Tuesday, February 21, 2017


In some ways, today was a great day and I have the pictures to prove it.
Grandkids make days great. They just do. They offer love on the purest, simplest level, and besides that, they're funny as hell.
I went and stayed with August for a little while this morning so that Jessie could go to the doctor and she told me that when they were still in bed this morning she told him that Mer was coming to see him today and that he crawled right out of the bed and ran to the living room to see if I was there yet.
That little goofball loves his Mer and I know it's only because I love him so much and yes, even babies know that sort of love and appreciate it and bask in it.
Lily brought Maggie over too, while Jessie was gone and the babies tried to play and they listened to some books and Maggie loves her Mer too for the same reason August does.
She knows already and with all of her heart that she's got me wrapped up around that teensie little finger of hers.
Then Jessie got home and we went and sated our deep need for the food at Persis Indian Grill. How we love that joint! And at the end of the meal, the handsome server brought each of the children a lolly pop.
Now, August being an only and first child has never had a lolly pop.
Up until today, that is.

He cautiously checked it out and he decided that he liked it.


A lot. 

Jessie and August went on home and Lily and I went to Costco for some things she needed and then Lily picked up Gibson from his cousin Lenore's and I came home. 

I'm having a huge amount of anxiety. Like- well, I'm swimming/drowning in it. Even with the medication. Part of it is that I have a little problem (I hope it's little) that I need to go see the dentist about and I'm hoping beyond measure that it's not another damn abscess because the last time I had one it cost about a million dollars and it took months and months to complete the process of treatment and I really just don't think I can go through that again. 
And of course, if I have to I will and of course, no matter what it is, I'll deal with it, and I'm just such a goddam baby and what in hell happened to me in a medical office to make me this absolutely insane about anyone wearing a white coat? 
I have no idea. 

But. This happened tonight, too.

Owen's choral performance and it was darling and although he did not sing one word, he did have a small speaking part which he performed quite well. 
And then, when we were leaving, 

all of his own accord, he took the hand of his cousin, the darling Lenore, and walked her out to the parking lot. 

This may be one of my favorite pictures ever in this world. 
My good, good boy. My Owen. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. AAAAAAHHH! The concert and the picture with Lenore!

    Also, I'd rather go to the gynecologist any day than the dentist. Or the eye doctor. But mostly the dentist. I cry every single goddamn time, and once grabbed my (super chill, hippie, weird-vest wearing, short story writing) dentist by the throat when he attempted to drill my cavity. Girl, that shit is SCARY.

  2. I miss you. I feel stranded out here on the left coast, sort of paralyzed. That is just about the most beautiful picture you've ever posted, and you've posted a lot of beautiful ones!

  3. Those babies with their lollypops are ridiculously cute. And Owen
    is a little prince.

  4. I seem to remember you like your dentist and he gives you good drugs. I hope I am remembering this correctly, for your sake. That photo of Owen shows so much of the man he will grow up to be, so cool and hip, and so protective. Irresistible. All your grandchildren are.

  5. Babies and big boys make life all right. I'm glad you have that in your life.

  6. It's one of my favorite pictures ever. How your heart must be overflowing, It's good to know that there will be some caring, loving men in the future. I feel you on the dentist. even a simple cleaning makes my nervous system ratchet up.

  7. That is a great photo. The light and shadows are beautiful!

    Was Owen SUPPOSED to not sing? Or was he just being shy, like he's been shy about basketball? Glad he did the speaking part OK.

    Hopefully the dental issue will prove to be nothing! I have a dental issue of my own at the moment, so I can relate.

  8. the continuing story and love of grandkids and yes, that last picture.

  9. Dade hated singing in school stuff and always mouthed the words or stood silent, but now he's nine he's joining in cheerfully and enthusiastically. It's nice to see!

    Tooth stuff makes me anxious and upset too. I try to just pretend I'm not emotional about it but who am I kidding, really. still, lalalalalalala.

    I am sure those beautiful babies would be better off without lollies, but they certainly look adorable enjoying them. The 'after' photo of August is so funny, and Maggie's little fat cheeks around her lolly pop... aaaaw!

    I envy you your lunching muchly.


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