Saturday, June 17, 2023

This Is Like Reality Television Only It's Not

I thank all of you who read and commented on yesterday's post. It was, for me, an important thing to say. But I want to double down on my suggestion to read the article I linked because it truly says everything, having been written by someone uniquely placed to have the facts and the feelings, the experience and the knowledge. And so I will give you the link to that article again. It is HERE. 

That picture up top is what my little original kitchen yard looks like right now. The phlox and the pine cone ginger lilies have taken over. I imagine that one day a future owner of this house and property will be cursing me the way I curse whoever planted the crocosmia and glory bower and chenille plant and Japanese rice paper plant and, and, this yard. 

Because one type of invasive ginger isn't enough, I have started a nice piece of the sort of ginger lily that produces the root you buy in the store for your culinary ginger needs. I had started some before but somehow I did not tend it properly and it died but this one looks pretty sturdy. 


Y'all- since I started writing this, a storm came in so fast it was like Bruce Springsteen sliding down a waxed stage to kiss Clarence Clemons. (May he rest in peace and his memory IS a blessing.) 
It was a little scary there for a few minutes. It got dark as night and the thunder and lightning started up, great deep rumbles that you could feel in the floor, the wind was crazy-blowing and the rain started pouring. With the first few gusts of that wind the power went out but then the generator came on and god almighty, that generator is a miracle and a blessing and a glory. It's still raining so hard that I can't even hear the generator and I'm sitting about thirty feet from it on the back porch. It's also still thundering and lightning but it's not so dark now. 
This, too, is Florida. 

And now the storm has passed, it's light again, and there is standing water in the backyard. That was some storm. But it's cooled things off, it's still raining a little bit, and the birds are all chattering about what the hell just happened. 

It was hot today and I not only got on my knees but I also sweated profusely. Mr. Moon bought me some heavy-duty knee pads and they sort of worked great. My knees loved them but the straps that hold them on griped the back of my legs no matter how loose I made them. Still, I got some weeding done and then I picked more green beans. 

And zinnias. 
The other day Mr. Moon suggested that we put some chairs out in the garden so that we can sit and watch the beans mature. That's sort of a joke and sort of not a joke. 
That's at least another gallon and a half right there. 

All right! Household hint! Last night before I went to bed, I mixed up a paste of Bar Keeper's Friend, 

dish washing liquid, and a little bit of water. Then I smeared it on the window of my oven which was pretty nasty. I left it overnight and this morning I scrubbed it with a non-scratch scrubber and it worked! It's almost as good as new. I am thinking of trying that method on the hard water stains on my shower doors. Nothing else I've ever tried has worked. 

Man. This is a totally scattered post. I suppose I should mention that not only did Lily get strep again, but so has Jessie in North Carolina. AND, Owen and Gibson have it again now too. 
What the hell, strep? 
I am being wary because yesterday I gave Lily (who is supposedly not contagious anymore) and her children a ride because a tree had fallen across the road leading out of their property so that she and Lauren could not get to work at 2:30 a.m. and had to call an Uber to meet them on the other side of the downed tree. Lily had no way to get home from work and needed to pick up Owen, Gibson, and Magnolia from their dad's house. She asked me if I could possibly help and I was glad to say yes because I had nothing else to do and I sort of love shuttling around that family in my tiny Prius. 
Tiny Prius. With its very small enclosed space. 
The boys weren't actually sick at that point, but later on in the afternoon, Gibson began complaining of a sore throat and so everyone got tested again and yes, he and Owen both have it. 
Ah yi. Life. 

Isn't that a swell picture? 
Yes. Yes it is. 

I'll be reporting in tomorrow if all goes well. I will probably have a few words to say about Father's Day. I talked to Lon and Lis the other day (they have Covid!) and I told them that Glen was going fishing this weekend. Lis asked what we were planning on doing for Father's Day and I repeated, "Uh. Glen's going fishing this weekend." They laughed, knowing full well that nothing in the world could make him happier. I also mentioned that I'd made him cookies. They agreed that this was all a man could ask for. 

