerie including bras. And men. Well, a man. Because yes---without TMI-ing you, that is as beautiful as waves and warm sand and dolphins.
    Enjoy your preparations for the beach, Mrs. Moon.

  8. I dreamed about being underwater with dolphins the other day. It was a very good dream.

  9. Denise- I am. I have my games set out including jacks and my thermos. I have my grocery list going. I'm getting pretty excited. And yes, men are delightful but women are comforting and funny and sometimes you just need that down-home love.

    Stephanie- Wouldn't that be something? Oh my.

  10. Had to go scroll up to look at your header and realize it was a shoe! I hadn't thought that was what it was...fooled me Mary. I just liked it no matter what.

    Good day in Lloyd, good day...and great news to have a get-a-way! You girls will have a wonderful time, chatting away day and night. Oh what a good time!

  11. So nice to go to the beach. We have had a wonderful weekend so far. So much fun and still have another day here.

  12. It sounds wonderful! If you find any good mermaid stuff, please let me know.

  13. That beach life you describe there sounds like absolute heaven to me. I must make that happen for me sometime in the future as well. When the kids are a bit older, maybe. Oh, it sounds too lovely.

  14. I'm surely with you on the opening of the windows being different and better than having the house closed up with air conditioning. I, too, am ready to open the goddamn windows and let in some fresh, cool air.

    I love you so!

  15. I'll be there Thursday with Lilo!


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