Tuesday, March 19, 2019

One Thing Does Lead To Another

So Mr. Moon and I met up at the credit union where his office is today to go shopping for a washing machine. I had to wait for him for awhile and as I did that, I got totally cornered by a lovely lady who would NOT stop talking and every other word out of her mouth was about her god whom she calls Dad.
As in a prayer of hers which goes, "Dad! You are the greatest artist of all!"
Dad has a plan for all of us. We can't alway see it but there is one.
In between the god talk there was a lot of talk about her life and the things she loves. Which was cool but my GOD (haha) she never quit talking.
Anyway, we finally got going and went straight to the place where we bought our refrigerator which is locally owned and has been in the same family since the first appliance was invented, I guess. The sales woman whom we bought not only the refrigerator from but also the dishwasher, feels like family now. She showed us various machines and here's something that's very weird- the new stackable machines have gotten so large that I would literally have to stand on a step ladder to operate the dryer. Yes, they do make smaller ones but they have smaller capacity tubs and I'm a woman who likes to be able to wash a rug when she's in the mood. You know what I mean? Hell, Mr. Moon's jeans require a large capacity washer.
So. What to do?
We went to lunch to discuss it and then we went next door to the nursery and bought some plants for the garden including tomatoes and eggplant and a few peppers and some herbs. We hadn't made a decision on the washer yet and I needed to get Gibson a birthday present as he turns seven tomorrow and so I googled, "Where can I buy toys near me?" only of course I wrote, "Whete can I buy toys near me?" which google pointed out and corrected for me. Google is so thoughtful. And by damn, but wasn't there a toy store right across the road? I mean, DIRECTLY across the road. So I went over there and it was a small toy store but it had such good stuff in it and I got Gibson two different presents and when I paid for them the woman said, "Would you like me to wrap them for you?" and I said, "How much does that cost?" and she said, "Oh, it's free," and I said, "Can I have your babies because I love you."
No, no. I did not say that last thing. But I did say, "Yes! Thank you! You have made my day so much better!"
And she had.
And Mr. Moon called me and he was back at the appliance place which was right next door to where we'd had lunch and bought the plants and he wanted to look at the washing machines again and so I joined him and we talked about it some more and we came up with an idea that is so stellar.
For the past fifteen years my laundry "room" has been a teeny, tiny little area off the kitchen where the stackable washer and dryer are as well as a small counter/cabinet where I put the folded clothes because I fold things right out of the dryer because that's how I do it. The washing products also sit on that counter and yes, there is the cabinet underneath but that's where I store other things including paper towels and so forth. The hot water heater is in that small space as well and so are the three recycle receptacles so it is very cramped, to say the least.
Now I don't really complain about this because it makes me so happy just to have a washer and dryer in my very own house but there is a room in the house that we call the mud room that would make a fine laundry room and we've talked for a long time about doing that.
Some day.
But it occurred to us today that we might as well do it now so that we can get the washer that we want and I won't have to use a step ladder as we won't have to stack the washer and dryer.
As I speak Mr. Moon is figuring out how to run an appropriately sized electric line into that room to plug the dryer in and there's already a plumbing situation in there we could use for the washer which is what gave us the idea in the first place.
Y'all! Can you imagine? A laundry room? With space to fold clothes? With a few designated shelves to hold my detergent and bleach and Oxy-Clean?
What?! What?!
Ooh boy. I'd be in high cotton with all of that.
I'd show you a picture of what my laundry "room" looks like now but when I view it objectively it looks like an attempt at a laundry room in a trailer that meth is being cooked in.
And no, I'm not exaggerating.
Mr. Moon has decided that we should redo the flooring in the room we'll be moving the laundry area into so of course this is all going to take some time but I am going to be patient. I do actually like the linoleum that is in there now because it's really old and sort of cool but it is also cracked and coming up in some places and I can see the value in replacing it.

So. There you go. I'm pretty darn excited and maybe, eventually, possibly, one day we can make what is now the laundry area into a pantry of sorts but I'm not going to rush that idea. One thing at a time.

I still haven't done anything about the eggs that Dearie and Viv/Vera are sitting on. It has to have been three weeks now. Maybe tomorrow I'll do it. It just seems so cruel to take those eggs away but it's also cruel to leave those hens sitting on what are probably rotting eggs. I have to say that since the roosters have been dispatched it is a completely different scene around here. There is peace in the valley and Liberace appears to rule with a calm and regal talon, not bothering the ladies overmuch with his needs. I am getting plenty of eggs although neither of the Americaunas are laying and I have to wonder if they, too, are laying somewhere hidden and have deep and instinctual plans to sit on those eggs. Or, they may just be recovering from their rooster-ravaged wounds.
I have no real idea but I do miss seeing those pretty green eggs in the egg bowl in the kitchen.

