Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fling Open The Windows, Set Free The Light

Oh, just bless our hearts on this beautiful spring morning and that damn lunatic moon is gone to hide, to sleep, to plot our nightmares. You know it is but if you can't see it, it's not there. Nigel, perhaps it is tormenting you right now at the bottom of the world.

No, this morning is full of birdsong and look! the wisteria is popping out purple and how does it do that? Those fuzzy buds turn into grape-blossoms in a matter of a moment, the sun's energy dancing from all that distance away to land here and pop out another, zoom! jette! pow! pop! Yes. Just like that and the oak trees have cut the cord on last year's leaves and sent them tumbling to earth and they are dressed in green so sweet and new that it glows in the morning sun like we're all eating psilocybin

and I say that because I saw two mushrooms in the yard this morning, nestled up by the purple violets and I am glad that I am at an age where I do not need to go out into the cow fields to find those god-given mind-openers which bleed purple themselves, growing out of cow shit which just goes to show.
I'm not sure what it shows but I know this- my mind does not need any more opening because it can barely fit in what I see and feel and hear and smell around me as it is.

I have the opposite of writer's block this morning. I have all my stories and rants inside of me and if I were to put them all down here there would be a novel of a blog, or at least a novella and who has time for that? I don't. Nor do you.

But here, let me make this short:
When we left Cozumel last summer I got out of the cab which took us to the airport and as it drove away, I looked down to discover that the chain of my necklace had broken and a small, gold heart locket was missing. Gone. It was a locket that Mr. Moon gave me on our wedding day and of course I was distraught and there was no way to get it back if it was in the cab and I thought there was a chance that it had fallen into the bag I was carrying and so I searched and searched through it but no heart. None. That was last August.
And I used that bag on our trip to New Orleans this past weekend and when I unpacked it when we got there I looked down and there, right in the bottom of the bag was my heart.
No. Really.
I have used that bag since last August. I know I have. It was as if the bag held a parallel universe which, upon its own volition, opened itself up and gave me back my heart.
But that is not all. No!
When Lily had Owen last September, I lost my address book which is somewhat larger than a gold heart locket and bright pink to boot. I had looked everywhere and gone back to the hospital and searched through lost and found and it was just gone.
But when I got home from New Orleans and was unpacking that same bag which had opened up and given me back my heart, there, right there, in that bag which I don't even remember taking to the hospital at all, was my address book.

How do these things happen? I do not know.

So that is my parallel universe in a bag story and I now have no excuse whatsoever not to send Christmas cards next year. Oh dear. And of course, I have my heart back. I had thought I'd left my heart in Cozumel which is quite metaphorically true, but in reality, I did not.

And speaking of Owen (weren't we? speaking of Owen? aren't I always?) I saw him yesterday after not seeing him for four days. FOUR days, people. And I swear, it was not the same baby. He has grown taller and rounder. He has at least two new teeth. He is crawling and all he wants to do is stand up and walk. Four days! And he is now down south, visiting great-grandparents on his father's side and I won't see him until Thursday at which time I expect he will be walking and talking and perhaps running for president. And he will completely have forgotten his crazy chicken grandma. Oh, my baby. My sweet, sweet baby. Where did he go? A parallel universe, perhaps but I do not think I will open a bag to find him, not even that magical one (which, by the way, I bought in Cozumel many years ago so you see- everything is connected, all IS one, and if you've never eaten psilocybin, you can take my word for that).

And the bra rant will have to wait and so will the one about our stupid, doody-head state attorney general here in Florida who is trying to sue the government to repeal the health care reform. And the one about antique store owners who for some damn reason think that when you walk into their store you might actually be in the market for a $100,000, two-hundred-year old grandfather clock made by the Dutch. Why? Did he not see that I was wearing Crocs? Was it the fact that I was wearing Allegra's earrings that made him believe that we might need an $11,000 dining room table and insisted on taking us all over the store to show us his treasures? And they were beautiful but all I could think of was that if for some reason we could buy such treasures and bring them home that my dogs would pee on them, ruining their hundreds-of-year-old finishes? Talk about your patina.

Again. I do not know and as we all know, if there is one thing I do know, it is that I know very, very little.

But I'm quite certain that the dogwoods are beautiful,

that four more wisteria blossoms have been powered into being since I started writing this, that I need to go feed the chickens and gather eggs and it is, without a doubt, spring.

Bless our hearts. It is spring and there are mysteries and the moon is sleeping and the sun is shining, sending us energy that is old, old, old, to create all this newly-birthed life and as Kurt Vonnegut said, there is just no stopping it.

And although it would appear that there is no stopping me either, there must be.
So there. I am done. This damn lunatic Moon is done for right now and the coffee is gone and there is work to do.

Good morning.


  1. Good Morning Mama! I just want to say that I love you!
    Lovely post too. Did you finish it up and then hop on some of those stories? I hope you did. Write write write. Write till the well runs dry. I'm feeling blocked. Gah! At least I have your beauty words to read.

  2. I'm so happy you found your heart! And happy for your other synchronistic find!! Hey, maybe you should just open that bag every once in a while on the full moon to check and see if the universe has left you or found you any more nuggets!

