Monday, March 20, 2023

It Is Spring

It has truly been a beautiful, sweet day. Having the boys here was just a rock-and-roll fest. They rocked, their Boppy and I rolled. As soon as they got here I gave them their new books that they can fill in with all the information of themselves and they both immediately grabbed pens and got to it. They were weighed and measured, their hands and feet were traced, they listed their favorite foods and their least favorite foods (mushrooms) and August got his grandfather to count his teeth- he has twenty-two. 

It was so pretty out that I suggested that we walk down to the Dollar General to get some frozen pizza for our lunch. It's a short walk but we had time to chat and there is little that I love more than talking to my grandchildren. I take what they say quite seriously, and yet also with a good sense of humor about it all, I think. On our way we passed the scene of what must have caused the long power outage the other day. A very large pine tree had uprooted itself and fallen over and I'm sure it hit the line. 
The boys were such good walkers and sometimes they even took my hand which I know is not going to happen for that much longer. So every time it does, it is precious to me. 
I was quite happy to see a lot of fresh produce at the GDDG- I mean, for the Dollar General. Lettuce, grapes, onions, bananas, apples, some citrus- quite pleasing to see. 
HOWEVER, there were only about seven frozen pizzas- all the same. I got two of them and then the power struggle began. Of course they had to get a toy. I tried very hard not to get emotionally involved with the situation. There was no way I was going to flat-out say no and the boys knew that. But there were strict guidelines and I think they both got things that cost a dollar. Levon got a Hot Wheels Batmobile and August got...farting putty!
Oh, the fun we had with that! 
The fun and farting never ceased. 

After our lunch, they helped Boppy pick up limbs and branches and haul them to the burn pile. They both made two dollars. And then off to gymnastics we went and we listened to the oldies on the radio and I told August about the bands we were listening to and he said, "How do you KNOW this?" and I told him that I knew it because this was the music I listened to when I was growing up. That every generation has their own music. 
"What do you mean?" he asked. And so I tried to explain the best I could and I think he got it. I even refrained from telling him that MY generation's music was the best of the best. 
I do try not to be a cliche.

Gymnastics was terrific. 

There was a woman there I've known forever with her grandchild, and her daughter, the mother of that grandchild, went to school with Jessie. There was also a woman whose birth I may or may not have been at in 1988 when I worked at the Birth Center. She, too, was there with a grandchild. AND her daughter. 

The boys were Tiggers once again, jumping and standing on their heads and running and bouncing and making bridges of their bodies and the little coach that I admired so much was there again today. Somehow they are able to keep order without so much as a loud word. At the end, the kids raced each other by twos and they raced August. I heard another coach say, "Really?" and they said, "He's pretty fast."

That's August on the left, Coach on the right. 

All of that was good and it was not a bad thing for me to be reminded that I used to have a job where I helped women have their babies and took care of them and those babies after the birth. That I had knowledge and skills and sometimes I may have even made a slight difference. Funny how I forget that. 

And speaking of which- today is Gibson's birthday. He is eleven years old and his mama gave birth to him at home with a midwife who guided Jason to catch his own son. If you'd like to read what I wrote about it that day, you can go HERE. 
Lily was a goddess. She gave birth with grace and strength, faith in her own body, and she was amazing and beautiful. 

And Gibson? Well, he was Gibson, perfect and darling. 

And now he is still perfect and darling and the sweetest of all my grandchildren, I think, not to mention smart as hell. It is so fitting that he was born on the first day of Spring. 

And here we are again- first day of Spring and I hope you have at least some signs of it in your yard, your world. 

Tomorrow I have to get up at FIVE A.M. to take Mr. Moon to get a little procedure done. It is on the private side of things and it will be fine and there is nothing life-threatening going on. We should be home by noon at which point we will hopefully both take naps. I doubt I've gotten up that early since the last time we flew to Cozumel which was years ago. 
Isn't it telling that my main concern is that I have to get up before dawn? Can you say narcissist? 
I knew you could. 

I will report in tomorrow. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Getting up that early means you may as well stay up with your jigsaw puzzle till it's time to leave.
    Hope all goes well.
    You really have a history where you live-- the generations you took part in attending at birth. Small community when you can trace your impact like that. Do people tend not to move away?

