Sunday, February 12, 2017

Breaking News

I was contemplating the missing Jack situation this morning and I thought, "Jesus, what if we accidentally locked him upstairs in one of those rooms?"
We almost never go up there.
Anyway, about that time Jessie and August got here and we made pancakes and ate them and fed arugula to the goats and climbed the tower and played all sorts of games and when Jessie was about to leave I told her about my thought from earlier. About the possibility of Jack being locked upstairs.
She said, "Want me to go look?"
"Would you please?" I asked her.
And so she did and a little while later she came back down the stairs.
With Jack trailing behind her looking absolutely none the worse for wear whatsoever. 

I guess he's been living off of random rodents and lizards up there. Jessie says it stinks.
I bet.
He went to the food and water and had a tiny taste of both and then trotted outside after we'd all hugged him.

Maurice is going to be so pissed you can't even believe it.

Cats. Good god.

Anyway, there he is.

I better go clean that room.


  1. Oh my goodness!!! What a story!!!!! I'm so glad he's okay! And you're right, Maurice is going to be pissed. Hahaha. Cats are crazy. :)

  2. He was silent???? I did this once accidentally with one of our cats and within hours three neighbours called me at work complaining about the noise. I had to rush home and restore sanity and the cat bit both my heels.
    Good to know he is well and unfazed.

  3. That is absolutely crazy! You would think he would be all thin and bedraggled. He has used up one life though.

  4. Oh my gosh! He is alive after all those days! I lost one of my cats for two days like that but this has been several days! That silly cat! He has been been on vacation!!!!! Good thinking Ms Moon! I'm glad he is okay!! Wow.

  5. I'll bet this is one time you were thankful for rodents! Brilliant thought. Amazingly lucky Jack. Mr.Moon sure looks happy! This made my day. Love.

  6. Yay! I love this. And I love your blog because of posts like this. And also of us who are so happy :)

  7. That is hilarious! Thank goodness you had that thought though and followed through on it.

  8. What a resourceful guy. I had a cat in the old house that was inadvertently shut in the basement. Instead of going up the steps and looking through the glass door until discovered and released, she spent her time attempting to claw and gnaw through drywall.

  9. I am so happy Jack has been found and yes Maurice is going to be pissed. Gail

  10. Yay! Glad you had that thought before it was too late! Jack looks very pleased. A similar thing happened with a cat from my past and the neighbor's garage. They went in and out of it every day but always used the loud old motorized door opener that made her hide each time... Their car was covered in footprints!

  11. Oh good grief! SO very happy Jack has been found lurking upstairs and none the worse for wear. Of course, this is the reason why I no longer have cats. Love them to pieces, but they'll drive you crazy! X

  12. Oh. My. God.

    Upstairs the whole time??

    And none the worse for wear?!

    Cats are truly miraculous animals.


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