Sunday, March 7, 2010

Feed Them Pancakes And Set Them Loose With Wood And Wire And Tools

Mr. Moon is going to fuss because the light is not right in this picture but he can fuss all he wants because have you ever seen a cuter picture?

Jessie and her daddy have spent all day, building that gate and stretching wire for a fence. They are making me a house for my garden. That's how I feel about it somehow. That after six years here, I am going to have a REAL garden with fence all the way around it to grow peas and beans on, to keep out vicious predators (okay, chickens) and that we'll be able to decorate the way we want.
Yes. I want to decorate the garden.
I want the kids to come out and help me paint the fence. There is a board in it for each of the children, for Mr. Moon and me, and one for Owen. His may have to wait a while because although he is smart and dexterous and strong, he is only five months old.
I want to make a little brick patio where the gate opens. I want to have a place where my chicken shit composts and where my leaves are stored for mulch. I want to grow vegetables and I want to grow zinnias and marigolds. Prosaic, beautiful things which I have been growing almost my entire adult life, but now maybe better.
Perhaps I shall put a toad pond in the way I did when we lived in town. I sunk a half of a whiskey barrel and filled it with water and put a water lily in it for toads to drink from. Toads are good for the garden. They eat the bugs and they are beautiful in their ugliness.
I don't know what all I'll do but isn't it going to be beautiful?
Aren't I a lucky Mama-Wife?
You bet.


  1. Feeling lucky is one of the best feelings ever. Being lucky is even better. By the sounds of it, you have the best of both worlds!

  2. A Daddy and his girl! That is the best picture. How can you not smile at that?

  3. And it's warm enough to go sleeveless there?

    You have a beautiful family. :)

  4. Looks like a great day! I love working outside with my dad too.

  5. I vote for the toad pond! Any kind of pond. The more ponds the better.

  6. Your family just can't be for real. It seems so surreal sometimes to read your blog. I have loved today's posts. Makes me feel nostalgic.

  7. I'm eager to see the finished product! Built with such love, I know it will be beautiful.

  8. There is so much love going on in there. Absolutely lovely to behold.
    I never knew toads were good for the garden.

  9. Nigel- I am lucky enough to know how lucky I am.

    Nancy C- Seriously.

    Nicol- Only if you're working hard in the sun.

    SJ- And so you are lucky too.

    Glimmer- I agree.

    Rebecca- We are quite real. Believe me.

    Lora- I think it will be a constantly ongoing project. And isn't that the best kind?

    Angie M- Well. I read it somewhere.

  10. i have so much love for you dear ms mary moon. i met you in my dreams the other day. i traveled by bus and arrived on your door step and you swung open the door and hugged me so tightly! it was a very pleasant dream. i value the ways you connect. with everything around you. even me, even if its simply online or in my dreams.

  11. Feed me those pancakes and I will follow you anywhere! Being good, back to bed, tell Mr.Moon I am behind but today I transplanted into the greenhouse three pots of basil, tomatoes - Isis Candy, Brandywine, Pineapple red, Black Heirloom, Zapatecs and Marzanos - and we have some more growing in the AeroGrow.

    The Cardinal vines and the climbing Nasturtiums are in the incubators with the Moon Flowers and some seeds that I plan to share with you this week. The real Nicotiana Alata from down south, more southern yet than where you are by a couple of thousand miles. The perfume will knock your socks off.
    Sending love from here, as always.

  12. hey those two are just goregous!

  13. Those pancakes look like they were deelish. So glad to see that the family had a happy, sunny Sun Day.

    x0x0 N2

  14. Very lucky, very beautiful.

    I can't believe you're having weather for that kind of clothes already, even if it is for working hard. It's snowing over here again...

  15. I love the picture. How could I not?
    A girl and her daddy.

    I can't wait to see your gorgeous garden. I know it will be gorgeous and abundant and a feast for the eyes and tummy.

    Love you

  16. You sure are! This is a great picture and what a lovely place you are going to have once it is finished. Kind of like your own little secret vegetable garden! The weather was glorious this past weekend wasn't it?

  17. I'm down to paint! Hey, are you still maybe going somewhere soon?

  18. You are lucky. And Mr. Moon and Jessie are adorable.

    Love, SB.

  19. Sounds like it wil be a beautiful garden. I say you should definitely add the toad garden. Mr Moon and Jessie look so sweet in their matching work clothes.

  20. A nurturing haven for you...wonderful! We have had a garden but are learning the hard way with the critters who enjoy it too! I will look forward to seeing what your garden should be a treat for all of us to see!

  21. They are beautiful and radiant!
    oh oh oh, I LOVE all this garden talk. So exciting. Your new fence and this whole little home inside and painting the fence and everyon have a slot and possibly frogs...this all made me very happy. thank you!
    I feel like you must grow radishes too, watermelon ones and maybe purple carrots.
    Will you?

  22. adorable photo. Simply adorable.


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