Sunday, May 19, 2024

Sunday Sorta Blues

 This is the side view of the tiny house that Tom bought. Yes, it does sort of look like a trailer but it is of wood construction. Here's another view.

It even has a little front porch. 
If you do a google search for images of tiny house interiors, you may be shocked at how roomy they can seem inside. Tom will have a full kitchen, albeit a small one, as well as a bathroom with a walk-in shower and a washer and dryer. Some tiny houses have sleeping lofts with stairs leading up to them but that would not have worked for Tom with his mobility issues. 

These pictures were taken when Tom and Glen went to see it on the day Tom purchased it. Tomorrow it will be delivered, set on blocks, and leveled. Tie-down will have to be done by someone else. Probably Mr. Moon. Also water, septic tank, and power will have to be connected. 
He took the afternoon off today as everything is ready for the delivery. It has been nine days of solid work to get ready for this house and I hope, as I have said before, that Tom will come to enjoy living there. 

I am having a longing day. I don't even know what I'm longing for. Perhaps it's for a little cabin of our own in the woods somewhere, overlooking a spring or a river. Sometimes even Lloyd seems too busy, too noisy with traffic and booming bass in cars and sirens and lawn mowers and leaf blowers. 
Which is ridiculous. 
Okay, the train really is noisy. And I doubt that any of y'all quite grasp how close the tracks are to my house. 

Here's my backyard. You can see the portion of the fence that was still standing after one hurricane or another took the rest of it out via tree-fall. Do you see the dead pine tree there to the left behind some other trees and bamboo and bushes? Well, right behind that is the railroad tracks. The trains do shake the house but they haven't shaken it to the ground yet. The windows rattle though. We barely notice the train noise anymore unless one comes through with a very different whistle than we usually hear. There's a crossing just about what I'd think of as a quarter of a block away so we get that warning every time one comes through.

Anyway, back to the idea of the little cabin in the woods. This is a weird time in our lives. I know that in reality, we should be looking for a house in town closer to the kids so that when we really start to need some help, they'll be right there to come check on us or to change a lightbulb or whatever. But I don't want to live in town even though Tallahassee has some darling neighborhoods with older, charming houses and big trees and nice yards. There's a house for sale on Jessie's street as we speak that is darling. 

It's got tons of bookshelves and a nice backyard with a screened-in porch and a little in-ground pool and patio. 

Can't get much cuter than that. 

But I don't know. Town. 
I mean, if you're going to live in town, that's a fine place to do it. But there's part of me that can't imagine not living where I'm surrounded by all the nature I have now, where we have a semblance of privacy, where Glen can keep all the dang vehicles he wants in the yard. Where we can have our garden and he can have his giant garage and I can have my beloved old house that rambles and ranges through one room after another, built no doubt by families who needed more room for their big families, where the camellias and palms I've planted grow and thrive.
It's probably silly but if logic were humans' main driving force, it would be an entirely different world. So in a way, I'm not unlike Tom who will do almost anything to stay there on his piece of land surrounded by the things he's planted. 
And I would not be completely adverse to that little cabin in the woods where we could go and stay when the bright lights, big city aspect of Lloyd gets to be too much now and then. 

I guess what I'm wondering is, when you do you give up on dreams and make all of your decisions based on practical reality? 

I picked some more green beans today. I am one picking away from having enough to fire up the canning kettle again. While I was out there, soaking wet from sweat anyway, I decided to just take a shovel to the sweet potato vines coming up everywhere. Clear 'em out. Nip those long-ago planted potatoes in the bud. 
So to speak. 
Guess what? 

