Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Getting Ready


Gawd. It's been another day. As you can see, Mr. Moon spent hours in the heat with his chain saw, cutting up that giant limb and the many smaller branches coming off of it. He loaded it all up on the truck and hauled it all to the burn pile. It made two separate loads. And then the man cut the grass. I don't know how he did it. I would die out there. I think that not only did these things need doing but also, he may have been making a point and I'm not quite sure what that was but we did have a little tiff today and perhaps he was trying to file down the rough edges before we left. 

One might think that Mr. Moon and I never argue and we don't argue very much. The older you get, the more you realize that there's not a whole lot worth arguing about, and besides that, neither one of us is very confrontational. In at least 95 percent of any disagreements we may have, I have learned to say, "Honey, I think you're probably right about that," because what does it matter who's right or wrong if it's not a big thing? But big things do come along at times. 

The thing that's come along now is a pretty big thing and would definitely affect our future. I'm not going to be specific because at this point, it's just a glimmer of a possibility on the horizon. A sort of possible "what if"? There are so many factors involved.
And because I am so set in my ways and so stubborn about certain things and so worried about making the right choices, I am not jumping on the bandwagon. In fact, when the idea came up originally I was like, "No. No thank you. Not what I want to do at all."
And at that point, it didn't seem feasible anyway, but then all of a sudden it appears to be far more feasible and he's perked back up about it again and I will be honest- my feelings are hurt because I said I am not interested in the project and that appears to make very little difference to him. And of course his feelings are hurt because he looks at things completely differently than I do and sees sides of things that are either not that important to me or I don't quite grasp. 
I guess. 

Anyway, blah, blah, blah, and we sort of spit and hissed at each other for a few moments and then we both backed up and calmed down and licked our paws and he cut up a tree-sized tree limb and mowed the yard and I canned some green beans and packed a bunch of stuff. We do not like being angry at each other. It's just the worst feeling. 

And everything is fine now and there is no way to know if this is even a possibility. That poor man. I have fought him on so much that turned out to be fine. And incredibly smart, to be honest. 

I think we're about ready to go except for putting things in the cooler that we want to take like fish and field peas for tasty meals. I've got all my medications arranged and in their container and our supplements. I've shined my silver bracelets which I may wear exactly once. I packed my make-up which I never use anymore but I may get inspired. Also two pairs of overalls and a few shirts and my underwear. I'm using such a tiny suitcase (it's a carry-on size) and it's not even fully full and so of course I'm wondering what I'm forgetting. I've got the books packed and my New Yorker magazines that I am woefully behind on. I'll get all my chargers and my MacBook packed in the morning along with my pillows. 
Ms. Moon does not travel without her pillows. That is all there is to that. 
I've watered all the porch plants and the house plants and texted Hank, Rachel, and Mark about the details. Mark said, "I love ya and I will be fine with whatever is there. I'll probably clean something momma so don't be mad lol".
I answered, "Oh, if you insist, Mark." 

And that's about it, I think. I'm not freaking out nearly as much as I usually do and that's probably because we've done this so many times before. The cats, however, are freaking out and know that we're about to leave, probably because of the suitcases. Maurice did not go to sit in Mr. Moon's lap this morning and one of them pooped in the shower off the kitchen yesterday. Neither one of them has come to hang out with me on the porch this evening. 
I imagine they'll live. 

I sure hope so.

And that is that. I will probably not be posting nearly as regularly as I generally do but will try to post pictures and a few words here and there. As to commenting on blogs- most likely I'll not be doing that. Like with the cats, I'm sure everyone will live. 

Photos of the Great Smokey Mountains to come. And, oh you know- maybe a shot of a grandchild here or there. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. So typical that right before leaving on a trip, a fight happens. It's a thing. Wouldn't be a trip without it. You'll have a lovely time anyway.

  2. Have a great time up in North Carolina. I am sure you will.

    I am intrigued about the little falling out you had with Mr Moon. Maybe one day you will tell us. Is it to do with relocation?

  3. You leave the rest of the world behind and enjoy the world ahead.

  4. as Mr P said......I suspect that was the *tiff*.....now mended. Of course your cats know you are leaving....and they are already unhappy about that! That's *catittude* for you! You will have a wonderful time, of that I am sure. Be safe, well, and happy!
    Susan M

  5. Marriage, relationships in general, are hard. Two people with different ideas and different upbringings trying to live together, although you two have done it for a long time.
    My hubby is driving me crazy. He's angry and sulky and I've had enough of both. It's gone on for months and months. I'm far too old to put up with that shit any more.
    Have a wonderful trip and a good book read:)

  6. Safe travels and have a great time away. A tiff before a long drive is much better than during.

  7. My pillows always travel with me. My father was the same. He left his at my house once and turned around and drove back two hours to get it.

  8. Of course we will live as will the cats, but we will miss you just as much as they do. Have a wonderful time and don't worry about anything.

  9. Safe journey..have a wonderful time with the kids.
    If I ever suggest anything to my husband, I think he automatically says no, just because it was my idea not his!! Not sure how we have managed nearly 50 years together.

  10. I'm sure my neighbours were thrilled when my ex moved out. No more screaming matches!!! The bliss of living alone and in peace is immeasurable! Have a safe trip and a wonderful vacation!

  11. Safe travels! Looking forward to your pictures.

  12. Hope you have a safe trip and lots of fun!

  13. well, now you've got me curious about what the thing is he wants to do and you don't. we don't fight anymore. oh we'll have a tiff or two occasionally and when we do I have found that letting him have the last word effectively shuts it all down. it doesn't mean that I agree or think he's right, just that I'm done, I know longer feel the need to convince him of anything. and yeah working out in the yard burns off all that unexpressed anger.

    have a great trip.

  14. I know you will have an absolutely wonderful time with your babies. Enjoy.

  15. The Man and I prefer to avoid confrontations between each other too. With his TBI and being over 70 now he can be unlovely as Hell about ridiculous things and difficult tho', so, I usually disengage when I can see he's struggling with Mood regulation. Harmony among Loved Ones is important to me so that's the Gold Standard I prefer to have our household operate to achieve. If you can get along and play well with others, isn't Life just so much better for us all? Learning how to maintain healthy relationships is a lifetime job for us all tho', some aren't healthy. You have a good Man and he knows he has a good Woman, that accounts for much even if you're Yin and Yang.


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