Tuesday, February 7, 2017

And The Lightening Splits The Sky

We're about to get some big ol' weather here, according to the radar and weather reports. It hasn't rained in a good while so the wet part of it will be welcome but I could live without the wind because we'll probably lose power and dammit, I'm just not in the mood.
But the chili is simmering on the gas stove and I know for sure that I can make a cornbread on top of the stove because I did it last time the power went out so we won't starve.
As if that were even a possibility.

I'm tired. I worked pretty hard today. Lily had texted me about babysitting and I thought she meant this week so I did my best to get everything done around here that really needed doing but in fact, it turns out that she meant next week so I'm ahead of things. Sort of. Not really. Truthfully, I'll never in this lifetime catch up with everything that needs doing in this house and yard.
Not my lifetime at least.

Maybe tomorrow I'll actually get around to mopping the kitchen and bathroom that I've been saying I'd mop for about, oh, a year.
Not really.
But I can't swear I've mopped them this year. To be honest.

And Mr. Moon brought home potatoes and peas and onions to plant so I need to get on that and I also need to get more leaf mulch on the garden but none of this is earthshaking.
I'm not in the earthshaking business though and I'm glad of that.
Do I need to mention what happened in our government today?
Well, I guess in Florida we should stock up on guns for the schools in case rogue alligators rush the buildings. Or Bigfoot. It could totally happen.

Oh, Jesus.

Thunder's cracking now and the trees are sounding like a dancing lady's crinolines and the rain will be here soon. The frogs are calling out to it, the thunder is rolling now, and yes- here- the rain is beginning to fall, big fat drops, I can tell from the sound.

Another day on this earth. This still remarkable earth.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I'm sure I'm not the only one that's been making the phone calls, sending the emails and postcards and it all feels futile. Seems the female repubs have more cojones than the males. Tonight's card to that sorry ass Marco Rubio closed with "guess you'd rather kiss his butt than his tiny little hands". Never thought I would be an activist at this age, but desperate times and all..

  2. Every damn day brings some new horror in Trumpland. I'm disgusted. AGAIN.

    1. We keep talking about how not to let these things become "normalized". So far, the trauma doesn't yet seem normal. Is that good?

  3. we need rain, haven't had a good one in weeks. I got my potatoes in and my neighbor gave me some onions but I have no where to plant them yet. I'm behind on the windows and as far as mopping goes, hey, the year is still new. every Monday and Wednesday (after yoga and while Abby says her Jesus prayer) I thank The All That Is for this beautiful planet and help us bring peace to the world. doesn't seem to be helping though. I'm really beginning to wonder what the fuck is going on. Trump is one thing, but congress, WTF congress? are all the republicans Russian sleeper agents?

    1. I think they are mostly just crazy rich white bastard racists.
      That's my take on things, anyway.

  4. I love a good Florida storm. Hopefully it won't get TOO crazy.

    1. I would enjoy it more if I was in a nice solid highrise but living in a townhouse next to a forest of pine trees, I am always nervous. I live in Jax.

    2. It didn't get too crazy, Steve. It was nice, falling asleep to the rain.
      Yeah- that would make me nervous too, Ms. Notes.


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