Sunday, March 21, 2010

Owen Report

This is Owen today. He is still cute, despite the fact that he is getting old and now has three teeth and can sit up like a pro and eats violets.
Lily gave him two purple violets and I gave him a white one. He ate all three with happy baby relish. I love Lily for being the kind of mama who will pick a violet in the yard and give it to her baby to eat. We also gave him melba toast. He loved that too.

And that is the Owen Report for March 21, 2010.


  1. :)

    Happy Baby Relish. Doesn't it sound like an Asian condiment?

    Like Hot Cock Sauce?

  2. I can close my eyes and see that beautiful baby with violets coming out of his mouth like beautiful words.

  3. hmmm. yes he's definitely getting old if he has teth. love the mummy who gives flowers to baby to eat.

    whats melba toast?

  4. ooo violets are my favorite! yum yum! d

  5. Jo- Yes!

    Elizabeth- I will try to get a picture of him eating violets this week. It is a picture in my mind I hope never to forget.

    SJ- He's had hair but it's really showing in that picture.

    Screamish- Melba toast is just seriously toasted bread that is more like a cracker. I would imagine that hard tack was something like melba toast.

    Tanya- Especially if they are sugared! Which these, of course, were not. Lily will let Owen eat flowers but not refined sugar. Yet. She's a smart mommy.

  6. oh, I love gummy teeth! look at them peeking through. it is amazing, how fast these little pips grow, makes us cry out, "mercy!"

    the word I have to type in to verify my words is "cythings" which I read as "cutethings" haha. I like mine better!

    that Owen. has me all atwitter.

  7. What delicious discoveries await him now that he has teeth. Owen's such a gorgeous child!

  8. he is so yum, look at that skin. and you! you have beautiful skin too. i like that color green on you.

  9. Swallow Tail- He is the beat of my heart.

    Angie M- And he is READY to taste everything.

    Maggie May- Goodwill Green.

  10. I love your excitement in this picture.

    Owen is the luckiest damn kid- eating violets with his mama and gradmama, while being cuter than any other baby. just so lucky.

  11. Nice little violet eating baby. Love the expression.

  12. HoneyLuna- My contentment.

    Syd- He's such a goofy little wiggle-monkey, isn't he?


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