Monday, April 6, 2009

The Wisdom Of Those Old Enough Not To Give A Shit Who Brittany Is

Okay. Obviously Mr. Moon is out of town and I am roaming the internet.
But here's a blog I just added to my google reader:
Her Bad Grandma.
I believe I have a new hero.


  1. I think it's extra special funny that you spelled Britney incorrectly. You know, if you were, in fact, referring to Ms. Spears. And if you did it on purpose, it's even funnier. I checked out Bad Grandma's blog.


  2. No. I totally spelled it incorrectly by accident. And yes, Ms. Spears. Speaking of Bad Mothers...
    Oh. Hell. Bless her heart.
    And yes. How much do we love the Bad Grandma?

  3. And by "extra special" funny, I meant that I know how badly I mess things up when I try to follow along with trends, pop culture and the rich and famous.

    Bless her heart is right. But she seems better. If only someone had cared enough to save Anna Nicole before it was too late. Or Joaquin. What's wrong with him?

    Bad Grandma is who I'm aiming for in my twilight years.

  4. hahahahaha

    perfect line to end my day: "Okay. Obviously Mr. Moon is out of town and I am roaming the internet."

  5. it's no coinkydink that her initials are BS

  6. All This Trouble- Yes. I know it's silly but I'm worried about Joaquin.

    AJ- While the cat's away....

    Magnum- Poor little girl.

  7. I'm pretty sure that whole Joaquin thing is just a Kaufmanesque thing he's got going right now. Him and Casey Affleck.

  8. Wow. You were right about the Bad Grandma. She's incredible! I tried to leave a comment, but I couldn't get it right. Thanks for finding that and sharing.

  9. DTG- Are you saying Joaquin and Ben are a couple? Haha!
    You may be right though, about the Kaufman thing. But it looks suspiciously like schizophrenia in Joaquin.

    Petit Fleur- Seriously.

  10. that looks like a blog for the upcoming holiday weekend...


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