Monday, March 4, 2019

A Bit Out Of My Comfort Zone

I've got people coming over to dinner tonight whom I do not really know. They're a couple and the man part of it was Mr. Moon's college roommate at Auburn where they both matriculated but more importantly, played basketball.
I say "more importantly" because let's be honest. They did not bond in a psych class, they bonded on the basketball court.
Anyway, these folks live in Chicago which is quite far from Lloyd in a lot of ways. I met them one time when Mr. Moon and I went to Chicago. We all ate at famous pizza place and I really do not remember much about the evening because it happened in 1991 and that was quite some time ago. Twenty-eight years, to be exact.

I always get a little anxious when people I don't know are coming over. I mean people I REALLY don't know. Like if someone I met in blogworld were to come over they would already have a pretty good idea of who I am and how I live and I would feel as if I know them a bit, too. But this is different. I have no idea of their politics or if they are religious or any of those things. I know they've been married a very long time and that they have grandchildren and he is tall and she is not. And also, that my husband has a great fondness for them and still talks about how awesome their wedding was.

And it's funny how, when people are coming over, you suddenly see your home with different eyes. I have discussed this before. But again, most of the people who come here are aware of the fact that I have aprons hanging on the wall in the kitchen and that I seem to collect madonnas to whom I attach NO religious feelings and that I "decorate" in a slightly quirky way which one could not even call a "style."
See picture above for example.
Plus, can you see all the dust on that stuff?
Ooh boy.

Well, I'm making chicken and dumplings and that fruit pie I made last week is thawing and I'll make a salad from the garden and that's about all I can do. Well, it's about all I am going to do. I also picked fresh flowers and actually scrubbed the toilets yesterday so there you go.

We shall see how it goes. I sort of really hope they like to drink.

Last night after I posted my blog, we suddenly started getting tornado warnings. It never got bad here but there was a great deal of devastation not too far away as well as some deaths. So that was weird. Today has been beautiful, cooler and drier and clear after about noon. I took a walk and enjoyed it tremendously.

I got the best text from Jessie this morning.
"August just picked out the latest dress you made him to wear today and when he put it on he said, 'I'm trying not to hurt my dress because I love it so much.'"
I do not know if I have ever been so richly rewarded for any effort in my life. I felt as if I should immediately sew him another fifty or so dresses. I will definitely make at least one soon.
Here's the picture I asked for.

And here's what the lettuces looked like with the sun going down behind them when I went out to pick a few minutes ago.

Isn't that pretty? Tasty, too. 

Okay. I'll go ahead and post this and let you know how it went tomorrow. I'm thinking right now that not only would it be helpful if they drink, I also hope that they are not allergic to mold because if they are, we're in trouble. 

Be well, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. August is such an adorable kid, lucky too! Just darling. You are brave to have people over. I do not do that anymore because I feel inadequate and do not want to ruin their evening. If it's family it is OK , they know... Hope your evening goes well.

    Your lettuce is glorious!

  2. I can't wait to hear how the dinner went -- your meal sounds delicious, and I'm certain it will be fine! I think I've missed your discussion of August wearing dresses. I love that you're making them and going with the flow --

  3. I feel exactly as you do, when I have to entertain, which hasn’t happened in forever. Just thinking about it throws me out of kilter. You, on the other hand, are a “natural born” hostess, so I’m sure your evening will be a great success, inspite of your apprehension.
    I think your home is charming and I would find much to admire and discuss. And having grandchildren in common is bound to prove a winning icebreaker.
    August is such a cute and thoughtful little boy and he’s so blessed to have you as a grandmother. The two of you might be setting a new fashion trend for little boys.

  4. I'm sure the dinner went well, but by all means, give us the details! I'm sure Mr. Moon has good judgment on the friendship front. The lettuce is beautiful -- your soil looks really good! -- and I like the fact that August has adapted his dress to wear with pants. Quite the fashionista!

  5. I'm sure we would all enter a competition to have dinner at yours. I'm often tempted to brave the heat and bugs and hurricanes to do so!
    Bless August!

  6. if they can't take a little dust and clutter then that's their problem. they obviously need to toughen up because hey, clean toilets. that's about all anyone gets who visits here. and I love the camels with the palm trees!

  7. Can’t wait to hear all about your evening ~ I bet they’re gonna enjoy your lovely, historical home and your, shall we call it eclectic?, “style”, not to mention your COOKING.

    August is precious and very stylish!

  8. I get anxious before someone new comes over, too. And tend to go a little overboard getting ready. I don't know why because I've never had a bad experience with it.

  9. That photo of August in his dress is everything. The kids has some style.


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