Saturday, March 30, 2019

Silly Things And Serious Too

Things got crazy over here at the Moon house last night. There was an Auburn game before the Duke game and Mr. Moon played basketball for Auburn so that was a pretty big deal to him. He showed August one of his old jerseys and August wanted to wear it and before you know it, it looked like that around here.
Silly fun. But seriously, I know that my husband is proud of his days playing ball. After he graduated Auburn he played some pro ball in Europe and I'm glad he did even though he was married to a different wife at the time and she got all the European travel experiences. I believe it was probably one of the best educations he ever got, to live and work in Europe and most likely a real eye-opener for a guy from a tiny town outside of Nashville, Tennessee. By the time he married me he was open to a lot more things he might never have been without that experience. Or maybe he was just born that way. I don't know. His parents never said a racist thing around me and never denigrated a gay person either. They were open and accepting and loving to all even though they were (and I'm sure they'd agree with this) country people. Good people.

And how I got from that picture to Glen's parents is beyond me but I did and isn't that just the way I am? Yes. Yes it is.

August was tired last night and so his mama got him ready for bed before we grown-ups had supper. I told him I would read him one story because I was still working on that supper and he agreed that was okay. He wanted A Fish Out of Water. Of course. So I read it for the four thousand and seventh time.
And I still enjoyed it.
Then I tucked him into his little bed and he wanted Zippy and the little monkey. I offered him some books to read in bed and at first he said that he'd like that but then he said that no, he didn't need any books. I kissed him good-night and he was probably asleep before I got back to the kitchen.
Levon went to sleep soon after and his daddy tucked him into the pack'n'play that stays set up all the time.

Supper was good although the cake was a major disappointment to me. I don't know what I did wrong but it was more like pineapple upside down pudding than cake. Thankfully, whipped cream makes everything okay.

August woke up this morning around 8, jumped up as he always does and said, "Where's Boppy?" Again, as he always does.
Boppy was still in bed and said, "Come get in bed with us, August," but August was having none of that. All of the TV time the night before had been ruined by basketball and he was now ready for some kid TV. So Boppy got up with him and I'm sure that Jessie and Vergil and Levon were already up. I, however, slept until nine.
And then there were pancakes and bacon and eggs

and there were also haircuts for Mr. Moon and Vergil. Jessie is the family barber and set up a stool on the deck where the fellas took turns getting their hair clippered. I was so happy because while Jessie was cutting hair, Levon actually let me take him around the yard and he didn't ask for Mama once. We kicked bamboo which he loved. "Kick," he kept saying. And we checked on eggs and we went to see the goats and we looked at the garden. I took no pictures but in my mind I can see him in his little purple Crocs holding my hand and walking beside me, pointing out the flowers. We also read books with his brother and he already loves books. Especially if they are about animals or trucks. We have a little board book about dump trucks that I think he demanded be read to him by everyone here at least twice.

After they went home, I had a lazy afternoon. Mr. Moon went to town briefly to get chicken feed and hay and scratch and there was a nap when he came home, the sweet cool breeze blowing in the window over our bed. Now he's working on getting the laundry room finished up as to wiring. The guys next door have band practice. They seem to have moved on from metal grunge to something resembling actual music but it's still sort of an auditory intrusion. But hell- it never lasts forever. It's supposed to start raining tomorrow and keep it up for a day or two. That's fine with me. You know how I love the rain.

A new movie just came out that I want to see in an actual theater. Y'all can go ahead and laugh at me but I am extremely excited about it.

I really have no pride, y'all. And even though it's gotten "mixed reviews" to say the least, how can anything with Matthew McConaughey, Snoop Dogg, and Jimmy Buffett not be fun? Okay, it's probably going to be pretty ridiculous but I still can't wait to see it.

