Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Well, Damn

I didn't take any pictures today except for one of the bloom in the Chinaberry tree that just did not turn out well, and two of my driver's license for a business thing that Mr. Moon was doing in town. None of those are blog-worthy.

It hasn't been a terrible day but it hasn't been a great one, either. By the time I started making supper last night, I realized that I had rather fucked up my knee. Not a surprise. It was doing that thing where you feel like it's about to give out and you're about to go down. Plus pain, swelling, redness, blah, blah, blah.

Every time I woke up last night it hurt and was up to its same tricks this morning. I was so depressed about it. Not like "clinically" depressed, just sad and frustrated at this newest evidence of aging. Of course, like I said yesterday, this knee has been doing the same thing for many years but it hasn't happened in a long time. And I know there's nothing to be done for it except to rest it and ice it and all that stuff. I found my old knee brace and strapped that bad boy on and hobbled about as I did the bare minimum around here which makes me feel like a useless rag of a person not worth her salt. I kicked a few bamboo (I held on to my walking stick) and picked a few more mulberries and that was about it for the physical portion of my day except for walking out to the garden to see if my cucumbers were coming up and yes, they are! Hurray! We got so much rain last night. It just poured. And it's raining again right now. So at least watering the garden isn't necessary. 

But I will say that my knee feels better this evening than it did earlier today and I don't think it's a major deal. As long as I don't do anything stupid it'll heal up. 

I wish I had more to talk about but I really don't have it in me to discuss another school shooting or Republicans trying to protect children from drag queens while not doing one damn thing about gun control. I have thoughts. 
Trust me. I have thoughts. But you know what they are. What good is it going to do any of us for me to point out the hypocrisy of what's going on in government these days? The deadly hypocrisy. Whether we're talking gun control, or LGBTQ+ rights, or not allowing parents to get the necessary medical treatments for their trans kids, or denying abortions to women, it's about the absolute certainty of it all leading to deaths. 
And I am not talking about embryos here. 

Yeah. I can't. 

It will be interesting to hear what Pence has to say to the Grand Jury about the January 6 thing. "Thing." Haha! "Treasonous uprising" more like it. One would think that he'd be chomping at the bit to testify about a situation in which he very well could have been murdered along with his family in the US Capitol building but no, he's still too far up Trump's butt or...something. I don't know. Who can figure out a guy who's so afraid of his own demonic (I guess) sexual urges that he won't allow himself to be alone in the presence of a woman he is not legally wed to? Eh, he's probably just afraid of being accused of something he did not do which also says a lot about how much he trusts women. 
Of course he may weasel out of testifying. Does he really think that he could be the next Republican candidate for president? 
They're all insane. 

So hey! Here's two pictures from the Gibson celebration from last night that we did not attend. 

Birthday boy enjoying his birthday fancy drink. 

Two beautiful cousins.

Mr. Moon went back to town today. One of the things on his list to do was to get a haircut. I got a text from him saying, "You're husband is bald and he loves you."
Ooh boy. 
He's not quite bald. It's like I told him, "I can feel your hair even if I can't really see it."

Well, he won't have to get another haircut this summer, I'm thinking. Plus, he's still really cute. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. May your knee heal and your husband enjoy a cool head. Sweet dreams.

  2. 37paddington:
    Boy, do I know that knee thing. Yes, rest and pampering it is the best approach. Glad it’s on the mend. Your beautiful grands. I love how Maggie and August are losing and getting teeth in sync with each other. Such cute smiles. And yes I’m quite sure Mr. Moon is still a silver fox with his almost bald cut. We need a picture, I think. 😉

    1. I know that Glen does not want me to take his picture. He has no idea how darling and handsome he is.
      Aren't Maggie and August a hoot?

  3. What is that pretty drink Gibson is hugging? It looks like it has pineapple. Love the cousins picture. I suggest wearing the knee brace for a week, just to be sure.

    1. I don't know! A virgin margarita, maybe?
      I probably should still be wearing the knee brace but that thing is so dang uncomfortable. I am doing much better!

  4. I read a little about the school shooting and was horrified to read that there have been over 100 mass shootings "this year". I think they said something like 139, but seriously?????

  5. Hey, super-short hair is the way to go! No maintenance at all! (Well, except keeping it super-short, which for me is doable at home.)

    I'm sure your knee will get better provided you don't use it to kick bamboo!

    As for guns, yeah, I can't talk about it either. I just feel like there's no point. And Pence is seriously deluded if he thinks he can win the Republican nomination. Too many people hate him even within his own party.

    1. I love his almost-bald head! You know how cute he is. Hair or no hair- I think he's handsome.
      Yes, the knee is better!
      I think they should put that on Pence's gravestone: "He Was Seriously Deluded."

  6. Pence has no chance to win the republican nominiation. None. He is viewed as spineless by the rightwing nutjobs. Interestingly, so do the rest of us. He's a man who's made a living from being agreeable.

    One of the right wingers in my community posted "I can't stand to watch him mumble! Ugh!" She was referring to the president. I posted back, "I used my 'ugh' for the nine year olds in Nashville." She got quite heated and so did her cohorts, but I was emboldened by the fact that many people joined their voices with my own.

    1. Good for you, Debby! Speak the truth and fear no man OR woman! I am proud of you.

  7. Your grandkids are growing up so quickly. They have the best smiles!
    Hope your knee feels better soon. Sounds like you know exactly what to do for it.
    I agree with Rosemarie - I think we need a photo of Mr. Moon and his new hairdo...

    1. They are growing up TOO quickly in my opinion. They will never have seven-year old smiles again, will they?
      I either have to get Mr. Moon's permission or take a picture on the sly. I'm not fond of that. I'll see what he says.

  8. well, I know I wrote a comment on your last post but it's not there. anyhow, no rain to speak of here though Monday night it thundered enough to get the dog in a trembling panting frenzy. It could have at least given us some rain. take care of your knee. my knees used to ache when I was young after sitting for too long without moving, like going to a movie but then it stopped. now though, sometimes one will develop a sharp pain but it usually passes after a day or so.

    Unbelievable that Pence thinks he has a snowball's chance in hell of being president. watching him in a video clip years ago move his water bottle to mimic what Trump had done was enough to understand how pathetic he is.

    1. Knees take a lot of punishment, don't they? Besides my walk, I'd spent hours on my knees weeding the day before. That probably had something to do with it too.
      Pence is a dipshit.

  9. The Joy of the Children helps me to Cope with how screwed up the World is these days. I just hope we can ensure them all a brighter Future. Those are some great pixs of those Kiddos.


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