Sunday, July 16, 2023


August is fine and Levon is fine and the creek and the hot tub have been enjoyed and it has been so very, very good to see them and their parents. 

We haven't done much except to enjoy this lovely house and each other. 

I keep finding more and more to love about the house. The owner has truly gone way out of her way to make sure her guests have everything they could possibly need.

HOWEVER, it would appear that I am sick and possibly Mr. Moon is coming down with whatever it is too. I've slept a good part of today and have zero energy. I can't even remember the last time I went to sleep in the daytime. And I have a little fever so, here we are, in this piece of heaven, feeling not great. The two days we were on the road I felt sort of achy and that's where Glen is with it now. And of course I'm worried that we'll pass this whatever-it-is to the family. 
That would be ironic. 

Hopefully, whatever this is will pass quickly.
Meanwhile, if you're going to be sick, you might as well be sick in heaven.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh, I am so sorry you two aren't feeling well. I hope you both recover quickly but just rest and relax until you do. Lovely place!

  2. Oh no! Such terrible timing! I hope it's mild and passes quickly, whatever it is.

  3. Arghgh, timing! I hope it passes soon.

  4. So sorry but it does look like a good place to rest.

  5. 37paddington: oh no! Make sure it’s not strep or something you need medication for. Then just rest up in that beautiful house. All will be well.

  6. oh well, I hope it's fairly mild whatever it is. rest and soak in the beauty.

  7. may you get over *it* quickly without incident. And...... tho not 100%..... enjoying that beautiful house *must* be medicine in itself? Hope so.
    Susan M

  8. Oh that’s too bad! I sure hope both you feel much better real soon! I’ve had a little cold for a couple of weeks, the first in many, many years! Finally on the mend now. The house looks beautiful and those boys do too! Best wishes from Rigmor xo

  9. What a beautiful little air bnb! What beautiful little grands you have! And pooh to being sick!


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