Wednesday, March 20, 2019

A Special Day Indeed

It has been a truly perfect first day of spring with cool temperatures and a blue sky sporting white fluffy clouds as if they were accessories. I took that picture on my little walk. Wisteria has taken over a tree in front of an old house. Here's another shot.

It's Gibson's birthday today. He turned seven. I thought about him and his birth all day as I walked and then as I got in the garden and weeded and planted my cucumber seeds. What a beautiful day that was. What a lovely birth! I wrote about it HERE, the day he arrived. 

What a beautiful little thing he was. He's still mighty cute. 
Lily and Jason had a small party tonight at their house for the birthday boy and it was, of course, wild and chaotic. Kids everywhere. Wiley Cash was there and he and Maggie got into an argument. 
"Hey Grandma," said Wiley to me. 
"She's MY Mermer!" said Maggie.
"She's my grandma," said Wiley. 
"NO! She's my Mermer!" said Maggie. 
This went on for quite awhile. They finally got over it, agreeing to disagree, I suppose. 


Gibson was beside himself with joy. Maggie took all her clothes off because she likes to be naked. Then she realized it wasn't going to be her birthday tonight and began to sob. 
And Mermer and Boppy took their leave. 

We drove home with that giant golden moon leading our way. It was too beautiful for us to even need to talk. The moon said everything. 

Happy birthday, Gibson!
Happy spring equinox, y'all. 
Happy golden moon, planet Earth. 
Nothing more to say. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Wishing Gibson many, many happy returns of the day!

  2. Wishing Gibson a long and happy life. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy birthday to Gibson! What a moon!

  4. Happy birthday to Gibson and happy spring to you!

  5. it was that same gorgeous spring day here yesterday too. we even had our yoga class outside. my grandkids liked to be naked too when they were little. their mom could barely keep underwear on them.

  6. Aw, Maggie. So sorry it wasn't your birthday. But sounds like a delightful party -- with the children all around and wild and chaotic. I recall that as a mom so will interested to see that from the grandma perspective.

  7. A really sweet part, G'ma and G'pa could fete the sweet boy and leave at will. The reward of bringing it all about so many years ago and seeing it along.

  8. Happy birthday to Gibson. I love that first photo! I would have photographed that scene for sure. :)

  9. Happy birthday, dear Gibson! You are a bright light!


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