    About those antique people... my theory is that they're just bored and happyp to have someone to talk to... :-) xoxo,pf

  3. Bra rant. I can't wait. AND, patina by dogs, maybe that's how antiques got their shine in the first place.

  4. Oh, I love you so.

    Hey, this has nothing to do with all of the wonderful things you wrote about today, but I just wanted to tell you that if you needed one more "reality" TV show to watch, it should be Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. He's trying to change how Americans eat. I love it! But it also makes me cry because of the crap we are so set on eating and how set in our ways we are.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing Lloyd spring. It is so beautiful out there and I'm glad you're there to enjoy it. Kiss those chickens on the head for me (heh, just playing- you might get a good lip peck by doing so).

  5. Steph- Oh, thank-you.

    May- No. There is too much to do. I feel guilty having written that. And spending time to write this. Damn guilt. I didn't spend enough time in NOLA, obviously.
    I love you too!

    Ms. Fleur- I think you're right about the antique dealers.

    Aden- Bra rant will be along soon.

    HoneyLuna- I have heard about that show. We have always loved that guy, haven't we?
    I love you and will kiss a chicken for you. Or maybe an egg. Eggs don't have beaks.

  6. I'm going to sit here and soak up every word of yours I missed and not feel guilty.

    And I covet your dogwood. We have a white wisteria, that actually blooms, which isn't always a sure thing here in the great white north of outside of Toronto.
    But certainly not yet.

    I'm glad you found some of your lost parts.

    And I can't stand when salespeople wrangle me in for the duration of what then becomes a very short shopping experience. And I love that you wear the earrings with the Crocs. Life is too short.

  7. I was looking for inspiration this morning and you provided it. Inspiration that life is good, that special magic happens...in a suitcase! That a parallel universe Does exist...because how else to explain your dear heart locket came back to rest on your own heart...that your pink address book popped out too?

    Your mind and heart are open and we are your captive audience...waiting...for the word of Ms. Moon....

  8. I wish I could look in a bag and find something I had lost; it's almost like getting something brand new but well loved all over again.

  9. Your magical bag sounds amazing and I think I need one of those. It is a glorious day and I think I will take a walk downtown during my lunch break! Oh and that stupid, doody-head is scaring me because he just might become our next governor. I can't bear the thought of it.

  10. Good morning! I want a bag like that.

  11. That's the best! Honestly, you're as good, if not better, than Mr. Keillor himself.

    And wisteria -- my neighbor has some and it's almost ridiculous it's so fat and dripping with blooms! And the color!

  12. I remember reading your post about the dear friend that you had lost contact with when you lost that book (although, if I'm being a stalker worth my salt, I'm remembering correctly that you did end up connecting with her anyway).

    Anyway. These small beautiful things...a found heart, a found pink address book, a blooming dogwood.

    They give me hope on a rainy day where the only adjective I'm feeling is weary.

  13. 4 days? Poor Ms. Moon. That is an eternity in baby time. Hopefully you get to see your sweet, sweet baby soon. And I am so glad to hear you found your missing items. Very cool indeed.

  14. Oh, I'm so glad you found your heart. And your address book! I'm tempted to go look again in the bag I wanted my wedding rings to be hidden in, instead of in an Italian rental car, one more time, just to see. Brilliant.

    And I love your Owen for president idea. I have no doubt :)

  15. Owen will not forget you. You, madame, are unforgettable.

    Take my word.

    Love you more than the damn Moon.

  16. You have a Mary Poppins bag! (Which is not surprising given that you are also an exceptional woman with an unusual wardrobe with magic at her fingertips.)

    Remember how she took a lamp, a mirror, a coatrack and more out of her oversized purse when she moved into the Banks residence? Keep that Cozumel bag close, it seems to hold the other end of worm holes in space where lost objects tumble in. Other hearts may turn up there as well.

    Thanks for your sweet welcome of the new Grand Boy. I already know what you mean, I miss him every day I can't hold that little head in my palm. Come on over for another baby fix this week while you are waiting for the O-boy's return.

    Love those beautiful flower and moon pictures. x0 N2

  17. We still have about 3 more weeks for our dogwood to bloom, but I'm really excited because I'm pretty sure I remember it being a pink dogwood. WOohoo!

  18. I have a heart story to share also. Glad that you found yours.

  19. Deb- I have a white wisteria too but it does nothing but barely survive. I think I should move it. And as to the Crocs- I was wearing the very dainty cute ones that look like Mary Janes. So there you go!

    Ellen- Well, there is an awful lot of inspiration all around me right now.

    Lois- We live in such a beautiful place- I hope you got your walk- but WHY do our politicians have to be such hard-core-hard-right shitheads?

    Mwa- Gotta go to Cozumel. Plenty of magic bags there I would believe.

    Elizabeth- Higher praise I cannot get. Thank-you. And yes, wisteria is almost obscenely beautiful. And the fragrance!

    Nancy C- I wish I could send you a bottle of...this.

    Mr. Shife- Four days is like four years. Dang.

    Jo- I would never want him to be president. Way too stressful.
    I'm sorry you lost your rings.

    Ms. Bastard- I keep telling Mr. Moon that I cannot wait for you to visit. I love you too!

    N2- Yes. Mary Poppins and her magic bag. Love that. And I can't wait to see more pictures of your baby-boy-love.

    Rebecca- Pink ones ARE special.

    Syd- Share it!

    Kori- Exactly!


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