    1. No. I went to bed. But I sure did think about your suggestion a lot. It made me smile.
      A lot of people do stay in Tallahassee. In fact, I have often said that it will suck you in. I never really meant to live here at all and yet- well. It's been almost fifty years now.

  2. I wish Gibson many, many happy returns of the day!

  3. How lovely to meet those you helped into this world.
    I helped people out of this world. Don't see many of them.
    Good luck for Mr Moon's small procedure. I hope he is a good patient for you - I can't imagine him being anything else.

    1. I have held the hands of a few people who left too. In some ways, it can be very similar to birth. Always humbling and an honor in both situations.
      Mr. Moon has been a very good patient.

  4. No signs of spring here as we ease into autumn, but I have rain pelting down outside and magpies carolling in the trees and I am finally cool enough to not be a sticky sweaty mess. I hate summer, beautiful as it is. I loved it as a younger person, I may love it again when I am older, but not right now.
    I went back and read Gibson's birth story and I cried so much at the sweetness and perfection of it. Mine were all hospital births, with the glaring lights and shiny surfaces, the drugs and the tiny high beds. Your way is so much better. Lily was a champion to go so long without help.

    1. Summer can just be so wearying.
      I'm so glad you like the story of Gibson's birth! The benefits of having a baby at home are myriad and if you have a trained midwife, it is as safe, if not safer, than hospital birth. We have been so misled in that belief.

  5. Good luck tomorrow to you and Mr. Moon and happy birthday to Gibson.

  6. It does come as a shock to the system to have to get up before dawn doesn't it. And to think I did it all those years AND hit the floor running. One of the great joys of retirement is rarely having to do that anymore. And happy birthday to Gibson!

    1. God. I do not know how people do this. Of course yes, I used to get up early too but I am so grateful I don't have to anymore.

  7. Happy Birthday to Gibson...he was a beautiful baby! It is my day today to get my 10 yr old grandson from school. ( every 2 weeks) He is a delight on his own and we chat on the 15 min journey back home. When I picked him and his older sister up some years ago, they did nothing but yell at each other in the back seat because she was always teasing him.

    1. Oh, kids. I know. Siblings can be the worst!

  8. So much here! Let's start from the end and work our way back. I will tell you ~ secretly, because I knopw that you will not tell a soul~ that the only drawback to having a boy living with us is that I have to get up, every single weekday, at 6:15. Whether I feel like it or not. Disclaimer: I very seldom DO feel like it.

    Happy birthday to Gibson.

    YOUR GDDG SELLS PRODUCE????? That is the most amazing thing I've ever heard.

    William is 12 and does not hold my hand when we walk. I miss it.

    1. You are a saint to get up with that sweet boy. I know you don't want to.
      Dollar General is not a Dollar Store. So yes, they do sell some produce. Some Dollar Generals are called DG Markets and they sell a lot of food. Even the Dollar General in Lloyd sells quite a bit of food. A few aisles of it. Some name brands, too.
      The sweetness of those little boys putting their hands in mine is just overwhelming.

  9. A very happy belated birthday to sweet Gibson! It's pretty special to be born on the first day of spring!

  10. Things at our local Dollar Store are now all $1.25! But the store name has not changed! :)
    I am glad you had a fun day (as usual) with the boys. Good luck today to Mr. Moon. You will both need a nap this afternoon!

    1. Yes, I have heard that the Dollar Stores here charge $1.25 too. The Dollar General is not the same chain. They are more like a very, very small, dimly lit K-Mart in a way.
      I took a nap for sure.

  11. Well, it's encouraging that there's produce at the GDDG. (I think I'll still call it that!)

    Sounds like a good day, and I hope Mr. M's procedure goes well, as I'm sure it will.

    1. Of course! It will always be the GDDG!
      Procedure went fine.

  12. those surgeons like to get their work done early. I had to be at the hospital by 5 when I had the procedure done on my heart. and then of course it was over two hours before they rolled me into the room with all the monitors and equipment.

    it has finally warmed up today but it is so windy!

    1. I know! Yes. It was well over an hour before they took Glen in. You just have to deal with it all as it is, I guess.


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