Monday, March 22, 2010

Beautifying My Home, One Dump Load At A Time

Yes, that IS a ginormous (possibly Pooh) bear hanging from my clothesline. Why do you ask?

And please, DON'T ask.

Let me just say that it is a result of Mr. Moon making a trash run. We find such fun things at the dump. This bear is wearing camo and has binoculars around his neck. I think perhaps Mr. Moon thought that Owen might get a kick out of the beast but of course, even I would not give my grandson something acquired at the dump without a thorough washing, plus, it would scare the holy hell out of him. And of course he would not fit in a washing machine. Not the sort of washing machine one might have in one's home.

So I said, "Hang him on the line." I suppose I was thinking that a few days of rain and then sun might sterilize the poor, dumped bear.

Or at least, give me a few days to try and figure out what the hell to do with it.

Kathleen was here when Mr. Moon brought it home. We both almost fell out of our chairs, laughing. Buster proceeded to bark at its butt frantically.
"Good dog," Kathleen said.

So that is what my back yard looks like today in Lloyd, Florida. I am about to leave the property, though, to go get Lily and Owen. We are going to Target. Be still my heart. Owen AND Target? At the same time?
I think that might be the very opposite of having a giant birdwatching or hunting bear hanging from my clothesline.
Which is to say- divine.

So is this:


Happy Monday, y'all.

Love....Ms. Moon


  1. happy monday indeed!

  2. That is hilarious. You just never know the treasures you'll find while 'dumpster diving.'

  3. That is an ugly ass hunter bear. Shakes head*

    wv: goggi - can I recommend that as a name?

  4. Heehee! My house feels similar right now, because my husband is cleaning out the attic. All sorts of dusty "treasures" from his childhood are finding the way into my kids' toyboxes. Hmmmm.

  5. Happy Monday, my dear. Love your new banner. Very pretty.

  6. oh no! that bear. I'm a scared.
    Happy day to you too.
    Love the flower.

  7. Oh hell no. Not because it came from the dump, but because those huge toys become a huge pain in the ass.

    Course I'm in clean out mode, so that's kind of my reaction to just about everything right now. We just took a truckload of toys to the Salvation Army and there is more to get rid of. Out, out, OUT!

  8. The new header is beautiful, as is your little statement beneath.

    And wow! That is the biggest stuffed animal I have ever seen outside the fairgrounds. Probably way bigger than Owen, too.

  9. I don't know what happens to me when I enter Target, but it's like a drug. I love that store as much as I hate Wal-Mart.

  10. Rebecca- And to you!

    Rachel- It's always an adventure.

    Jo- Or as a grandmother name.

    Lora- That bear would be too big for a toy box. He'd need a toy CLOSET.

    Ms. Bastard- I do love to change it up.

    Bethany- We should all be scared of that bear. I feel this is why he was at the dump, apparently unused in the least.

    Stephanie- I cannot disagree.

    Angie M- WAY bigger than Owen. Maybe someone did get him at the fair. Poor sucker.

    Ms. Fleur- That was from the backyard last night. It was good to see you today. You need some eggs?

    Nancy C- I know. Me too. Exactly!

  11. But how would one "use" that bear? I'm scared.

  12. Just discussing a little dumpster diving at work today!

    Barked at it's butt, huh? You photographed Elvis' butt, touched it AND told us all about it. I can't see this Pooh's butt at all.


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