Thursday, June 27, 2024

Still More Beans But Some Other Stuff Too

I really thought I'd do a repeat of yesterday because I enjoyed it so much but that's not what I ended up doing. I didn't do any weeding but just picked beans so yes, I have more now than I did before in my kitchen but I'll tell y'all something- the pot of beans I cooked last night was one of the best pots of beans we've ever eaten. They were creamy and delicious. Took awhile to cook them. Not as long as if they'd been dried but they were worth every minute it took them to render them tender, not to mention every minute it took me to grow and shell them. I've been convinced for years that these heirloom rattlesnake beans were the only pole beans I'd ever plant again because of their vigor, hardiness and long and abundant yield. But now I feel like I've found a completely new thing about them to love which is eating the shelled beans when they get too large to cook as green beans. I just looked up the origin of rattlesnake beans and a website called "Gardening Know How" says that they came from the Southwest and are mainly associated with the Hopi. I feel certain that although they most likely did eat some of the young tender beans, they probably grew them primarily in order to shell and dry them when they got bigger, thus being able to store them for winter eating. I ate a bowl of the leftovers for my lunch today along with a piece of the cornbread I baked last night. 
Because it's been so hot I haven't wanted to turn on the oven last night so I baked my cornbread in my air-fryer/toaster/oven and then air-fried the grouper I was cooking. Such a fine little kitchen appliance. It'll cook one of my smaller skillets of cornbread perfectly in about fifteen minutes. If that thing breaks down, I'll buy another one. It is that useful. 

I know you are all so tired of my bean talk. I'm sorry but I freely admit I'm obsessed right now. I remember once when I was planting my garden when we lived in town, the little boy next door came over and saw what I was doing and he said, "Mary, why are you planting those seeds?" and I said, "Robert, I'm not sure. I just know I have to."
And I do. All these years later, I still do. 

But back to the day- Glen's birthday is on Saturday. He will be turning seventy and then a month minus a day later, I will be seventy as well. Somehow I like the idea of being seventy. Seventy sounds so much more...legitimate...than being in my sixties. Maybe it's because I remember when my grandparents were in their seventies and still hale and hearty. Or at least my grandfather was. Granny was frailer, and didn't do much at all outside the house while he planted things and tamed the Roseland jungle and pruned the palm trees and made things out of wood in his shop. Granny was profoundly deaf and had been from a much younger age. Whatever it was that caused her deafness affected her balance tremendously. I hear that she was quite active in her younger years, teaching physical education to girls which was a rather shocking idea at the time. My mother said she'd loved to dance. But still, she and Granddaddy lived a fairly active life and had friends with whom they played cards and went out to the Anchor restaurant to eat with. 
I guess what I'm saying here is that I have good associations with the idea of people in their seventies. But I'm not sure Glen does. Neither one of his parents made it to that age. And while we were on our trip, he got a phone call from a very good friend of his from basketball days whose wife had just unexpectedly died. Glen had been at their wedding, eons ago, and the news struck him hard. 
This is what happens at our age. The idea of death becomes more real with every passing day. 
"Isn't it funny?" I asked my husband the other day. "Not one human has ever not died." 
I feel certain that we will not be the first to do so. Immortality is not part of the deal. 

Anyway, Glen will probably be fishing on Saturday, or at least he hopes he will be. He says he doesn't want anything else for his birthday but I did buy him a bottle of the bourbon he loves and I asked him what dessert he'd like me to make him. He said that he'd really like a German Chocolate Cake and so I will make him one. But that meant a trip back to the store and so off I went after I picked the beans, had my lunch, and took a shower. I went to Lily's Publix and got to visit with her for a moment and that's where I bought the bourbon. I also bought other groceries, despite my assertion TWO DAYS AGO that I would not need to go back to the store for two weeks. 
I read a recipe in the NYT's cooking newsletter today that intrigued me so much I wanted to make it and needed a few things for that and the cake. The NYT's recipe sounds ridiculous in view of the ingredients in it but it got so much praise in the comments, hundreds of them, that I feel I must try it. Plus, it has tomatoes in it and although all I have at the moment are cherry tomatoes, I'm going to make that work.

Hopefully. The name of the recipe is Dumpling Tomato Salad with Chili Crisp Vinaigrette. See what I mean about the ingredients sounding completely unrelated? 

I'll let you know how that goes. 

And here's a lovely picture of Maurice, putting her feet up after a long day of lazing about. 

A little while ago when I walked past her, I reached out to give her a little scratch which usually results me getting a big scratch but she gently held my hand in her paws with claws retracted and gave the back of my hand a little rough-tongue grooming and then let me go without injury. 
Miracles never cease. 
Thank all of you for the suggestions on how to get these cats back on their dry food. Maurice has pretty much accepted the fact that she's not getting more than a tablespoon or so of wet food a day and is back to eating the formerly beloved Meow Mix while Jack is still yowling at me to tell me that he is going to die if I don't spoon some more chunks and gravy into a bowl and set it before him. 
Well. Too bad, Jack. Time to get on with your life. 

Are you going to watch the debate tonight? I will but only because I am hoping to see DJT stroke out on the stage when his pathetic, swiftly rotting brain completely goes haywire, short circuits, and renders him literally speechless. 
Look. I didn't say I wanted him to die. Okay? But if that were to be part of god's plan, I would not weep.

See you tomorrow.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. from your blog to God's ( or whatever you believe in) ear!!

