Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Housekeeping (Bloggity, Blog, Blog)

Like a silver shimmering fish, I can feel myself rising out of the deep dark river, breaking the surface of the water which is shot with moonlight. It's so weird. How do these things happen? What makes me dive back into the darkness, what causes me to rise again?

Hell if I know. And I think I'm a fairly well self-examined person. Probably WAY too over self-examined, if the truth be known.

But whatever, I'll take it and since I've done nothing but whine and moan here for weeks, I've decided to talk a little about the positive things going on so bear with me or just skip it. There's nothing earth-shaking here today.

The Play: I find myself going through the lines for the play at the weirdest times and get frustrated when I get stuck. During yoga this morning, I tried desperately while in Savasana to concentrate on the breath and nothing else, but damn, those lines kept inserting themselves into my consciousness. I can't wait until I can say them quite literally in my sleep, freeing me onstage to slip into my characters the way I want to. I am already finding myself creating little bits of business onstage which come from somewhere else. Not from me, consciously. And this feels good. I don't know how I'll be in the performances, but I do love cracking the directors up during rehearsal. The weirdest thing about this play for me is my interaction with the guy who plays opposite me. In one of our character scenes, we do a bit of cuddling and handholding and it's odd enough that he's younger than two of my children but add that in to the fact that this is the most physical contact I've had with another man besides Mr. Moon in twenty-five years and well, it's just strange. It's also scary how well we play an old Jewish couple. I mean, we must have been an old Jewish couple in another lifetime.

Doing New Things: Tonight Mr. Moon and I are going to completely break out of our rut and go to Tallahassee to play trivia with Downtown Guy and his merry band of misfits. Read about that here. I'm so excited! Mr. Moon actually knows sports and I know...well, I certainly know Jack Shit. It'll be great just to hang with DTG and Billy and whoever else shows up.
And my friend Kathleen is coming over this afternoon and we're going to discuss soap-making. She's been making soap for twenty years and she's going to teach me how this weekend. SOAP! I'm going to make soap! Could there be a more godly endeavor? She's ordered all sorts of essential oils and healing oils and age-preventative oils and we're also going to make lip balms and I don't know what all.

Place your orders here.

The New Stove: I LOVE my new stove. My bread is better baked in an oven that works, my soup is better, simmered on a burner that simmers. Last night I went crazy and made a butternut squash soup and chickpea-and-sweet-potato samosas. My house smelled of curry and garlic and ginger and Mr. Moon said of the samosas (which of course were baked, not fried), "I like those biscuits!"

The only real cloud on my personal horizon right now is that it's going to get cold, cold, cold here. And, yes, I say that as a person to whom anything below forty degrees is frigid. But seriously, it's supposed to get down into the teens which calls for some major plant protection. And which also means I have to keep the back door shut so the heat will stay in which means I have to go let a dog in or out about every fifteen seconds. Bah!

And one more thing- my free hit counter is NOT working. Dammit. Instead of numbers it just says Hit Counter, Hit Counter, Hit Counter. Any suggestions there?

So that's that. I'm going to go take a walk on this brisk, blue day and then get back to work on my memoir/cookbook which I have not felt like doing in over a week. I have black beans simmering on the back of the stove and I'm feeling fine.

Not manic-fine, like I want to go out and buy thirteen pairs of shoes.
Just fine-fine, like I've been given the gift of a beautiful, calm day and I can appreciate it with an open heart.

And so I am.

I hope you are, too. Because feeling fine is a glorious thing, especially when it's been awhile and it would feel mighty good to know that others are feeling the moonlight shimmer on their backs, too.


  1. I'm so excited that you guys are going to trivia tonight. I wish I was going. Heck, maybe I can, I'll just have to give my brother a call and see how many people there is so far. I wish I could just go and not give any answers to the team. Oh wait, that's what I already do. HAha!
    Well, your day sounds really nice, and I'm glad. I definitely would love some soap and lip balm from you ladies.

  2. I don't know how I was logged in with my fsu account. That was weird. Anyway, if you couldn't figure out those initials, that last comment was from me.

  3. Yeah, I'm like, Who's JGM? Do I know someone with those initials?
    Come on tonight. That would be awesome!

  4. The team it FULL. If you want to make up a second team, that might work. But we've got our 6 for the night, Jesster - maybe grab May and Spaniel and Jenna and whoever else you can grab and be Team "Thinking Problem"?

    Also, mama, your house is going to smell SO GOOD when you make soap.

  5. DTG- We're going to WHIP ASS AND TAKE NAMES! Oh yeah.
    I think we're making soap at Kathleen's house which means her house will smell so good.

  6. The dark clouds lift and descend just like they do when storms come and go. No explaining it. It's just the way it is. So it's cloudy and cold here and about to get much, much single-digit cold.

    But I'm feeling better because I'm working out a plan to get to the Mall for the Obama inauguration. I may be stuck somewhere between here and there in a crowd of historic proportions, but at least I'll have a bit part to play in history.

    And nothing is better than Trivial Pursuit, especially if you have a partner who knows sports and entertainment! Have fun.

  7. Mama, we are going to leave them in our dust. They won't know us from behind.

  8. Yahoo!! Great news. Lately I try to enjoy what I can when I can because I get those recurring bouts of the blues too.

    Have a marvelous time, do kick ars at trivia and please sip a beer for me!

  9. DTG- do I have to know how to pronounce Rod Blagojevich?
    Because I can't.
    Am I supposed to know like, uh, actual news stuff?

  10. Have fun letting those dogs in and out when the cold weather hits. Here in Missouri, that back-and-forth dance has been driving me crazy. Even more so when they decide to poop on the carpet anyway.

  11. Lisa- My dogs poop in the house too, especially if it's wet out. They can't stand to get their precious hineys damp, I guess.

    Nanny- I can't believe you're going to try and get to the inauguration. You are so brave. I don't think you could pay me enough to actually be there, but I sure will be watching it on TV.

    Ms. Fleur- Okay!

  12. You're supposed to hit the counter, maybe with a stick?
    Maybe you're hitting the wrong counter? Bathroom vs. Kitchen?
    I don't know, it's all Greek to me.

  13. Could you post a picture of the new stove?
    What do you use for a hitcounter? I use statcounter and have never had any trouble with them.

  14. Doing new things and making yourself do something different is definitely a way to break out of a funk. Glad you are feeling fine and hope all these new things are a lot of fun for you. As far as hits go I use I don't use it much but I am pretty sure it is still free.

  15. MOB- I DID! On my Jan. 1 post.

    And I shall try the statcounter. Thank you, MOB and MR. Shife.

  16. Yeah, I read your blog and learned you went to Trivia. I bet you're great at that because you're so well read! I'll try phoning you tomorrow and the next day until we hook up. Love!

  17. I have always wanted to make soap! I love the idea of it, it would feel to my heart like eating vegetables from my own garden. Please post about how it went.

  18. What a nice blog entry to read on my lunch hour today =) I do my blog catching-up during my break of "me time"...and I always did want to tell you that you are a daily part of my lunch routine! (Bless your heart for updating before noon so I can have something new to read =))


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