So remember when I wrote a few weeks ago about how if you start messing with doilies you'll be putting up crown molding before you know it? Since I started writing this I've helped Mr. Moon move two pieces of fairly major furniture, one of which will probably motivate us to move back into our old bedroom although that will take two men and a boy because our mattress is so damn heavy. I refuse, however, to put up crown molding.

I better go make supper.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. When did you dispatch the roosters!? I know you were thinking about it. Did they go to good homes or their final home in the sky to be with "Dad"? I have a lovely rooster who tends to his 12 ladies well. He does, however, have a couple of favorites who are sporting bare backs. Those green eggs are the most beautiful shade of green I think I have ever seen. I wish you would write a cook book!

    1. Shelagh, those roosters are all with Dad although their corporal beings were given to a neighbor and so are hopefully now part of his own corporal being. i.e.. they are dead and we gave them to someone to eat. Isn't it funny how roosters have their favorites among the sister wives?
      I started writing a cook book once. Perhaps I should go back and see what's there.

    2. I'd be game for your tartar sauce recipe. My husband believes you can't eat fish without tartar sauce...

    3. I about spit out my coffee when I read that all those roosters are with Dad...hilarious Ms. Mary!

  2. Wow, it sounds like that new laundry room will be quite something. I wish you good luck with it. I hope all goes well with the hens. I've never had the opportunity to have chickens but yours are always fun to read about.

  3. So.......how are you going to launder with a *dead* washing machine until the new laundry room gets refurbished? And sorry to hear about the roo's...... glad Liberace is king, though and I'm happy the ladies get some peace. Been there......it's not fun to have unrest in the flock- too many horny roosters are brutal
    Susan M

  4. A beautiful laundry room always makes me happy. When we moved to the house part of what I loved was that the laundry room is on the main level, it's huge and even has a toilet and sink in it. I shit you not:)

    Congrats on the new, not too long in the future laundry room. I'm glad the roosters are no longer harassing the ladies.

  5. I had Rocky put up crown molding in the work room but that was really necessary as it has bead board but I liked it and had him do it in the bedroom and it really looks good. our probably 30 yr old washer needed repair and I asked the guy if it would be better to just get a new one and he said as long as he could get parts to keep the old one as the new ones were expensive, not that great, and only last about 7 years. but you will love the new laundry room! I know what you mean about the old linoleum. when we bought the house next door to the city house we took up the really ugly carpeting from the enclosed front porch and there was such cool old linoleum. I loved it dried out and cracked and all. why don't they make patterns like that anymore?

  6. Oh my, a laundry room, what a dream! My DAD, I would love to have one, and a sewing room and a studio ...One large room that I could hose down. Or, cook meth, whichever, Our house clearly constructed by a man who did not have a clue about how houses are supposed to work. Sorry not sorry about the roosters, and the poor ladies sitting on dead children.

  7. The only room I regretted leaving at the old house was my laundry room. I had a Maytag stack, 1988 (the year we moved in). It had push buttons, which Maytag quickly gave up, because... Eventually it had frequent repairs and I swear all the push buttons were rewired. Then one day the man, also a good friend, announced all future dryer button repairs were on him because he nicked a wire to a part no longer in production. But after a few years of that, I couldn't stand to carry wet laundry up two flights to use my sister's dryer. I bought a new Maytag stack to replace a perfect, almost, unit, only 27 years old. It was a nice new stack, with dials and buttons and not much taller than the old one. Then, I moved, and couldn't take it with me, as the dryer was gas, not electric. So, I have new Maytags, not stack. I love Maytag.

  8. Oh boy. Big changes at Casa Moon! (Casa Luna, I guess?) I'm glad the new and enlarged laundry room is in your future, but how are you going to wash clothes between now and when the floor is done so you can bring in your new machines? Or are the machines coming first, and then you'll repair the floor and move them around as needed? Did you explain this in your post and I just totally missed it?

    As for the chickens, I wonder if they'll eventually abandon the nests on their own. Surely they must realize at some point, even with tiny chicken brains, that those eggs are not going to hatch.

  9. Congratulations on the laundry room, you can do the full Martha Stewart there.

  10. I pray for my babies and beloveds as hard as the next person but oh I hate proselytizing! Dad? Really?

    I love this: "I'm a woman who likes to be able to wash a rug when she's in the mood." I could spend days unpacking the layers of character in that one sentence.


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