Saturday, November 18, 2017

My World Has Become Small Enough To Be Filled With A Needle And Thread And A Newborn Onesie

I am procrastinating right now because I have to go to town and I don't want to go to town but I have to because Mr. Moon has about one million chores to do to catch up after his week away and he can't go get my phone and so I will. I should also buy a turkey so that it will be thawed by Thanksgiving. Lily hinted mightily that I should just get the good ol' Butterball because when I get the organic grass-fed birds they don't taste as good, so fuck it. I'll go for the processed, less expensive turkey. For me, it's all about using the turkey as a receptacle for stuffing so who cares?

Anyway, la-di-dah and I guess I'm going to have to change out of my overalls and into town clothes and get in the car and go to Verizon and deal with that piece of the day and remember to be grateful as hell that I can view buying a new phone as a pain in the ass rather than what it is- a blessing that we can afford one. Seriously. And of course it'll take me at least all day to try and figure out how to do the magic to transfer all my now-phone stuff to the new phone and there may be tears before the day ends.
I would not be surprised.

What I'd really like to do today is to sit and embroider some more on that little onesie for Levon because quite honestly I've become completely enchanted with needlework, as clumsy as I am at it. I need to finish it up so that he'll still be able to wear it at least once or twice before he outgrows it.

So yes. I am being bitchy and there's a lot more to it but no one needs to hear THAT story so on we go and I hope that you are having a lovely day or can at least frame your day in such a way that it will all have been completely worth it and not too troublesome and keep your sense of humor about you and so on and so forth.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Wish I could be there to drive you about having Mentos and espresso. *sigh* Love you so my dear. Love that onesie!

  2. Wish I could be there to drive you about having Mentos and espresso. *sigh* Love you so my dear. Love that onesie!

  3. I hope the town outing goes smoothly. If I were you I'd just go in your overalls. Why change?

    When I bought my phone I didn't even try to transfer anything. I just decided it was a new day and started fresh! (I typed in a few contact numbers, but that was pretty much it. I'd already saved all the photos and stuff to my computer.)

  4. I would leave the overalls on! I often get home from running errands and look at myself in the mirror and chuckle. The poor folks who see me out and about. Years back I did a lot of embroidery on dish towels. The good old big white ones. I enjoyed that a lot and of course have a great supply now of very pretty towels. Have lots as gifts too.

  5. I'm enchanted with your needlework and with Levon! That onsie is sweet!

  6. My friend got into what's called Red Work, have you ever heard of that? It's a beautiful embroidery artform, looks like a children's book illustration, and a lovely excuse to embroider!

  7. When I was pregnant my mother started knitting a blanket made of squares, each knitted in a different pattern. It wasn't finished when my baby boy arrived, but she showed me what she'd done and I decided I wanted a tunic out of them for me instead--he already had 2 blankets. Still love that tunic, 40 years later. So watch out what you might get into, once people know you're embroidering...


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