Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Now All I Need Is Some Tiny Bacon. And Teeny Tiny Biscuits.

And then this morning, another. This one in the actual nesting box. Same size, a bit darker in color. I have to say I think that Miss Betty is the perpetrator of such eggy beauty and perfection. Will the other hens catch on? Will I have enough eggs to use as barter? Are they going to taste as good as they look? Oh my.

And one more question on this subject: If I get this excited over chicken eggs, what is it going to be like when my grandson is born?



  1. They ARE beautiful, and perfect. I have a joke for you that made me chuckle all evening:

    A chicken and an egg were "in bed" together. The chicken rolled over and lit a cigarette. Thus ends the debate.

    It took me a second to get it, but still, hilarious.

  2. Kori- Well, I got it immediately. And in my own world of chickens, the chicken definitely came before the egg.
    Thanks for the laugh, dearie.

  3. Yay, eggs! Them other chickens better get with it!

    "An egg a day the hen must lay to keep the stewpot far away."

  4. Nothing can top a grandson, I assure you.

  5. Mmm, what are you saving these first eggs for? I bet you have a special plan.

  6. grandson...eggs...

    everything's better with bacon

  7. These eggs are so pretty! You just go on and explode with thrill all over the blog when your grandson gets here and for years afterward, too! They provide all kinds of material.

  8. Nothing can compare to the birth of your first grandchild. I was supposed to be in the room when mine was born, but at the last minute the doctor decided she needed to be pulled out with forceps and only my son could go into the treatment room. Nonetheless, I was outside the treatment room when she was born and could hear her cry for the first time and I saw her when she was less than a half hour old.
    Stay hydrated during your daughter's labor, because you're going to need water to fuel those tears of joy you'll be shedding!
    Next summer, you'll be feeding your grandson eggs from your chickens.

  9. DTG- Can you please embroider that on a sampler for me to put up in the hen house? Thank-you.

    Marsha- Not even eggs?

    Mwa- I don't! I was thinking maybe I should boil them in a teeny pot of water and Mr. Moon and I can each have one. Not very fancy, but sweet.

    Magnum- So very, very true. You are wise.

    Joy- I'm thinking you're right.

    Ms. Lucy- Okay. I've made a note to myself to stay hydrated. I need all the tips I can get.

  10. Mama: Grammee had it on something in her kitchen when she and Pawpaw lived in Lloyd.

  11. With all the spoiling you do to those lovely chickens, I am sure they will produce only the highest quality of eggs, or whatever else you might request to keep the goodies coming.

    And the grandson will just get so much love, I tend to agree there might be some exploding involved in some way or another, whether it be your heart and/or the blog world. :)

  12. DTG- I had completely forgotten that. I wonder where it is.
    Wish I had it.

    Nicol- You know what I know? I know that I have no idea how I'm going to feel when that boy is born. But I think it's going to be completely overwhelming.

  13. I’ve seen your insightful comments on many of the blogs I read so I had to come check yours out. You are a delightful writer, you have a new follower!

  14. I think the blog-world just might explode!! I know my ticking biological clock might, once your entries of new baby-goodness come pouring out ;)

  15. Bobbie Leigh- Thank-you so much for those words! And thanks for coming by. I hope you visit often.

    SJ- Oh no. I hadn't thought about my influence on biological clocks. Ha!

  16. I think between your grandson, and my son being born, we're looking at a 'Perfect Storm' of blogging and photography. There's probably not enough bandwidth in the world to handle it all.

  17. I fully expect to explode when your grandson is born!

  18. My father so loved shooting squirrels that he did it even while legally blind. My mother would verbally guide him. She was say "little to the right, now left, raise the gun one inch, now, there you go, ready." Bam. Squirrel that had been chewing on his fruit trees falls to ground from mimosa tree branch.

    I hate them too. That's why I am only able to grow flowers (My Secretive Gardening). They are glorious. But still. I hate them with the teeny savage part of my heart.

  19. Jon- Seriously.

    Aunt Becky- Don't explode! We need you!

    Glimmer- They don't get in my garden so much, thank goodness. My friend Lis has a story about her mother and squirrels. Maybe she'll tell it to us one day.
    But I have to tell you that I have zinnia envy after looking at the pictures of yours. Mine just didn't so diddly shit this year. So disappointing.


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