Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Childhood Sexual Abuse. My Story. Footnote #1

Okay. If we're going to go for this ride, I just want to say one thing out front- I am not being brave by writing about this. Not at all.
There are things I could write about that would be so much braver. We all keep things close to our chests and this isn't one of them for me.
As I said, being sexually abused was not my fault.
No shame on me.
So why should it be brave of me to write about it?
I want to make people KNOW that it's not their fault. That we carry around baggage for years that is not our baggage. That we carry around GARBAGE that is not our garbage.
So. Don't call me brave. I'm brave for doing some things but not for doing this.
And I just want to make that perfectly clear.

And why blogger kicked the post about sexual abuse, Part I below the chicken post is way beyond me.
And I added the "adult content" message because- well, I'm not sure. But I did it. I may take it off. We'll see. I'm stumbling down this path and figuring out where I'm going as I go.

Is that a bug?
Gotta go. It's suppertime.


  1. When you get settled in, I'd be very interested to hear the rest of your story. Until then, I'm imagining you're fluffing your nesting box. Are chickens being brave when they lay eggs? Or do they just lay them?

  2. You say you're not being brave, but anyone who survives sexual abuse and goes on to have loving, full life is brave and strong.
    I have long thought of telling my story, but I'm just not there yet. But thank you for the nudge to at least think about it.

  3. Yes. The little girl I'm reading about sounds like a brave little girl.

    I suppose I'm on this ride with you. I just wish it had been different for you.

    If you save a post, and write another on top, it slots it in at the initial date you started - I think you can change the date, I'm not sure.

  4. Ms. Trouble- They just do it. They HAVE to.

    Rachel- There's a time for everything.

    Ms. Jo- Yeah. I've tried to figure it out. Oh well. It is of little matter.

  5. I support you and your writing and sharing. I appreciate your sensitive, heartfelt, forthright approach to life!

  6. Mary- I thank you. I really do.

  7. Brave or not, I think it is a very important story to tell.


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