Lord. That's enough of me for one day.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I am going to make a cup of tea and read that article right now!
    I hope you don't get strep, I hope Mr Moon has the best Father's day and I hope you can get those stubborn stains out with your newly found wonder cleaner hack.

  2. The referenced article was well worth the read. Gripping. The story of many a trans child's life.

  3. I use straight ammonia, scraped off with a bench scraper for my oven door which nothing else would clean. Also the toaster oven door.
    So sorry for all the sick folk. It seems that the infection is being passed in an endless circle.

  4. Just finished reading that article and it makes me so sad that anyone has to seek a new home, a new state in order to feel safe in this country in ... 2023 ... in the 21st goddamned century!
    It just makes me sick that it has gotten to this point and it is all due to the goddamned GOP and the likes of Thing 45 and its cult following!
    Thanks for sharing that article!

  5. 37paddington: I hope everyone who is under the weather gets better soon. I was going to say we’re back to the pre Covid illnesses but I read that Lon and Lis have Covid. I hope they’re not too sick with it. Please let us know how everyone is doing.

  6. 37paddington: And I will read that article. Thanks for linking it again.

  7. How strange! Strep is running through my son's family, as well. His wife just got it for the second time in a month's time.

  8. No one can eat that many green beans, pickled or otherwise.

  9. A heavy duty pumice scouring stick does the job too. Sounds like nails on a chalk board but cleans so well.

  10. For years I tried to get the stains out of the sink- I tried everything- one day Dennis brought Bar Keeper's Friend and VOILA!!! I use it for just about everything now- clean as a whistle! Bottom of pans- metalware- stubbord tea stains- It is MY Friend.
    The bug photo is magnificent and cute and I could eat them both , they look so yummy.
    Sorry strep is going around- damn!

  11. We had a storm just like that last night. Lasted all of five minutes. Boom, puff, splash, gone. Kind of weird. I would love to grow my own ginger, but I use very little so it would be mostly wasted. it doesn't grow here anyway.
    I'm astonished at how often you all get strep. and wondering what the cause could be. Any common denominators you can think of? Is it rife in the schools?

  12. Glad you are safe from the storm. You aren't that far from where the tornado hit in Florida!
    Happy Father's Day to Mr. Moon!
    Hope the strep clears up soon and you do NOT get it!

  13. Sorry to hear about the strep. That's a drag. Dave got strep earlier this year (or was it late last year?) but somehow I never did -- so don't assume it's inevitable you'll have it. I have faith in your immune system!

    We have a piece of ginger root that's sprouting in the kitchen and I considered planting it. But...why?

    1. OK -- I finally read that article. So powerful! I was struck by the phrase, "seemingly unlimited supply of angry men with guns." That really IS so often who's behind all this bigotry. Where do all these angry guys come from? Why are there so many of them? Or are there NOT as many of them as we think, and they're just loud?

      Anyway, I'm glad you reminded me to read it, because it emphasizes the sad state of Florida beyond simply the environmental aspects I mentioned yesterday. I am so proud that Dave and I got married in Florida, even though I (also) no longer live there. Every queer love story is a strike against those angry guys with guns.

  14. oh fuck. strep is horrible. I've only had it once thank all the gods. I hope you didn't get it. it is so hot here and getting hotter and no rain. I noticed this morning that my phlox you sent me is blooming too. I tried to start a food grade ginger but it was in the winter and I suppose I didn't tend it well enough because it rotted in the pot. I'll try again.

  15. That is a Fine Photo of the Grasshopper on a Flower! Sorry everyone has Step and/or COVID. I will now read that Article and the previous Post, which I hadn't gotten around to yet. Angry Men tho' seems to be on the rise, and it's scary that most of them resolve their issues with weaponry.


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