Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Another Sweet Day

 Jessie and the kids came over today and as usual, we had good time. August pulled out a Trivial Pursuit game and Jessie adapted it so that they could enjoy it. It was pretty funny. First of all, the number on the dice meant nothing, really. A new maneuver was developed where you could count spaces with your pie according to what the dice said but then you were allowed to "slide" your piece to the place where you get a question. It's amazing how nicely this picks up the game. Also, dropping the dice off the stairs was allowed. This added a whole new level of fun.
Then of course, there was the matter of trivia questions. Jessie started making her own up for the boys but I found a web site with "trivia questions for preschoolers" that was perfect and we used that. It was great! "How many sides does a triangle have?" "What color is a Smurf?" "Who is Mickey Mouse's girlfriend?" "What is the tallest animal?" 
And so forth. 
Some of the answers they gave were correct but the best ones were the ones that weren't. I asked Levon, "What does a bee make?"
He immediately answered, "BZZZZZZZZZ!"
One of August's questions was "How many colors are in the rainbow?" 
He pondered this and then went into the Glen Den for a moment to think about it. He came bursting out and said, "SEVEN!"
Ding! Ding! Ding! 
After we tired of the game, we went outside and the boys rode their bikes around the yard and then we went to the post office, Levon on his bike and August walking. Because no one was in the post office, he got to come in with me to get the mail out of our box. He is fascinated by the mailboxes and their little dial-combination locks. 
And then we came home and I got to read some books. The first one August picked out was a very old Bennet Cerf book of jokes. 

Have I discussed this before? Sorry if I have. The jokes are hard to understand for a five-year old so I have to explain them and then August laughs. And some of them are so dated as to language and expressions that even if I try to explain them they don't make much sense, but we do enjoy the book. 
Levon had to hear the Timbuktu book again and for some reason, the more I read it, the less painful it gets. This is the inverse of what generally happens with books I don't enjoy very much. We moved on to "The Lorax" which tears my heart out every time and ended up with "Teddy Bear Gardener" which is an English children's book so I have to explain some of the words in that to August too. When we finished it today he said, "That's a cute book."
He's right. 

I'm still struggling with the getting through of Barack Obama's "A Promised Land" and I finally admitted to myself last night that although he's a good writer and I certainly enjoy the fact that he is not adverse to using a good swear word, I am just really not that interested in every person who was in his cabinet or on an advisory board, etc. I mean- yeah. It's important. It's history. But Lord. 
Still, I persevere. 

Tomorrow Mr. Moon and I will drive back to Monticello to get our second Moderna shot. Suddenly, I am a bit nervous about the possible side-effects of this second dose. I've been joking about it, even saying that we need to get some frozen chicken pot pies in case I don't feel like cooking. Seems like we always have chicken pot pies after any procedure or illness or broken ribs that I suffer when I don't feel like cooking. Since we love chicken pot pies and never eat them except when I'm injured or sick, they're sort of a treat, even if they are eaten under less-than stellar circumstances. And I do believe that my husband who has been in town all day for business is going to stop at Publix and buy some. 
And honestly, how sick are you, really, if you can eat AND enjoy a chicken pot pie? For me, the answer would be that I have no idea. I haven't been that sick or injured in a long time and that includes the ribs I broke last summer. 
So perhaps my reaction to the vaccine will be graded like this:

1. Am I feeling too bad to cook?
2. Am I feeling too bad to eat a chicken pot pie? 

If it's merely a #1, all will be well. 
If we move into the #2 category, you'll know it's serious and I should quickly update my will and the wishes for my final arrangements. 

But what I am concentrating on is how it felt today to hug Jessie and the boys and how much I am looking forward to being able to do that with my other grandchildren and my children. That's the goal. 

So I'll report in tomorrow and let you know how it goes. 
I'm sure we'll be fine. 

Mr. Moon just drove up! I sure hope he remembered the chicken pot pies. 

Two more pictures.

Levon doing the washing up which reminded me so much of my Gibson when he used to love to do the same. So serious, so intent, so happy. 

Love...Ms. Moon 


  1. Funny you should mention Chicken Pot Pies today. One of our assistant principals ordered one to be delivered for her lunch today and I was so jealous! It was KFC. Yes, I know KFC mostly sucks but their pot pies are SO GOOD. I was just thinking that the next time I get sick (hopefully not with Covid) I'll ask my husband to buy me a KFC pot pie. Because I'll be too sick to cook. Ha! Great minds think alike! And what timing!

    I hope your second shot goes well. Our school nurse has her second Pfizer vaccine shot tomorrow and she's curious about possible side effects. Her first shot had very few.

    Have I ever told you how much I think August favors Mr. Moon? I think it every time you post a picture of that boy.

    1. I've never had a KFC potpie. I bet they are good. August does remind me of pictures of his grandaddy when he was a boy. Long and skinny. And precious.

  2. I'm half way through Obama--the second time. This time I can skip all the extras and read for meaning.

  3. I haven't started Obama's book yet and I wish you good luck with the shots and hope that you don't need the chicken pot pies anytime soon.

  4. I love the chicken pot pie motif as a measure of wellness!

  5. Those boys are soooooo adorable! And they are getting so big! First of all, have I ever told you how much I love that Bennett Cerf book? I remember it from my own childhood -- my favorite page is the guy holding up the wall, I think. And then there's the tall skinny guy and the short fat one, right? I'd like to find our copy, but I think my little sister confiscated it. She has a wonderful Instagram called #booksthatmakemehappy

    1. I'll have to check out your sister's Instagram.
      My favorite part of the book is when the little girl says that after a haircut her grandmother won't look like an old lady anymore and Marvin agrees, saying, "Now she looks like an old man." Heh-heh.

  6. In that first picture of Levon washing up he really reminds me of Maggie. You can sure tell they are all related and all adorable! Good luck with your second shots. I hope you each have nothing more than a sore arm!

    1. Thank you, Bonnie! Do you think Levon and Maggie favor? It would make sense.

  7. Beautiful day you had! Love the game ideas!

  8. This is the best sort of day. I hope you weather the second dose just fine, please report in. I hope even if you feel well enough to cook you treat yourselves to chicken pot pies.

  9. Me too Mary, I get my second one this afternoon, in a few hours now. I've heard all the stories about side effects too and yes I was/am a bit nervous about it but hey, I'm along for the ride. My two friends had their second and no reaction. But they didn't have the Moderna so that might be different.
    I made the cauliflower dish for dinner last night. First off, all in all it turned out well. Secondly, I didn't do it like the recipe. The last comment I will make about what I did was the pickling taste from the olives was a bit too much. Maybe I put in too many olives? You can never have too many olives. Next time I'll rinse them first.
    Thanks for the recipe it was great fun, and the melted, crust cheese made a wonderful compliment.

    1. Too many olives? No way!
      I don't ever use as much oil as they say. But yes- we should make recipes our own!

  10. Good luck with your second dose! Hope all goes smoothly and you eat the chicken potpies just because you want to and not because you don't feel good!
    I am jealous that you get to see your little men so often. My little men are harder to get to and COVID has prevented much visiting. I miss them so.

    1. Oh I do not know what I'd do if I couldn't see these babies. I don't know if I'd make it. I am so lucky.

  11. Ha ha, what does a bee make? That's a gem!

  12. That's a good sign, when the kids like to wash up! Sounds like a terrific day. I remember Bennet Cerf! I haven't thought of him in AGES.

    As much as I like the Obamas, I actually haven't read any of their books. I haven't read the Clintons' books either. I just don't need that much detail.


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