Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Love And Food, Food And Love

Sorry I cut off Mr. Moon's head there but the focus of the picture really was his lap cat. She is so happy he's home. Maurice hasn't even bitten us in quite awhile. On the other hand, Jack bit me last night as I was just casually petting him while he sat beside my laptop. The only reason I can think he did this was because he wanted me to shut it all down and come to bed. 
Who knows? 

God I feel old today. SO old. And all I really did was exactly what I usually do before ten o'clock on a normal Thanksgiving morning which was to boil the giblets with celery and onions and bay leaves and spices to make the broth that goes into the stuffing (dressing) and gravy, and to make the stuffing when that was done. 
Isn't "giblets" a nice word for "internal organs"? I think so. 
I made a lot of stuffing. I hope it's enough. I think Rachel is making vegetarian stuffing too so there will be plenty. It's so funny how we all make our stuffing so differently and I would not dare to deviate from my usual recipe. Of course there's not really a recipe but I use the same ingredients every year, one of which is Pepperidge Farm stuffing mix which is probably a sacrilege but that's what my mother made and I love it. Because of this preference, I completely understand people who want cranberries out of the can instead of fresh ones. Tradition is everything on Thanksgiving. I do make cornbread to go in the stuffing too and this year instead of baking a dedicated skillet of it, I saved leftover cornbread and dried that out. It has corn in it along with some onions and jalapeños and a little cheese so that is different. The stuffing also has two chopped up hardboiled eggs, some giblets, smushed up celery and onions from the broth, broth, sauteed onions and celery, and pecans in it. 
So yeah, I did that and I boiled a bunch of eggs to make deviled eggs and I peeled them and put them in the refrigerator and will complete those tomorrow. 

I thought about actually cleaning some today but I disregarded that notion very quickly. I've done some sweeping, especially of the back porch and the steps and tried to clear off some counters in the kitchen to create more room for all of the dishes that will be showing up tomorrow. But that's it. 

And I'm exhausted. 
Purely exhausted. 

Mr. Moon has been busy too. He got an appointment to get his MRI this morning and he went off to do that and then, because he was disappointed in the experimental air-fried chicken last night, he BOUGHT A NEW SMOKER (probably the last one for sale in Tallahassee) and put that together and did all the things required to set it up and he is smoking a turkey as we speak. So that will be done tomorrow making one less thing to worry about. 

And tomorrow I will stuff the other turkey, get that bad boy (or girl) into the oven, make the deviled eggs, get out pickled green beans and okra and set out dishes for other hors d'oeurves that may be coming, make iced tea, both sweet and unsweet, pick the greens from the garden that I want to cook a pot of, try not to forget to set out the cranberry sauces, and roll out the biscuits and bake them. 
OH! And get the pies out of the freezer in the morning and whip the cream that's going to go on them. 
I wonder where the gravy boat is. 

The kids will help set up tables in the backyard if the weather is good and it looks like it will be. We serve the food buffet-style and everyone gets their own plate so that eliminates the need for table-setting, mostly, but I do want to pick some of the blooming sasangua and make a few table bouquets of that. 

None of my china matches, none of my glasses match either. And to be honest, I use a lot of mason jars to drink out of. 
God. I am so tacky. 
Well, la-di-dah, as my darling Lynn would say which reminds me to set out the rum for shots so that we can throw a few back and say, "Whoop-ay-A!" in tribute to that woman who came over every Thanksgiving morning to share shots with me and maybe a little hallway dancing before she went to her own family celebration.
And my shot glasses don't match either. Are we surprised?

I got to talk to a dear blog friend on the phone today and that was such a treat. She called me and we laughed a lot. I cried a little too, but that's as much who I am as having no matching china. 

I've also taken the trash today, picked arugula for our salad tonight, and made a completely 60's casserole for our supper involving macaroni, Lipton's onion soup mix, tomato sauce, and ground beef. With cheese on top, of course.
It is delicious. 

No wonder I'm tired. 

And I'm sad. I shut this door today.

For the very last time. 
At least for now. 
I can't tell you how deeply sorrowful I feel. And I'm already realizing how many adjustments I'm going to have to make in a life without chickens. 

But tomorrow will be full of family and noise and rearranging things in the oven and Hank has made a seven-hour playlist of songs we all love and want to hear and some things change and some things do not and we are all healthy and will feast together and there will be way too much food and so, so many pies and we love each other. 