Too damn late. Even the smallest plants had potatoes growing. No wonder that the early Florida pioneers lived on sweet potatoes. You can't even stop them from growing if you want to. I'm going to let those cure for a little while and then I'm going to scrub them up and steam some and see what they taste like. If they're okay, I'll freeze them either pureed or cubed. Or hell, maybe I'll can them. I belong to a FB group called "Yes We Can, Darling," and by god those people can everything up to and including eggs. 
Do not ask me why. It doesn't always seem to me that the preserving certain foods makes much sense, either time-wise or money-wise. Are they preparing for the End Times or something? Are they prepping? 
But I do now know that I could can sweet potatoes if I really wanted to and they would be good for soups and breads and pies, I suppose.

Oh, Sundays. They can be fine or they can be days that bring out the worst in my soul. How I hated them as a child. Sundays were the days that I could count on the stepfather's unwanted attentions and then of course we went to church and after that, we often did things as a family. 
Oh yeah. That was fun. I remember specifically one Sunday when Mother and that man were still newlyweds and my mother was all over herself, being thrilled at doing those normal family things and we drove to the beach which was only about twenty miles from where we lived in Roseland and those were still the days when you could find a little pathway in the jungle to the beach from the road and have what seemed like the entire Atlantic coast to yourself. We parked and for whatever reason, had not changed into our swimsuits at home and had to take turns doing that in the car and he, that man, told me that now we were a family and families did things like not worry about being naked in front of each other. 
I may have only been about ten or eleven years old but I knew damn well that that was bullshit. I may not have understood a lot of the things going on but I was pretty sure about that. 

And there you go. Some Sundays just bring up these memories, letting them spring forth unexpectedly. Amazingly, many Sundays don't anymore. But now and then...

Here's something that I find pretty amazing which has nothing to do with any of that- Jon Batiste is going to be opening for the Rolling Stones on May 23 when they play at the MetLife Stadium in Rutherford, NJ. 
I am a bit gobsmacked. I have come to think of Jon Batiste as a possible Bodhisattva, a being of enlightenment and talent that cannot be measured. Do you know what I'm talking about? 
And he has agreed to open for the Rolling Stones? 
And even more mind-blowing- they're going to try and follow him? And you know I ask that as a hard-core believer in the fact that they are the best rock band in the history of the universe and in fact, invented the rock band as it came to be known AND the rock star as it came to be known. 
Well. All I can say is- this is going to be interesting and I have to say I wish I was going to be there. 

All right. Once again- that's enough.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I've been a great fan of tiny homes since I discovered them about five years ago. They seem quite popular in Australia, too. I still look at one whenever it might come up on my newsfeed. I cannot imagine you and Mr. Moon in a tiny house, even in the middle of the woods.

  2. Tiny homes are popular for people who want affordable housing but I've not seen one for someone in a wheelchair though I keep looking...I hope Tom will feel content there.

  3. Tom's house looks like what the RV industry calls a "Park Model". You see them in RV parks in the desert southwest. Generally about 12'x35', there are many types, but all have a kitchen/living area, full bath with shower, and a bedroom. In AZ you will often find that an addition called an Arizona Room has been added. Addition will be 12' wide and either 35' long or half that with a deck instead. Depends on the owner's preference.

  4. The Tiny house at least will have everything Tom needs, much like my own which I am growing to hate lately because I can't even haul around my tiny vacuum without first moving stuff out of the way and then of course I have to move it all back to vacuum the next bit, Anyway, Tom will get used to it. I like the little house in Jessie's street, it looks welcoming. But if I had your rambling house and all that yard space the accommodates both of you with your hobbies, machinery and vegetables, I wouldn't be wanting to leave either, until I got to the point of needing a nursing home.

  5. I love tiny homes and wouldn't mind having one- to myself- in the woods by a creek and a big ol German Shepherd who could lead the way. I think that my dream has been canceled for me due to waiting too long- life running out...Don't be me!
    I have always lived by the RR tracks and find it comforting, although the warning horns these days are way too shrill. I love your house, everything about it! A gathering place, comfort, nature and kicking bamboo.

  6. Tiny houses work if they're on enough land that you can be outside a lot, in a climate that works. Also if you have no hobbies requiring supplies. Tom's got a good situation, land, planting he's done.

