Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Orleans, Day Two

For two people who started out the day drinking one of those I have to say we have been far less wild than you can imagine.
Imagine that.
And by the way- that was the best damn bloody mary I ever drank in my life. Pickled green beans? Dear god, yes.

I've never eaten them before but I hope to eat them again soon.

Another thing I've never done before today:
Eaten breakfast at a place where the menu made suggestions for wines to go with your breakfast courses.
First off- wine? With breakfast?
Secondly- courses? Breakfast courses?

Here's the waiter preparing the dessert course:

And that, my dears, is New Orleans.

So is this:
And this:

Here's my favorite picture of the day. Mr. Moon took it.

And here's two people who had a very lovely day being not very wild but having a really, really good time.

Night-night, y'all.


  1. Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez! (God I hope I wrote that right. I currently studying French, you know.

    If the Waffle House would please serve the Bloody Mary that you had, I would move to the South in a heartbeat.

    Hugs to Mr. Moon!

  2. You all are gorgeous -- even prettier than that amazing city and the Bloody Mary.

  3. this has gotta be what heaven is like... or something similar... it it exists...

  4. WINE with breakfast??? someone book me a plane ticket, Ill be right over.

  5. Those pickled beans look a tad phallic. ha ha. just the thing to start your day in NOLA

    You two look gorgeous and happy.

  6. Did you take your bra off at the entrance to the city??

    I want one of those BMs. Can you bring me one? They don't have a problem packing up their libations to go! I want one of those damn beans!

    Have a safe trip home.

  7. thanks for posting,
    I wanted you to be so busy that you just couldn't but I wanted you to because I miss you.

    love to you,

  8. Was that Brennan's?

    I'm glad y'all are having such a great time in the crescent city.

  9. AW, the dog photo! :) You two look happy and in love. Can you believe I have never tried a bloody Mary. Never. But, that drink looks really good with those beans making it all pretty and such. Pickled beans? I learn something new everyday. Glad you're enjoying your trip. :)

  10. One of my favorite places to eat in New Orleans is Port Of Call It's off Esplanade (something like that). They have the biggest and besttest baked potatoes and their burgers are great too. Looks like a hole in the wall and is sort of off the beaten path, but a good place to eat!!!

    When my husband and I were on our honeymoon, we spent a couple of days in New Orleans and we took a walking ghost tour, we stopped by the big catholic church and we all sat down on that concrete wall, well the guy is telling some freaky story and I feel something on my arm, I look to see what it was and there on my arm was the biggest cockroach I've ever seen EVER. I freaked out and started screaming my head off and jumping up and down and dancing around trying to get the millions of gigantic cockroaches off my body (there really was just one). Everyone started freaking out because they thought I was seeing a ghost......In the end, it was funny.

  11. Happy to see you both so radiant and happy. You two should run away more often, I swear.

    I just asked Barry to bring the old family cookbook and tomorrow I will post our family's recipe for spicy pickled beans that is older than dirt and much beloved in this household and also by those who get them as Christmas presents.
    Hopefully they will be as good as those swimming inside the Bloody Mary.

    Love to you both. Stay an extra day, I mean it.

  12. I have to say, the sight of that bloody Mary set my hair-trigger gag reflex in motion. Just sayin.

    Soooo glad you're having a good time, no one deserves it more!

    And have you thought of bringing that little dog home with you? I think he'd fit in fine at Casa de Moon.

  13. Rebecca dear, your two stories combine. If you ever eat at the Port of Call again, do NOT sit near the kitchen or any light source. I did not heed that advice, and I can never return again despite living extremely close.

  14. You two are the damn cutest couple EVER. Tell Mr. Moon I dig the dog photo. Adorable!

    Much love,


  15. NOLA, eventhough it's been a good six years since I've been to Port Of Call, my stomach is dry-heaving and my jaws are locking. That's so gross.

  16. Sigh... I can only see two of the pictures.

  17. It looks like you are having a good time. A vacation is good.

  18. Oh Rebecca, I'm sorry! I was trying to be euphemistic to avoid that reaction. Sadly cockroaches are a part of our life all the time here, but sometimes enough is enough for me.

  19. May I just join in this conversation for a second? Cockroaches are EVERYWHERE. I think they're just bigger in the south. I have awakened more than once to find one on me in my bed and I am not THAT bad of a housekeeper. They are just HERE. They can crawl AND fly.
    And frankly, having been in Port O'Call (for a drink) I can only imagine that when they turn the lights out (do they ever turn the lights out?) the roaches must fiesta and tango and do the la cucaracha all over the place.
    But where in New Orleans wouldn't that happen? I don't think there's enough pesticide in the world.
    Although perhaps the rats keep them under control....
    As you can tell, I am not so squeamish. I would hate to find a roach IN my food, though.


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