Thursday, October 15, 2020

Just A Thursday

I refreshed my wildflower bouquet from my walk this morning and that's what it looks like with the evening sun shining on it. As the pecan leaves fall, the light on the porch becomes brighter to the point where sometimes I have to use the bamboo matchstick blind that stays firmly rolled up all summer. Pecans are the first to lose their leaves in the fall and the last to come out in spring making them a great source of shade when we need it and allowing the sunlight when we don't. 

I pushed myself to be more active today. I took that walk and I worked some in the garden but I got so damn hot out there that I could only weed two rows and had to call it quits. For whatever reason I just cannot tolerate heat the way I used to. Could be a medication I'm on, could be age. Who knows? Not me. But it's real. I actually started feeling a little woozy by the end of row two but I feel fine now so I don't suppose I did myself any damage.

Mr. Moon has had a very big day. After sixteen years he finally got his garage doors! Whoo-hoo! 

He is pretty darn happy. 

Our venison pie was very nice last night but it was rather meaty and so tonight I'm making the delicious creamy cashew squash/sweet potato, coconut milk soup that I love so much. I don't think it's Mr. Moon's favorite but he does like it and I'm making naan to go with it so all will be well.
Would this be a good time to talk (again) about the ridiculous stupid habit of online recipe posters, talking about everything and anything under the sun even remotely related to the food you're trying to make before giving the recipe? 
I don't want to read about your sister who makes Indian food all the time. Okay? Or about her visit where she showed you how to make this. Or about the first time you ate this particular food. Or how you feel when you make yummy, nummy delicious fresh food for your family! 
Just no. 
Give me the damn recipe. Thank you. That's why I love the online New York Times cooking app. It does give a little paragraph describing the food and a picture and that is perfect! Thank you, NYT's cooking app! 
And let me admit right here that when I had it in mind to write a cookbook, it turned into more of a memoir than a book with recipes so there you go. I completely understand the urge to wax poetic about food. 
Just call me an annoyed hypocrite. 

Well, I better get to naan rolling and grilling and soup-finishing-up. 

But first, in a completely unrelated matter- have any of y'all watched the Dolly Parton doc on Netflix? It's titled Dolly Parton, Here I Am. 
We've been watching a little of it every evening and yeah, it's made me cry. When I called her a saint last week, I should added that she's a genius. Because she is.

That's what I think anyway. Despite the wigs. Or maybe because of the wigs. Who am I to say? 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Darling genius saint Dolly. My friend has a Saint Dolly prayer candle on her altar. I think both you and I need one as well! I get aggravated too having to scroll down endlessly to get to the damn recipe. I’ve never tried making naan, bet it’s worth the effort.

  2. Even the hardiest asters along our road are done now...
    I enjoy the slanty afternoon light so much this time of year.

  3. Dolly is a true saint. I love her, and she has done so much good and spread so much love in her life. your bouquet is gorgeous. Is that goldenrod? The yellow sprigs that resemble statis? (sp). Hubby coming home tonite- 3 days early ( damn). He said there are too many people out and about....too much chaos on the highways and in general.....and he just wants to get home to peace and quiet. I am on board with that and will enjoy my last 4 hours solo! I'm a bit disappointed......but will be glad when he safely arrives at 10pm or so, tonight. I have glass of wine in hand, will take dog on a sunset jaunt....have my last solo dinner (salad)....... and await his arrival
    Susan M

  4. I've loved Dolly since way back in the eighties, I guess, when I realized what a good business woman she had to be. I must find her documentary.

  5. I would 100% read your cookbook memoir. But I HATE online recipes with a passion. I've taken to writing all the recipes down on a little card and putting it in my recipe card box (very analog, Jonah says) so I never have to scroll through 800 words about Trucker and Harper 'just won't eat anything too vegetably but this is the best combination of aubergine and breadcrumbs i've found'. JUST GIVE ME THE RECIPE FOR EGGPLANT PARMESEAN, LINDA. Have you listened to the Dolly podcast? It's amazing.

  6. Dolly is a thoroughly decent human being...remember those??? Wishing you a good night.

  7. Woo hoo! Garage doors! I love your autumn bouquet, too. We used to pick goldenrod and put it with pine lilies and blazing stars in a vase, and it was such a great combination. I wonder if pine lilies are protected nowadays. I feel like they're not as common as they once were. (Then again, what is?)

    Dolly Parton IS a genius. And a truly good person.

  8. I love Dolly. She's so smart, talented, snd generous. She does a lot of good.

    And I've blog-ranted about those recipes that go on a world tour before telling me the recipe. I already know I want to make it, you don't need to fill up space selling the idea. Just tell me!

  9. OMG! I am so with you on the miles-long narration on a recipe, and then 2700 pictures of the cooking steps. (Really? I needed a picture of how to mix up eggs?) EVERY recipe needs a "Jump to Recipe" button, plain and simple. UGH. Dolly is the bomb, and made sure no one took advantage of her, ever again!!!!!

  10. Oh, and I have an idea for you: write TWO books, one memoir and one cook book! I would read both with delicious anticipation!

  11. Beautiful flowers. Beautiful garage doors. Beautiful Moons.

  12. holy cow! you have a huge garage with three doors! lovely bouquet...goldenrod, mistflower, and are those maximillian sunflowers? pecans and tallows are steadily raining leaves and the ginkgos are turning yellowish which I don't get because we haven't had any weather cold enough for that. yesterday was miserably hot and today is chilly and windy and overcast. won't last though. due to be hot again.

  13. Today I am making a Mulligatawny soup out of a Harry Potter cookbook that my granddaughters gave me. I have no idea how it will turn out but it does sound yummy to me so we will see. Dolly has always seemed like such a nice person! Have a nice weekend!

  14. The recipe blog thing is hilarious :) Apparently there's an app you can download called 'only the recipe' or something like that that cuts out all the autobiographical whitelady waffling :)

  15. You aren't a hypocrite, after all, you didn't go ahead and publish that memoir and call it a cookbook, did you.

    Ms. Parton is wonderful, and one of my favorite lines she ever delivered was when she said, "Dumb blond jokes don't bother me because I know I'm not dumb, and I know I'm not a blond." That's a real person for you.


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