  7. I agree with Boud regarding tiny houses. I hope Tom comes to enjoy his!

  8. Thanks for the picture of the " tiny house"...I can see what it is now!

  9. I sense that Tom feels that things have been taken out of his hands and is fighting that feeling. Glen is doing a wonderful job of gently shoving him into a safe living environment but still giving a sense of control. I am sure that Tom will love his new abode but I doubt he will express that out loud.

  10. Too bad about the crowds and noise because I bet Keith would save you a seat right in front. A cabin in the woods for a weekend would be fine with me, bug I love that little house in town. Tom’s little house looks charming. I hope it grows on him.

  11. How kind of Glen to work with Tom to find an acceptable housing solution. Getting Tom to agree to bringing in the tiny house must have been an act of diplomacy that would have even impressed Antony Blinken.

  12. I think that Tom will love his new home. But in the manner of cantankerous people everywhere, he's got to make a lot of unhappy sounds before quietly settling in.

    I may have missed it. We have been so everlastingly busy here, but Tom doesn't have family? No kids?

    I am a bad one to ask about next moves. We are moving to the country once again. We will be across the road from my sister. Two nephews and their families close by. I think that we'll muddle through our dotage just fine.

  13. That tiny house is larger than I imagined and looks quite nice. A very acceptable alternative to a mobile home with it's roof smashed in:)

    I want to stay in this house until I'm ready to die. Who knows if that will happen or not. It's two story but I figure going up and down the stairs is good exercise.

    Have you read the book, "Between Two Kingdoms"? It's written by Suleika Jaouad, who also happens to be Jon Batiste's wife. Amazing book and amazing, lovely couple.

    I started planting my flowers and tomatoes last week and now it's 35F at night. WTF. It's been raining too though, which we need so I'll deal with it. I have lots of plants in my kitchen and lots of sheets outside covering the stuff I already planted.

  14. I hope Tom is happy in his new Tiny House. It looks great and Glen did an amazing job resolving Tom's housing crisis. I can not imagine you leaving your fabulous home and garden. It looks perfect to me. The small house with a pool looks nice and near Jessie is convenient. Like you say, it might be a good future home. Maybe buy it and rent it out for now. It would be an option down the line if you chose to live there some day.

  15. I am embarrassed to say I don't even know who Jon Batiste is.

    The tiny house looks great! I bet Tom will grow into it readily and will love having that porch.

    That cute little bungalow is AMAZING, but I think there will always be something available when it's time for you to make that kind of move. You'll know when the time is right. At some point being in town will seem more like a gain than a loss -- especially being closer to the kids.

  16. I saw a documentary about Jon Baptiste and he's a beautiful, talented man, isn't he? And his wife is beautiful and talented, also. Just an amazing couple. That would be an unbelievable concert and I hope someone tapes it for YouTube so I can see it.
    Mary, you are way too young to be thinking about moving out of your home! You and Don are managing so well and you can hire people to help with what you need when you need it. You have many, many years before you have to make those decisions. Relax and enjoy your nature! xxoo

  17. 37paddington: I love Jon Batiste and his wife Suleika Jouard is pretty amazing as well. I’m reading her book “Between Two Kingdoms” right now, and there was an absorbing piece in The Atlantic about her. They are almost mystical in their connection as a couple. Sickness and health, all that. Oh Sundays. I love your description of having a longing day. The tiny house Glenn arranged for Tom is plenty sweet; I immediately wanted a little house in the woods too, and I don’t even live near any woods. That house on Jessie’s street is adorable too, but it’s not a storybook kingdom like your house and yard. You wouldn’t be able to ramble in quite the same way. Fortunately you don’t need to move anywhere unless your feelings on the matter change. As your grand babies told you, you have the best grandmother house imaginable. But those longing Sundays. Nothing to do but rock with the feeling. Hugs.


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