Saturday, April 16, 2022

By This Time Tomorrow It Will All Be Down To Leftovers

Last night when I was making supper, the boys burst into the kitchen demanding that we set up their beds. I am not at all sure what brought that on but we went back to the bedroom to try and figure it out. This was to be the first night they'd slept with us in the new/old bedroom which as I have said before, is much smaller than the one we were sleeping in. There was plenty of space at the end of the bed for a boy-bed-mat but not much space for another one although Levon did show me that we could put his mat right beside where I sleep which gave me no room whatsoever to get in my bed without stepping on him. 
"Don't worry," he said. "I don't use the whole bed and you can step on the part I'm not sleeping on."
So we figured it all out and then I went back to the kitchen and in a few moments August came back and announced that he knew where his bed should go. I thought we'd already figured it out but no, he had to show me. Back to the bedroom we went. And he jumped up on the bed and showed me that he'd laid his mat right in the middle of our bed. He was so proud. 
I apologize for the lousy picture and feel the need to tell you that the tomato-looking stripes on the wall beside the bed are not bloodstains or ketchup stains but merely the outline of the lamp. 
I also feel the need to tell you that August did not sleep on his mat on the bed. But you probably figured that out yourself. 
He's a goof, that one. 

We had an excellent dinner and the boys gobbled their chicken and dumplings with great gusto and had their purple cows for dessert

and then Boppy gave them their bath and I read them Professor Wormbog and by that point, Levon was so ready for sleep that he informed me of the fact. They go to sleep the way their mother used to, which is to say without fussing or getting up and asking for water or informing me of the need for night lights or anything else. They get on their beds, cover up, I kiss them, and they're out. Jessie had told me that Levon has been waking up around four a.m. and she's been letting him get in bed with her since that last bout of sickness so at four I woke up wide awake and waited but he did not wake up until much later when I had actually, finally gone back to sleep. 
Of course. 
He got in bed with me and we cuddled and that child did NOT go back to sleep although he was as good as he could be. He didn't move around too much and he didn't talk. It was still as dark as night so I dozed on and off as best I could between him and Jack who took the opportunity to sleep with us since Maurice would not deign to enter a bedroom where children are sleeping, and then finally I said, "Let me scratch your back," and I did that for awhile, gently, and when I quit he actually got back into his bed and went back to sleep until eight which is unheard of for that child. August got up before Levon. 
I must be a good back scratcher. 
Mr. Moon got up and took over while I got a little more sleep and of course a pancake breakfast was in order as soon as I could produce it. 

August ate five pancakes before I'd eaten my two. Jesus, WHERE do these children put all of this food? 

Then things got a little crazy with Mr. Moon packing for Apalachicola and deciding at the last minute to finish mowing the yard and me packing up the boys' stuff to take to Aunt Lily's. They were in wild spirits and I warned them that they had better be good for Aunt Lily and Aunt Lauren or else they would get sent back here and I would make them work their butts off, helping me get ready for the Easter dinner. 
"I'll be better than Boppy," Levon told me. When he was getting dressed this morning he got his underwear inside out which did not phase him in the least. "It feels exactly the same," he said, and got on with his life. 
Also logical. 

They finally all pulled out of the driveway and I almost collapsed but knew I had much to do and I have done some of it but some of it's just not going to get done. This of course is within the realm of housecleaning. The bathrooms are pretty okay and I did some dusting and sweeping and will do more sweeping tomorrow but I am DONE FOR TODAY! I just am. I washed some rugs which always makes it look a little neater around here and it's all pretty much what Lis would call a "fluff and stuff" or my mother would call a "lick and a promise" but honestly, I'm not promising anything. 
Come to think about it, a "lick and a promise" sounds a bit suggestive, doesn't it? Well, no need to go there. 

I did take the time to go out and see if my beans had broken ground and indeed, they have. 

I sent a picture to Glen and he texted back asking me if I wasn't sure that the package hadn't said, "Jack and the Beanstalk Beans." I expect they'll be climbing the fence by Tuesday and making beans by next Thursday. 

I have a plethora of leftovers to choose from for my supper and I plan to be in bed by 9:30. I have lots to do tomorrow to get ready for our lunch. As much as I pre-prepare in advance, I always seem to end up in a frantic tizzy by the time everyone gets here, trying to time the bread to be hot when we sit down and I always forget to make the tea until the last minute and, oh yeah- whipping the cream- and asking myself questions like, WHY DID I BUY SO MUCH CHEESE? and yet, who cares? 
It will all be good and we will all be together except for Owen and Gibson and Maggie who are going to their dad's house after they have their egg hunt with August and Levon at Lily's tomorrow morning. But so it goes and life is not perfect nor ever was nor ever will be.
Good Lord, I have written way too much. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. 37paddington: You make me eager for grandchildren. What fun!

  2. LOL ... You wrote just the right amount!!
    Happy Easter tomorrow!!! Enjoy your bountiful repast with all who gather in your kitchen!!

  3. Happy, healthy boys. August and Levon seem so good together. I hope they will be there for each other for the rest of their lives. Brothers in arms. Vergil and Jessie have got their lives off to a wonderful start with a little help from grandparents.

  4. How do you keep up? I need a nap now having read your post ! AND wow August has grown by leaps!! He is totally a big kid now! Sorry that the other children will miss out on the cousin fun tomorrow. That pretty much sucks. Tough...Anyway, I hope that you sleep well tonight and have beautiful dreams , flowers and bunnies!

  5. Those beans are five pancake beans.

  6. You didn't write too much. Just enough, I'd say. Happy day tomorrow.

  7. It is never possible to have too much cheese. Or for you to write too many words. Those two things.

  8. you didn't write too much at all. Just a perfect recount of your past 36 hours! tomorrow will be fun....even minus 3 grands........and don't do anymore cleaning. No one cares. it's the food and family and love that counts! happy day tomorrow to all of you!
    Susan M

  9. I would be flat on my ass exhausted if I did half of what you did today! Those boys are growing up fast. What a joy they must be to spend time with! I hope the Easter bunny is good to them tonight! 🐰

  10. There must be a growing spurt coming to polish off five pancakes!

  11. Not too much at all, I enjoyed every word. I love that picture with the boys happy, bright faces with their purple cows.
    I miss home grown beans and wonder if I might try some in a taller pot so the snails and other bugs can't get into them.
    Happy Easter.

  12. What a lovely time you had with the boys. My grands have never stayed the night here as they live quite close so never been the need. I have stayed at theirs a couple of times though ( when No 2 was being born)
    Oh my, " a lick and a promise" Mum used to say that. I wonder how/where it originated.

  13. I am ready for my group today also. We serve around 5 pm so I don't need to rush this morning. We will have 17 in our group today and my sister helps by bringing some of the food. I will be tired out tonight!
    Have a nice day!

  14. That's August with the pancakes right? He looks like he might have come from the Jack and the Beanstalk packet also! "Growing like a weed"!

  15. It's nice to come back to "Bless Our Hearts" after some time away and find everything in order as usual. Home sweet home! I have a lot to catch up on! All your talk of sleeping makes me yearn for a good night's sleep.

  16. Those boys are delightful and I'm sure you were glad to see them off to Lily's but not because you don't enjoy them but because there was still so. much. to. do. And now it's done.

  17. I was a little stressed about Easter dinner at my brother-in-law, especially when my oven went crazy and didn't want to come up to temperature for the pie I needed to bring, but when I glanced at your blog-title for today I felt a lot calmer, realizing that yes, by this time tomorrow, it will all be down to (left-)over(s)!


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