And in one more piece of news, this one troubling, the Rolling Stones have canceled or at least postponed their American tour which was supposed to start in April due to an unnamed illness that Mick Jagger has which requires treatment. That word- treatment. It ain't a good word, is it?
Keith had this to say on FB:

Again- y'all can laugh at me all you want but you know how much I cherish these old men. Mick and Keith are both 75 years old and I care. I know I've told you this before but Lily asked me once what I was going to do when Keith Richards died. 
"Well, that's not going to happen before I die," I said, and then I added, "But if it does, I am not going to be okay."
Hell. I'm still not even close to being okay with John Lennon being dead. 
The Beatles and the Rolling Stones don't just represent huge chunks of my life. They ARE huge chunks of my life.
May Mick live to dance onstage for at least another decade. 
Or until I'm well dead and gone. 
Whichever comes first. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Small place near Nashville Tennessee? I want to go to one of those Mount Juliet Where Old Friends Dog Sanctuary is. Wanted to go all around USA but now l am old and decrepit just that one dream. Doubt it will happen Google it l love it . Anyway what a lovely day you had and love the pic of the outfits. Mr Moon a star in Europe eh? Hope Mick is OK. They have cancelled a couple of tours! Maggi xxx

    1. They cancelled all thirteen of their concerts for this upcoming tour they were supposed to take including performing at Jazz Fest which was a huge big deal. You could still make that trip, Maggi! You may, however, come away thinking that the US isn't nearly as wonderful as you thought it was. Although truthfully, there are many, many stunningly beautiful places in this country.

    2. I am so not well l doubt it. I think the US will be glorious. Doggie place at Tennessee is. I get pics every day on my timeline. Xxx

  2. Whipped cream makes everything okay? Could somebody pour a bucket of it over Mr Trump's orange head and a tanker load of it over Britain's Brexit drama?...Another nice blogpost Madam Moon.

    1. I would be happy to whip the cream for those purposes, Mr. P.
      And thank you for your kind words.

  3. definitely have to see Beach Bum. and Mick needs treatment. who doesn't at 75 except maybe Keith.

  4. The movie looks interesting. It's funny how alcoholism and drug addiction are so much more amusing in fiction than they are in real life. Or not funny. Whatever.

    Hope Mick is okay. We're all getting older. I've already outlived four girlfriends sadly.

    No baby here yet. I imagine it will be a shit show when he arrives with my son. It's bringing back a lot of bad memories for me. Thirty five years ago I was 8 1/2 months pregnant and my life was a train wreck and now it seems to be replaying itself. I have a lot more empathy for my parents now.

    1. You are exactly right about fiction versus reality when it comes to addictions.
      And you're also right about us getting older. I have lost three very good friends and more than a few other folks that I loved for sure.
      I just hope that when the baby comes your son somehow rises to the occasion. This must be a very, very bittersweet time for you.

  5. Hee, that list of actors made me smile. I hope nick gets through this one, if not just for you, then also for his numerous offspring.

    1. He does have a boatload of kids, doesn't he? I just looked it up- he has eight which is hardly a world record but a substantial number. The most interesting part of that is the age spread- from 46 down to about age two.

  6. I will take my 55 y/o neighbor to see Beach Bum. She will scream with laughter, so loud they may ask us to leave.
    I wonder what's up with Mick, after all these years, as we all do. I read it was a routine pretour checkup and his docs found something that needed immediate treatment, but ticket holders are told to keep their tickets because all the dates will be rebooked. So here's to more Rolling Stones.

    1. Yeah. I figured it was something they found in the pre-tour exam. The insurance companies probably make those compulsory. Hopefully he gets regular check-ups and whatever he has is at a very early stage and yes, treatable.

  7. I wish I'd remembered Mr. Moon played ball for Auburn. I would have cheered my heart out. Your family time is the sweetest. Sorry to hear the news about Mick. I hope he'll be ok.

  8. Well, hopefully whatever's ailing Mick isn't TOO major, although if they cancelled a tour for it it must be pretty significant. Fingers crossed for him!

    Good for Jessie being able to cut hair. That cuts down the family expenses, doesn't it? My mom used to cut our hair when I was little, until I was in my early teens. (And looking at my school pictures that is EASILY believable.)

    1. Also, I wonder what little boys used to be enthusiastic about in the days before trucks? Trucking has only been around for 100 years or so, and trains for 75 years before that. Dinosaurs were only discovered in the 1840's. I suppose they got excited about horses, maybe? Stagecoaches?

  9. Can you believe I have tickets to see them on May 11, and I have never seen them live. Oliver bought them for me for my Christmas present. We are so worried about Mick and so bummed about the tour being cancelled, too.


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