Thursday, March 28, 2019

Treasures And Tiredness

Back we went today for the Monticello library story hour. And again, it was so fun. Today Maggie joined us with her beautiful mommy and our friend Lauren. Wiley Cash was not there which was a little sad but we managed with the joy of Terez and his amazing cohort, a woman whose name I do not know and I feel ashamed about that. She reads the stories and she picks out great ones. Today's books were one about iridescence, one about Jean-Michael Basquiat, and one about Frida Kahlo. Although I am not sure that the little ones understood very much, they were all attentive and quiet.

Between stories there was the parachute and the shakey eggs. And then painting. 

And to finish it all up, the BUBBLES! 
"This is my favorite part," said Terez as he held up the little machine. 
I think it's the children's favorite part as well. 

And because we always do the same things we played and read books in the library after story hour and then went to our favorite lunch place in Monticello, the Rev. We ate outside and it was actually chilly. The children played with blocks while we waited for our food.

Glasses were made with Wiki Sticks. 

Our server was a lovely and she kept the iced tea glasses filled. We ate everything from burgers to salads to a soft-shelled crab sandwich (me), asparagus, grilled vegetables, fried chicken and french fries with KETCHUP! Such a fine little restaurant for the small town of Monticello. And as always there were lots and lots of trucks going by for Levon to love. 

And then on to Wag the Dog. 
Bet you didn't see that coming, did you? 

I found great things today. I bought a beautiful doily that someone probably spent a year of their life making for a dollar and fifty cents. 

I bought a much-needed lampshade to replace one that had rips in the silk. I bought a few children's books including one by the same author who wrote Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel called Katy and the Big Snow. 

I think that Levon will definitely appreciate that one soon. He is growing up so fast! When Jessie says to him, "Oh, Levon!" he says, "Oh, Mama!" August tells him words to say and Levon repeats them back as best he can and he does very well getting his baby mouth around them. 
Both Maggie and August were mostly interested in the plastic Easter eggs which Wag has a goodly plenty of now. 
When we had made our purchases and were on our way out the door, I spied something that gave me a little heart-lurch. 

An incredibly detailed porcelain parakeet who reminded me so much of the real parakeet I had as a child and something told me that this little beauty was special. It was marked at fourteen dollars which is a fortune at Wag the Dog but I bought it and I brought it home. I did a little research and like the lamp I got at Wag, it's not worth a fortune by any means, but it's worth far more than fourteen dollars and it was made around 1936 by the Royal Worchester company in England. Isn't it pretty? It's now in a place of honor on my most beautiful piece of furniture, the vanity in my soon-to-be-again bedroom. 

I held it up when I was contemplating buying it and literally asked myself, "Does this spark joy?" and my answer was "Yes!" 

I have gotten absolutely nothing done today except to hang out with daughters and grandchildren and unload the dishwasher. I have been tired beyond reason. I took a long nap this afternoon, only waking when Maurice came and climbed on my hip to settle in with me. I don't know what's going on. 

Anyway, time to put up the chickens. I have brown rice going on the stove and salmon marinating. Mr. Moon has taken chicken wings to the rehab facility where our friend is to watch an FSU basketball game with him. This is their thing to do together. My husband does not really like salmon so I cook it when he's gone. I told him on the phone that since I had no tofu, I would be cooking the salmon. 
"Be sure to put cooked carrots on top of it," he said. 
He doesn't like cooked carrots either. 
Those are like the two things he doesn't really enjoy and I understand. I've tried and tried to make both salmon and cooked carrots in such a way that he will like them but it's not going to happen. I feel the same way about Brussels sprouts. I keep trying recipes for them that proclaim that even people who do not like Brussels sprouts will love them. I never do. 
It's okay. We don't have to like everything. 

But I do like chickens. 

Tune in tomorrow when I might possibly discuss the differences between the benefits that chickens have brought to the human race versus what religion has given us. 
You never know. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. That is a beautiful little parakeet. I'm happy that you bought it. Everyone needs a decorative piece or three. Liberace is a fine looking specimen as well.

  2. That Parakeet is Divine, it looks Alive! What great selections of Books were picked out for the Children!

    1. It does look very real, Ms. Bohemian. It's absolutely charming! And I was impressed with the book choices too.

  3. You caught me with the parakeet. When it scrolled into view I was stopped by her, literally. Judy Bird, from my childhood. Every one of four children were tasked with cleaning her cage. She lived close to twenty years.
    That is a fine piece of crocheting. I learned to crochet in my twenties; my grandma taught me. My first piece was a lace garter for a friend being married. I made her two, one to throw and one to keep. She was Scottish; they threw garters. I've given away all my doilies except the one I made my grandma, that my uncle returned to me when she passed.

