Monday, February 13, 2017

Exhausted Sadness

Everything I read about Donald Trump and his presidency makes me want to scream.
Nothing has felt completely right since the election.
Or, to be truthful, even vaguely right.

And I keep asking the same question.

How the fuck did we get here?

Which is the question everyone asked after the election and no one, to my knowledge, has been able to truly answer it but it seems to me that it all boils down to ignorance and hate.

And in my mind, hate is due to ignorance so...ignorance, I guess.

Which is only going to grow worse, seeing as how this administration seems bound and determined to destroy whatever good there is in our educational system while at the same time rewarding Betsy DeVos for the many millions of dollars she's funneled into the Republican party.
A vile and evil twofer, a done deal with the devil.

But hell. I'm preaching to the choir here and I know it.
Sometimes I just have to say it all out loud.

Well. So I've said it. So what?

I think I'm tired today. Just life and perhaps the weight of 62 springs behind me.

There is still so much good in this world, in this country, and in this community. I know that.
I am glad of it and if anything holds me up, it is love and it is knowing that in no way, in no aspect, am I alone.

Neither are you.

The slogans write themselves these days.


Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Here is one that I read on a blog the other day.

    "We are all just walking each other home."

    That is my new favourite quote.

  2. Resist. Persist. Exist. That says it all.

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  4. Just found your blog and stopped because I liked its name. I live in a red part of a county near Atlanta and can tell you that people here would have never voted for any democrat. They don’t listen to the democrats' viewpoint but only watch Fox News and listen to hate radio and have become brainwashed against any progressive ideas. They like Trump because he speaks to their level, making them feel important – he may be rich but he is a slob and does not read and has no manner, so “one of us” ? I don’t know, bigotry and racism have a lot to do with it but not all. People who have lost their jobs believe Trump will bring the jobs back – like coal jobs, but it is a cruel joke on them. I am pleased that I am a senior as the future does not look too promising. I don’t know how he can keep this up for 4 years …

  5. Dear Mary-I'm back from my journey and came to your blog to see how you're faring (and I'm jet lagged and awake at 3AM).

    I know. I'm reading the biography of MLK because I need to read about the heroes, the resisters, the Ghandis and Desmond Tutus and Rosa Parks and the woman who saved 2500 Polish Jewish children during WWII. That's what is getting me through. My non-political daughter went to DC with her best friend on the 21st and I am so proud of her. I remind myself that there are millions of us all over the world who want to live lives of love and peace without hatred and fear. People like you and me.

    In my world, the babies are still being born and their parents are still weeping when they arrive, so wet and shiny. And you are feeding your chickens and loving the babies in your life and the circle of light you cast is so much wider than you know.

  6. Yes, that feeling is there all the time, isn't it? I don't know what to add except that real life goes on, and the life we can see and smell and feel and touch is hopefully better than the one funnelled through the media.

  7. .sometimes you have to deal with it. Then be sure it doesn't happen again

    < God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change… >

  8. sorry i deleted my comment above. it was just so negative about the current situation. i am trying not to let despair have its way with me. i love you.

  9. You are definitely not alone, either in your consternation or your uncertainty about how to move forward (or how the fuck we got here). I just think we have to do our individual and collective best to make the world the way we want it to be, and fight those who oppose us.

  10. We have to keep fighting ignorance and racism and sexism and hatred. We can't let this become who we are.


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