Monday, December 21, 2009


Yesterday was busy, busy, busy as hell. I finally got my ass to town and you can't believe how many people are NOT at the Goodwill five days before Christmas. Are you kidding me? There were about five people there, all of us walking around going, "Why're these prices so high?"
It's ridiculous. This is GOODWILL, people.
But, I did score a few little treasures including the softest green cashmere sweater for me. Merry Christmas, Ms. Moon. I am wearing it under my overalls today and I am toasty on this cold morning in Lloyd.

I went to a bunch of places, including the mall, baby! although I only went to one store and didn't even have to enter the mall itself, thank-you, baby Jesus, and I went to Target, too. You'd think that people would be frantic by this time of the shopping week but no, people seemed resigned. I saw far more people who looked like they were on the verge of tears than angry people. Which is worse? I don't know. But all was calm, anyway, even the people on the verge of tears, their faces set in serious despair.

When I got home Mr. Moon came out and said, "Look, look what I found in the garage!" and he offered to give my aching bones a piggy-back ride out there (the garage is about a block away from the house, I swear) but I declined and we walked out there so he could show me what he'd found when he did some cleaning up.
It was this:

Well, those dozen beautiful brown eggs were actually on the cement floor of the garage but there they were, like a dozen little treasures. The feral chicken who has been living in my yard has obviously been laying and we felt so sad for her, having to lay on the cement. So we collected the eggs and I don't know if I'm going to crack 'em or not- some of them have to be pretty old, and Mr. Moon set her up a real nest with an orange crate and hay. Bless her little heart, that scrawny, racing hen. Anyone who gives me such pretty eggs can nibble my collards, I suppose.
But it was like a sweet little treasure, finding those eggs and I love that I'm married to a man who was so excited about finding it. Who made the hen a nest so she doesn't have to lay her eggs on the cold cement floor.

It did get very cold here last night and I covered up all the outside plants to protect them from freezing and I made a most delicious venison meatloaf and green beans and potatoes. Jessie and her friend Melissa were here for a spend-the-night party and it did my heart so good to have them here. We feasted like kings and after supper I made them all hot cocoa with whipped cream and put out the nut cookies I'd made the night before and I think they were happy. Melissa and Jessie have been friends for a long, long time and Melissa's about to go down to Gainesville where she got into journalism school and it makes them sad to think they won't be able to get together for supper, for a gig. They've been playing music together since high school and they're the most darling things. Melissa's barely five feet tall and Jessie is almost six feet tall and they're both beautiful and I remember driving them to their first day of high school and how shy they were, how sweet.

I have a feeling they'll be friends forever, no matter the distance that keeps them apart. And last night they laughed and ate and told me stories about their friends and we talked about love and boyfriends and finding true love. They're not little girls anymore. They are women and we talk as women, sitting in my kitchen on a cold night.

Owen's coming in just a few minutes. He'll be mine today. I am so excited. I'll keep him toasty warm and we'll play baby-games and he'll fall asleep in my arms. And Jessie and Melissa are still here so they can play with him too when they get up.

It's a Monday. It's cold outside but it's warm in here. I am wearing cashmere. I am going to have my grandson all day long. I found treasures at the Goodwill, Mr. Moon found treasures in the garage. Jessie and Melissa found treasure in each other when they became friends.

It is a day, four days before Christmas, of treasures everywhere I look. No. I am nowhere near ready for Christmas. But I am not angry and I am not on the verge of tears. I neither resigned nor resentful.

It will be what it will be and hopefully, there will be treasures to remember from this year's celebration, no matter how funky it may end up being. One never knows.
Just- well, keep your eyes out. You may end up finding something that nests in your heart or keeps you warm or dazzles your eye in the most unexpected place.

That's what I wish for you today.

That's what I would wish for us all.


  1. Oh jeez. Not this again! ack! :-)

    That was a lovely post and I felt warm and toasty reading it. Hope this is the year that changes the holiday for you... (Not because I am judging, but because there is NO escaping it... so it is much more enjoyable to like it.) I've done both, believe me, it's sweeter.
    Much love,
    xo pf

  2. Work is closed today for me, so that is definitely an unexpected gift :) I am rewarding myself by digging out the car...

  3. I'm lovin' this post, Ms. Moon.

    eggs, cashmere, hot chocolate, girl talk, a good man


    and the best part is being offered a piggy back ride when you're 54.