  4. again loved seeing the library children's reading......and the male librarian . ;-) . Not enough male librarians, they are especially awesome. The doily? To die for. Can you believe all the tatting that goes into that masterpiece, what a score. And the parakeet is just gorgeous. So glad you bought that......not only for it's exquisite beauty but for the memories it brings you. You had a good day. My day was quiet with dog walk, laundry, working on crib blanket I'm making for pregnant friend.... cooked nice dinner...and now to prepare for early morning volunteering at local library, which is my weekly stint! I love it.....too bad no males though LOL
    Susan M

    1. I should probably volunteer at the library. Doesn't seem like they actually need anyone there though. It's only on story hour day that I ever see many people there. Your day sounds nice too. I'd love to see your baby blanket.

  5. The parakeet looks so alive--and lively--wonderful!
    I've solved both carrots and brussels sprouts: If you can get pale almost white carrots (farmer's market, or grow them?) they don't have that muddy taste of cooked orange carrots. Saute with a bit of Indian spices or nutmeg. Had them tonight!
    My husband's invention for sprouts: roast or do in fry pan all coated with a sauce of hoisin, plum sauce, chinese vinegar, OJ. Let them get kind of glazed and browned. Basically candied and caramelized. That puts the basic bitter/funky flavor of the sprout to good use; I can't stand them any other way.

    1. Those Brussels sprouts do sound good but I think that at the age of 64 I might as well just concede that I don't like them and I can probably live out the rest of my life without eating too many more. I have fresh white carrots (and orange and purple) from my garden and still Mr. Moon does not like them. But he does like them raw so that's good.

    2. I guess I'[m a little obsessed with veggies, finding ways (in my 70s) to like the ones I never did (and the ones hub does and I don't. I'm chief cook now I'm retired and he isn't). My problem with broccoli is the texture of the flowerets--like sand in the mouth. My new discovery there is cutting them in half so they have a flat side, sauteing them in more than a little olive oil, cut side down and flat pan top squashing them flat; cook till quite brown and turn, repeat. The browned part is yummy and the sandy bits are cooked into submission. Also works well for the broc that's been languishing for a month in the veg drawer and you know it'll look splotchy yellow and weird if steamed. (I did this by analogy from cauliflower, and it worked)
      Yes, raw carrots are always the best; hardly any reason really to cook them...

  6. I believe I may be a bit in love with your bird, Ms. Moon. I hope you enjoy it!

    1. I do enjoy it! It's such a sweet little bird.

  7. Have you tried slicing sprouts and frying them in a little butter ( and olive oil to stop the butter burning). Crispy bacon added is nice too. Love the parakeet. We have a lot of wild green parakeets living around here by the river. ( River Lea in Harpenden if you would like to look it up!!) They arrived about 10 years ago apparently from West London...Kew area where they had been for many years. Noisy little b.....s they are too !

    1. I think I'll save my butter and bacon for other cooking endeavors. I do eat broccoli and I don't even like it that much.
      I did google River Lea in Harpenden and watched a little video. How lovely it is there! I can't imagine wild parakeets living there but why not? I bet they are noisy. Thanks for coming by.

  8. Well, the chickens win, hands down!

    I am SO GLAD you bought the parakeet! It's beautiful and it looks terrific in your house, I'm sure. I like the doily too (although I personally am not really a doily person).

    I'm guessing the book about Basquiat stops somewhere short of his heroin overdose?

    What on earth is a Wiki Stick?

    1. I'm glad I bought the parakeet too. I just could not leave her in the store.
      I was thinking the same thing about Basquiat! Haha! But no, no mention of heroin at all.
      Wikki Stix (I misspelled them in the post) are great little toys that this restaurant has for kids to play with before their meal arrives. I love them.

    2. They look kind of like skinny pipe cleaners.

  9. That's a beautiful little chachki, so detailed.

    My big guy is not a fan of carrots either. How can you not like carrots? Brussel sprouts I understand, but not carrots. It's cool here today and I'm just replacing the weather stripping around the doors while a blue jay is outside collecting nesting stuff. Bird sex has begun.

    1. Levon and I watched some butterfly sex today. Of course I did not tell him that the butterflies were having sex. Not that he'd have any idea what I was talking about.
      What AM I talking about?
      Mr. Moon will eat raw carrots, just not cooked. I love cooked carrots, especially when they're cooked with garlic. Something magical happens when you do that.

  10. well, that's a no brainer since I don't think religion has brought us anything good. at least not the current crop. that parakeet is a great find! all I got yesterday at the estate sale was 3 nice soft heavy cotton napkins, the kind that actually work instead of just smearing whatever around. I always check out the napkins but this is the first time I've bought any and I wish there had been more than just three. I'm tired today, sleepy because I did not sleep well last night waking up about every hour and a half wearing that stupid monitor. and finally, I used to like brussels sprouts but have found at this point in my life that I no longer do.

  11. And isn't it nice to be at the stage of life where if we don't like something we can just say, "Fuck it. I don't need to eat it."?
    I love my cloth napkins. I probably have a hundred and still buy new ones when I find gorgeous ones. I love the cotton ones and the linen ones. I don't buy the polyester ones as you are right- they don't do a damn thing. One of the first thing I'm going to wash in my new machine is napkins.

  12. I read this post days ago, but my comment disappeared. I just want to let you know I'm here, and I love you. And you and your family are beautiful.


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