Happy Thanksgiving. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I love the sound of your Thanksgiving food! I was just telling my husband last night how my grandma put cooked giblet pieces and diced hardboiled eggs in her cornbread dressing (never stuffing in my part of the world) and he thought those were weird additions! I'm glad to see my family wasn't the only one making it like that. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  2. There are traditionalists who would NEVER deviate from Pepperidge Farm bagged bread cubes (unless only Arnold's is available), and yet would NEVER buy canned cranberry ANYTHING. A bag of fresh cranberries and a whole orange (with peel) ground up in the Osterizer, and enough sugar to make it palatable. As you say, tradition.

  3. oh, I must have missed that Gracie is no longer with you..., I am so sorry if that is the case, and may she RIP. Your food sounds divine. My Mom always used Pepp. Farm stuffing as her *base* and I do so to this day. Love it. it's about love, family and togetherness........ more than the food, but the food is always a star as well. You did WAY more than I did today........ hubby and I staying home tomorrow. Just us with stuffed pork chops with mashed potatoes and lovely green beans. It is a day to just *be* and be thankful for our many blessings. I wish all of you a most wonderful day
    Susan M

  4. Wishing you and your family the happiest Thanksgiving!🦃🍁🤗Ricki in New York

  5. Oh Gracie gone? I think shutting that door is necessary at this time.
    Your Thanksgiving 'feast' sounds absolutely incredible. But Jesus! I about had to go lay down after reading about all those preparations! Exhausting, indeed! It'll be worth it come dinner time and you see all those smiling faces and the making of wonderful memories.
    Have a tremendously fun, warm and tender day, Mary.
    Paranormal John

  6. Wouldn't it be funny if a after a medical examination one's doctor said, "I deduce you have a problem with your giblets! But your gizzards seem fine". Have another wonderful Thanksgiving feast with your nearest and dearest around you.

  7. I don't think you have to be told to have a great Thanksgiving day tomorrow ... that appears to be the agenda!
    The food ... OMG ... the food! Burp! 😪
    Closing the door on the coop ... SMH ... 'tis a sad day, indeed!

  8. That preparation harked back to the time my mother and grandmother and my oldest daughter(!) got up at the butt crack of darkness to put the turkey in the oven and start the hard work. All the years they had me available they never rousted me. I am so sorry about Gracie.

  9. Gracie gone? That's so sad.
    And I'm not surprised you're worn out with all that food prep. Tomorrow will be wonderful!

  10. None of my glasses match and when I had my sixtieth birthday party in September, I realized I didn't have enough wine glasses. First come, first served. Those who came later got to drink their wine out of plastic kids cups:) Didn't seem to slow anyone down.

    Has Gracie been killed too? I'm so sorry sweetie.

    You did a shit load today. No wonder you're so tired. Have a wonderful day.

  11. That closed door is a heartbreak but it does seem to be what is needed right now. My heart loves hearing about your Thanksgiving prep every year.

  12. That is a lot of work for one meal. How much fun to have everyone together.
    I shall send quiet feathered thoughts for Gracie.

  13. Having everything matching is so boring. Your table is going to look very festive with all the differences.
    I'm so very sad to hear about Grace, but also happy to hear Mr Moon managed to find a smoker for his turkey. It's Thursday here where I am, so I'm imagining all of you laughing, eating, chatting and singing along to the playlist, maybe there's a little dancing going on.

  14. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Mrs Moon! How I wish we knew each other in the real world! Enjoy your festivities Blods xxx

  15. Happy mismatched Thanksgiving to you all!

  16. Hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. I don't think that mismatched crockery will even be noticed!

  17. Love you so much, dear friend. Happy Thanksgiving to you and to your dear and beautiful family.

  18. So sorry about the chickens- but I guess its the sensible thing to do- that is close the door for the time being. Change is difficult. I'm sure your thanksgiving will be wonderful with all your family around and your lovely home cooking. Happy day!

  19. WAIT! What did I miss??? It got Gracie too??

  20. I had the same reaction as Debby. I think we missed an update -- or perhaps this is simply your way of delivering the bad news. In any case, sorry. :(

    I can totally understand being exhausted with all that you're doing!

    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, biting cats and all.

  21. Happy Thanksgiving, Mary! I am so thankful for your blog! :)

  22. 37paddington:
    It’s interesting how when I was done cooking my assigned dishes yesterday my body just felt tired. Every bone. But it’s going to be a good day with your family gathering in the garden and enjoying every morsel you’ve prepared with so much love. Enjoy enjoy.

    I’m am so very sorry about your chickens.


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