  2. I will not watch tonight because I’m the one who would stroke out, but my husband will, so dinner will be earlier than our usual 8:00. I have saved that dumpling tomato salad recipe, but haven’t tried it yet. I do love chili crisp and have a great NYT recipe for fettuccine with butter, chili crisp, cream and arugula that is wicked good and takes about two minutes to make. Give it a whirl. Margaret (who may live on the Gulf Coast but is a New Englander in exile who is allowed to use “wicked” in this way.)

  3. The poem "Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow ... ?" comes to mind when you talk about your garden! We should all be so lucky to have such a bountiful plot!
    Maurice may be kinder to you because her meds are working! However, I would be wary of Jack! LOL
    A Happy Birthday to Glen! 🎂🥃
    Yes, I am absolutely going to be watching Biden treat Thing 45 like a spoiled kid!

  4. I hear you about aging and friends dying. My parents were both gone in their early sixties, Handsome Partners' even younger. So I have no patterns for being in my later eighties. But I have now outlived everyone in my age group. Fortunately I have younger friends! You have to stay socially active as you age. It's more interesting.

  5. I'm in the 'I would stroke out' if I watched so I'm in the not watching category. I'm curious what kind of air fryer you have. I still am on the fence about mine and it's the pull out basket kind. Is yours' the kind that's like a toaster oven shape?

  6. I have prayed for so long that he has a public massive stroke in front of an audience. I wasn't going to watch because I am so terrified. But I guess I can't stay away.
    I love your bean stories. This year we planted six flower pots of lettuce and two tomato plants. I feel like a flower child garden girl out picking lettuce and a tomato for our burgers or, tonight, slicing big fat slices of tomato, layering with fresh mozzarella (who am I kidding, fresh from Aldi) sprinkling with Italian seasoning and drizzling with olive oil. I'm only 67, but my canning days are through. Long story, lol.

  7. Those beans sound like good white beans. The Italian kind, but I cannot remember the name.
    Give Jack all the time he needs; he'll come around. I'm surprised Mauricio isn't the complainer; she is orange after all.
    Not watching the debate. Good luck to you.

  8. I think the chance of either candidate stroking out is pretty much equal and I can’t say either would be a bad thing. The fact that these are the best the US of A has to offer is appalling.

  9. I shouldn't have watched, and in fact halfway through Gregg suggested we change the channel (and we did) because it was stressing me out so much I got teary-eyed. I don't know how I will cope if that monster gets back in office.

  10. I agree with you completely about DJT and possibly God's plan.
    I think you inherited your grandpa's planting gene. Have you ever thought of drying and storing some of those beans yourself?
    Let us know how the dumpling salad works out.
    LOVE Maurice putting her feet up after a long day of lazing about. Sounds a lot like me actually.

  11. I thought you were still talking about cake when you mentioned that the recipe had tomatoes in it???? I looked on the NYT website and saw that the recipe is for subscribers only so I won't bother. However cheap their subscription is, I don't need one to the NYT since I would feel it was yet another one I HAD to read. Oh well, there's plenty more recipes out there!

  12. i think the butterfly on your zinnia is a gulf coast fritillary <3 we couldn't watch the debate but i think we all had a feeling it would be a shit show. xxalainaxx

  13. Beans and cornbread sounds delicious. The German chocolate cake you are making for Glen sounds amazing. Rich chocolate is the best. Only second to that is: butter cream frosting. Happy B-day to Glen. I watched the debate and felt sorry for JB when he verbally wobbled once or twice. Let's acknowledge, when in office, he will surround himself with an outstanding staff and with that kind of expertise and support he will be fine. Also, without a doubt he is definitely the better man and has my full support.

  14. I did not watch the debate but I've read plenty about it. Trump of course did not answer any of the questions, just lied about everything, took credit for Biden's accomplishments, and trashed the country. loud and bombastic. Biden had a cold and is a quiet measured speaker. I don't think either candidate won or lost any votes.

    I accepted the 70s much better than the 60s. but on my god, my face is so wrinkled and Jan at SHARE who is a year older than me has nary a wrinkle on her face. so unfair! but yeah, mortality is definitely staring me in the face. as long as I thought I had 20 more years ahead of me I was fine but both my parents and my sister died in their 70s and now I wonder, at 74, if I'll make it to 80.

  15. I haven't watched any of the debate. I don't think I could stand it and it's not going to change my mind anyway. I'd vote for a houseplant, or one of your bean vines, before Donald Trump.

    Seventy is the new sixty!

  16. I didn't watch the debate but am sorry to read some of the negative reactions to Biden's performance. Why aren't they shouting about Trump's babbling lies? Ridiculous.
    Turning 70 isn't bad at all, Mary. It is turning 73 that made me feel old and now I am almost 74. Yikes! and Ugh!

  17. The Debate was an abysmal spectacle, at one point they argued about who was better at Golf for fucks sake... if this is the best America can give us as a choice, it's depressing. If those Two were my Grandpas I wouldn't let them make decisions for themselves, where are the Young Physically and Mentally Healthy Politicians of both Parties? Just WTF. Your Butterfly and Cat Images are at least uplifting reminders that Life goes on and is still good.

  18. I did watch and it was disastrous ... Joe was dealing with a cold and he should have explained that right off the bat but ... he did not and everyone was giving him shit! My God, you would have thought the damned sky was falling! It's not! However the Supreme Court has been pulling crap today!

  19. I couldn’t watch any of the debate. I most definitely would NOT weep. My grandparents were both already old in their 70s. They lived until 89 and 93, always old.


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