Tuesday, February 28, 2017

May Has Not Disappeared Off The Face Of The Earth

I finally reached the point where I hadn't seen my May in so long that I couldn't stand it any more.
She and Michael both work so many hours that when they do get some rare time off, they have a million errands to run and also, oh, might want to rest a little.
So it's harder to get time with her than any of the other kids and finally today, Jessie and Lily and the usual three grandkids (Owen being at school) went to the restaurant where she works to see her and it was fabulous!
She looks great and is so excited about her coming up one-year anniversary (can you believe it's been a year?) and the trip that she and her darling Michael are going to take to St. Augustine. They've rented a little cottage and are so very, very excited and I am excited for them.
The restaurant wasn't too busy and we had an entire area to ourselves and the babies ran around and we got to catch up a little on news and gossip and we laughed and here- Maggie and August holding a very lively conversation:

Before our food came, Maggie grabbed August and just hugged him so sweetly, right around the neck, for about a minute. August simply stood there, paralyzed, but Maggie smiled and smiled as she hugged and hugged. Of course I didn't have my phone in my hand at that moment but I sure do wish I had. Maggie's hugs are pretty intense and I'm sure that's because she's had so many hugs from her big brothers and Gibson, especially, tends to hug with HUGE ENTHUSIASM!!
To say the least. 
And so, in Maggie's world, that's how you hug. Tightly and with feeling. 
August accepts these hugs although he's a bit wary of his little woman cousin and has every reason to be. 
Oh, how I love these babies. They're all so very, very different. Chalk and cheese, day and night. 
Moons and stars. 
My very own moons and stars. It's like each one of them came with a key to my heart, clutched in their tiny gorgeous baby fingers. 
Exactly like it was with each of my own babies. 

Well. Here's what my daughters looked like today.

Gibson did get in the picture but he wouldn't take the cup out of his face. He's going through that phase. As different as they all are, there are certainly phases they all go through. 

My babies, my babies, my beautiful babies. 

Damn. I sure am lucky.

Love...Ms. Moon


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