  4. Ms. Fleur- I changed it back.

    SJ- Good luck!

    Michelle- Fifty-five, girl! Fifty-five.

  5. does the feral chicken have a name? should a feral chicken have a name? perhaps if she had a name,she would be like the little prince's rose; suddenly one of many...

    it's interesting that you have more comments on your comment box changing post than your folks aren't at goodwill four days before christmas treasure post.

    just like i find it interesting that michelle gets less comments on her christmas shoppe made in china post than any other posts.

    perhaps i am feral too. perhaps.

    am i too, too much ms moon?

  6. After I write this comment I'm going to go swaddle my 40 pound giant two year old and try to get him to cuddle and play baby games with me.

    Wish Me Luck.

  7. Have a wonderful day with Owen as I am sure you will, and remember to kiss him for me at least once. Your day should be warm and filled with sunshine no matter what the weather outside. Today is a long day here, waiting, but the 23rd is the last treatment of this cycle and then calm and quiet and love and drinks and sending you love while we sit by the fire.

  8. Oh you. Why do you do this to me just when I decide I'm going to close down, not give a crap about anything today...those eggs! and Mr Moon offering the piggy back and his joy and then making the little nest. Perfect wonders.
    I love your sweater, that color is so happy. Good friends are wonderful. So is having such a warm, welcoming place to hang out with them. You're such a great mom. Have fun with Owen today.

  9. Adrienne- Nope. No Name Chicken. Feral Chicken. Egg-Laying Mama. I'd call her Red but I already have a hen named Red.
    And yes, I always get the most comments on things I don't even "write," just, type out. This constantly amazes me.
    But to be fair, I posted the comment box thing last night and only got this post up this morning.
    And too much? Oh, Adrienne- YES! You are way too much. In all the best ways possible.
    Love you, dear....M

  10. Sigh. It's a sweet post and one that I will think about, all day, I think, as I run around like one of your chickens (hopefully not with its head cut off!). Happy day to you, Ms. Moon.

  11. Nice post. Glad Jessie got to spend time with her friend.

    Have fun with Super Owen!

  12. Erin- Yep. Good luck with that one.

    Allegra- I am waiting with you. Can you feel me there?

    Elizabeth- Take time to breathe, sweet woman, as you take care of the world. Take care of yourself a little too.

    Ms. Bastard- I am having fun. Thank-you!

    Nola- Yeah, I get it too.

  13. If you lived here (or vice versa), I would have been one of the ones in Target near tears. Can I hold my breath for four more days? Maybe. We did try to make Turtle candies yesterday and while they were not a success, it was still FUN, and that is a good thing. My Owen will remember, maybe, helping chop nuts and long strings of caramel everywhere and lots of laughter.

    Tee hee, a feral chicken? That makes me laugh, even though it is sad she laid her eggs on the cement floor!

  14. I am having dinner with 2 women that I have known for years and will be life long friends even though I am here and 1 is in New York and the other is in Florida. I will treasure their laughter and their smiles. I will treasure flying to my family tomorrow!

  15. Kori- Yeah. You can hold your breath. And making turtles sounds like great and memorable fun.

  16. See, you know you're a good person when you care even about a chicken having to lay its eggs on a cement floor.

  17. I need to visit more Goodwill stores. Love the sweater.

  18. Great post, Mama! Here is a trick for the eggs: Fill a large glass bowl with water. Put one raw egg at a time in it. If the egg sinks to the bottom, it's good. If it floats to the surface, it's bad. If it floats middlin, it's a crapshoot- probably okay. Now maybe you can eat those eggs!
    I love the new sweater. You are such a good treasure finder.

  19. Maybe you can call her Fera?

    I want a piggyback ride :(

  20. Ms. Dish- Riches!

    Jill- And she used her new nest today and gave us an egg.

    Nancy- Goodwill has ALL the brands.

    May- Will do that. Thanks for reminding me.

    Ms. Trouble- I was thinking we should name her "Carol" because it rhymes with "feral."

  21. Oh DAMN! Amendment to my egg trick: If the egg floats at all-BAD! If it stands up on the bottom it's okay, but if it lies on it's side it's fresh. I should check my facts before I go telling tales.

  22. May- Okay. In my spare time I'll float some eggs. Thank-you!

  23. May- I just floated those fuckers and all put one sank to its side. Wow!


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