Thursday, October 29, 2020

Watching The Waves Come In

 The waves and wind are both high but nothing dangerous to us unless we decided to take a swim which so far, we have not been tempted to do. We're just rolling with whatever happens, enjoying it all. 

I took a little walk this morning. 

Beach morning glory.

Dancing waves with white petticoats.

Some kind of critter egg casing. Possibly whelk although I've never seen an orange one before. Let us hope this is no omen.

Two jellyfish blobs. 

This one reminded me of a giant diamond, shining in the morning sun. I assume it fell from a mermaid's tiara and got washed up on beach with the storm's tide. 


  1. You never said that a pirate and Spiderman would be joining you in the rental house. Have August and Levon met them yet?

  2. My grandson who is 5 years old will be Spiderman for Halloween too! Those views of your beach and the waves are just lovely!

  3. I've seen those orange things at the Jersey shore, but I thought they were seaweed. Great shore pix. How well you must all be feeling im that air.

  4. That first photo of a boy and his Boppy playing at the beach, is one to be framed. The joy and motion in that photo! I stared deep into it for a long time.

  5. the sky is breathtaking! And your trickers are just the cutest ever! I trust candy will be in store for them. Enjoy, enjoy.............
    Susan M

  6. Splendid shots! I nearly got wet! OHHHhhh I am enjoying your little get away so much!

  7. baby boomers are already getting treated like crap in retirement homes. A couple months ago there was a video of a black guy punching a 75 year old boomer repeatedly in the face in a retirement home. Hey, maybe you boomers shouldn't have favored blacks and minorities over your own white children with your political correctness, multiculturalism bullshit? You boomers are getting exactly what you fucking deserve. Enjoy those retirement homes, boomer scum!

  8. I believe that's a goat's foot morning glory. we get white ones but also a pink variety. the beach is a wonderful place to be no matter the weather. unless it's a hurricane of course, then maybe not so wonderful.


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