Saturday, October 3, 2020

I Think That For The Rest Of The Year Every One Of My Posts Is Going To Be Titled WHAT THE FUCK?!

Welcome to Lloyd where the temperature is quite pleasant, the mosquitoes are not quite as bad as they were and the gnats are trying to to populate the earth fed on our blood. Gnats seem to especially enjoy the combs of roosters and it was quite a feat to get that shot because Liberace is constantly tossing his head to try and get rid of the tiny demons. I've even seen the hens helpfully pecking at the gnats tormenting their manbird and I wish I could get a picture of the ladies standing on tippy claw to try and snatch the bloodsucking pests.

So how have you been today? I've been a wart on the butt of the world. I swear to god. I haven't even got any jam to show for my...whatever it is I'm going through. I cleaned the hen house but it'll be all pooped up again by tomorrow morning. I was invited to a fish fry this afternoon. Or my husband was, and wives and partners were invited too. The guys Mr. Moon fishes with took a fishing trip awhile back that he wasn't able to go on but they asked him to come and share some of the bounty. I wasn't even aware that I was invited until a few days ago at which point my entire being screamed NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! and I told my husband that really, I just couldn't. 
Surprisingly he was a bit shocked. I have no idea why. Has he not known me since 1983? Yes. Yes he has. I told him to just tell the host that I have an anxiety disorder and could not attend. Which is the truth. 
Anyway, I did make potato salad and tartar sauce for him to take. I hope it was enjoyed. So I guess I did do that. 

Before he left he planted collards and arugula and mesclun seeds. Man, his rows are straight. He uses devices to make straight rows. Like, bamboo poles and pieces of PVC to line 'em up. When I plant, the rows wander and weave like my thoughts. I don't think we need to search here for a metaphor, really. 

Well. What in hell is going on? When I woke up this morning I wondered if Trump was still alive. It would appear that he is although who knows? I watched the dog and pony show of many physicians and nurses in front of Walter Reed, reporting on the president's health status. That was all full of smiles and reassuring little jokes and eel-like maneuvers to avoid saying whether or not Trump had been on any supplemental oxygen ("He's not on it at the present time!") or when exactly Trump knew he had the virus despite reporters' best efforts at trying to get this information out of the man. But it was reported that his fever is normal, his oxygen levels are great, his BP and so on and so forth are within the range of normalcy for Trump and blah, blah, blah. He also referred to Trump as "slightly overweight" so I don't know how much we can trust him either as a doctor or a person. 

After that, someone told someone that in fact, Trump's symptoms are troubling. Meaning...what? 

Let's face it- we are not going to get the truth out of anyone on the record. The man could be laying up in Walter Reed, watching Fox News and eating take-out McDonalds that some poor Secret Service guy had to go out and buy, dipping his french fries in the pools of ketchup that his nurse (an Army major) squeezed out of the little packets she'd torn open for him, or he could be laying in a bed in a medically induced coma on a vent. Or anything in between. Who knows? Not me. And not you. And certainly not your crazy ass uncle who uses the little praying hands and American flag emojis on everything he puts on FB praising Trump. I would love to go to the FB page that I used to occasionally visit called Trumpified News to see what his base is saying about all of this. I used to comment on that page and got blocked but I still used it for insight into the demented minds of the deplorables. But guess what? It's gone. Disappeared. No sign of it. Guess they forgot to send me a memo. 

Anyway, here's my favorite take on it all. Trae Crowder. The Liberal Redneck. 


 He's got some good points. 

And have you heard the audio of Melania saying, "Fuck Christmas, who cares."? 

Oh gosh. Bless her heart. I'd be saying the same thing if I had to turn the White House into a winter wunderland, to tell you the truth. Hearing her say Fuck Christmas gave me a lot more insight into that horrible REDRUM! REDRUM decor she came up with a few years ago. But hey! She married the guy. 

Mr. Moon is home and he brought me some beautiful fried fish including mullet, baked beans, cole slaw, some of my potato salad, a cup of banana pudding and a piece of red velvet cake. Like three meals worth of food. And he says he's so full that he has to sit in his chair and fall asleep now. 


That's the best thing I've heard in months. 

Take care, y'all. We're all living in Crazy Town and there is no limit to the number of clowns in the car. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I like the mental image of a clown car with tRump getting out of it. Makes me smile.

    Sounds like you didn't have to make supper tonight. Enjoy.

  2. Liberace has to be one of the sexiest roosters I've ever seen! Great pic! I couldn't have attended the fish fry either....but look what came back to you? Dinner....3 times over, WITH red velvet cake? Be still my heart. I can't even begin to decipher the news anymore, what little I read. A sad state of affairs when one cannot know even the tiniest fact to be a truth........ I have no empathy or sympathy for the man....just can't find it in my heart. Do I feel badly? NO! I don't. Please just let all this shit be over soon. PS loved the video too!
    Susan M

  3. Good for you for declining the invitation. Judging from the takeaway, it sounds as if they didn't hold it against you.

  4. Season 6 is the best! Who knows what to believe from pathological liars. I try really hard not to wish anyone ill, but it’s not a natural instinct. Bless my heart.

  5. Nauseating how all of the talking heads are saying "we wish the president and the first lady a speedy and healthful recovery and we are so sorry that they are ill" oh hell no! Anyway , wishes dashed , as the orange wad is skating right through this thing so far, becoming more of a hero. Defied the odds because , you know, Jesus is his best buddy...GD!

  6. Yeah, it's unfortunate there's so much news because I would have relished going over and over The Melania Tapes.

  7. I love that guy, especially at the end when he cracks himself up. We need more funny in the world.

  8. I did NOT know that about Schitt's Creek! Excellent!

    I sympathized with Melania too, to some degree, although she still sounds like a fairly awful person. Did you hear the part where she was talking about how the liberal media are all against them and she wore that green coat with the white lettering on purpose?

    That meal sounds amazing! Mr Moon was so thoughtful to bring it for you. Why do the gnats go after Liberace and not the girls -- because of his exposed comb?

  9. Crazy Town is exactly where we are (and have been for 4 years!) What a knucklehead he is! Vote him out!
    Thanks for the news about Shitt's Creek! Woo Hoo!

  10. I actually commented earlier but my wifi was being squirrely and it wouldn't ever load. I would not have gone to the fish fry either. one of his last two uncles dies last week and we opted to not go to the funeral in big city Houston.

    did you see earlier where a reporter asked Trump's doctor why he lied yesterday and he said because he was trying to keep within the upbeat attitude of the team. in other words he's lying about Trump's true condition at Trump's command. and the MAGAts are already going about how Trump was targeted at the debate and purposely exposed except he was already infected. as for Melania, I expect no less from her. she's just like the rest of them.

  11. I had never heard of Trae Crowder but I just love his accent (and what he said made a lot of sense). I especially liked the bit about not using long foreign words on Trump's supporters because schadenfreude would be lost on them! Gonna have to follow the guy now!

  12. Thank You for the Trae Crowder clip, he's spot on and hilarious. This whole shitshow has been a WTF every single day now for Four Years and that they took their Trumpified News site down is hilarious too. Kinda hard to continue with the Pandemic is a Hoax thing once their Dear Leader caught it and they're claiming to now be fervently praying he recovers from a Hoax... how does one do that anyway, pray for something that one believed so long to be a mere Hoax... it's interesting. *LMAO* All I can say is Humanity is better off without the dangerous and Evil in this World... period... end of Story.

  13. Hello! Just catching up on all your posts. I've said it before and will repeat - I just love your blog and your sense of humor!
    Thank you for posting this video. I have never seen him but omg, he is hysterical! I am now a subscriber.


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