Monday, June 2, 2014

We All Have Opinions, Don't We?

On our last morning in Cozumel as Mr. Moon and I were eating breakfast with the perfect sky above us and the sparkling gin-clear water beside us, our peace was a little bit disturbed by some obviously American dude wearing camo pajama bottoms and a t-shirt who was drinking a smoothie. I think it was a smoothie. Maybe it was a daiquiri. Whatever. It wasn't his breakfast choice or his clothing which disturbed our peace but what he was saying. He was going on and on about President Obama and how HE IS NOT AN AMERICAN CITIZEN! Or at least, how he doesn't believe he is.
He cited several conspiracy theories involving birth certificates and a plane crash wherein the only possible living witness to Obama's birth had died whereas everyone else on the plane survived! Or something like that.
Very plausible stuff, you know. If you're a racist shithead who cannot accept the fact that a black man is the president of the United States.
Not that many years ago I probably would have confronted the guy but as I grow older, I find myself just rolling my eyes which is what Mr. Moon and I did and both of us agreed that yes, at this point in time, it is nothing but racism which fuels these done-beat-that-horse-'til-it's-so-damn-dead theories.

There is nothing I could possibly say in a restaurant at eight-thirty in the morning to someone like that which would change his mind and I do finally have the wisdom to know that. Which is not necessarily something I'm proud of. I like to think that if he'd been spouting actual racist crap I might have said something. Or homophobic. But he was smart enough (or chicken-shit enough) to couch his remarks in birther conspiracy theory costumage so I just held my tongue and let out a sigh of relief when he left the premises and enjoyed my huevos tacquitos in sweet peace.

The reason I'm bringing this up today is that just as that man in the restaurant felt he had the right and the need to express his feelings about our president, I do too. And what I feel is that I love our president. Under his leadership, our country is making strides in the areas of civil rights for all Americans, in the environment, energy, and of course, health care. Slowly, pragmatically, changes are occurring and these are changes which affect everyone in the long run. I am so grateful for that. So grateful for him. I do not think he is perfect nor do I agree with everything he's done or will do, I'm sure, but I think that he is truly trying to leave the country in better shape than it was in when he took office (and although we may think that would be almost impossible NOT to do, trust me- it could have happened) and I believe he is a fine and good man, a thoughtful and intelligent man, an eloquent speaker and I am proud he is our president.

So. That's my little retort to the guy in the restaurant in Mexico and no, he will never read this and even if he did, it would mean nothing to him. He will continue to live in his world and I will continue to live in mine which this morning is a quiet place and I've already been to town to take Maurice in and she sat quietly on my lap for the whole long drive and the woman at Animal Aid, a friend of Hank's, was so nice to us and so loving towards Maurice and I know she will be in good hands, just as I think our country is in good hands right now.


That's a beautiful thing to feel whether it comes from the woman behind the counter at Animal Aid or from the man who is our president. And I do truly think that he is compassionate and cares about the wellbeing of the citizens who elected him as the leader of our country and probably even for those who did not vote for him as well.

Good morning from Lloyd.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Do you have any idea how much I love you?

  2. Whenever I hear someone putting down Obama, I always reply with..."Our only other choice was McCain." Had McCain won, no doubt we would be well into needless wars with Russia and Syria. 'Nuff said.

  3. I truly do not understand all the warmongers in this country, this country that has over 30,000 seriously wounded and debilitated soldiers from the last two wars that they don't want to take care of. and if they had their way we would be fighting Russia or Syria now. what the fuck is wrong with people like that? cause surely as they criticize the president for not being a hawk, none of them would ever consider actually enlisting and fighting the war they want so much. like you, I do not agree with everything our president has done or will do, but woe be to us if either of the other two had won. Obama has more grace in his little finger than they all do combined.

  4. Mr. Obama is full of charisma, class, charm, eloquence, and you said it -- compassion. I feel sad for those that let prejudice stand in the way of real progress. What small lives they must live in all regards. How empty.

    I want to print your words out and put them on my fridge. xo

  5. Hello, Ms. Moon, I am new to your blog but have to tell you that I think you and your blog are great! I love President Obama too. The anti-Obama sentiments I hear or see leave me speechless sometimes. My response is to send a $5.00 contribution to the DNC,, or here lately to Battleground Texas. I wish we could elect him again.

  6. As a Canadian, I love Obama too. He's a damn sight more intelligent than that last jackass.

  7. Angella- As much as I love you?

    Anonymous- Or Romney. And lord help us if that had happened.

    Ellen Abbott- Yes! Grace! It is the grace of this man which makes me feel so proud.

    Chrissy- He is all of that which you say. He is a threat to men (especially) who share none of those characteristics. Don't you think?

    Florence- Hello! And thank you for being here and for commenting. What a fine way you have of showing support. I wish we could elect him again as well.

    Heartinhand- I can't even believe that GW was our president. My god, what an embarrassment he was!

  8. The President is a wonderful person and someone for whom I have great respect. I don't understand the haters of the President. I listen to those who blame him for everything and wonder at how ignorant they are. I think he is an exemplary person.

  9. All you really had to say is "camo pajama bottoms," and I could have envisioned the rest.

  10. The worst day of my life was the day I wore an Obama t-shirt to my son's school. I volunteered every day in the lunch room to help the special education teachers wipe lunch tables, an extra duty they had been assigned as a result of budget cuts. Longest and worst two hours of my life. Every other little shit in that lunch room had something smart to say to me, something they had overheard their parent say: Terrorist, Communist, Socialist, Muslim. Sigh. My kids are in private school now.

  11. Syd- Your words represent exactly how I feel.

    Steve- Well, yeah. It's a look, right? And why bother to dress when you're just about to put on your diving gear anyway?

    Karin- Hello! Glad you came by. I sort of fell in love with you immediately when you used the phrase "little shits."
    Wear that shirt with pride! I need one too.

  12. asheville cabbieJune 4, 2014 at 2:09 AM

    the presidency does tend to age a person--he didn't have that silver in his hair six years ago! I for one appreciate the hell out of the man, he was definitely the right leader to emerge on the world stage in a very dark hour. his rabid opposition expected to waltz toward their goals; their crybaby hysteria in the unexpected face of a stalwart leader with true integrity is maddening but sort of hilarious...


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