Friday, August 21, 2009

A Coop Full Of Chickens

So did we watch Project Runway last night?
Yes we did.
Do we love Tim Gunn?
Yes we do.
Were we surprised when the woman who designed that shorts outfit-slash-space suit thing got kicked?
No. We were not.

Are we surprised that Ms. Moon watches Project Runway?
I have no idea if you're surprised or not. But I love that show. I think it's because it actually shows the creative process in action from the design to the buying of the fabric to the cutting and sewing and trimming and wearing. And there is real skill involved and real talent and sometimes something beautiful happens.

On to my next subject:
I am going to my happy place tonight.
The Monticello Opera House where the usual suspects are going to do a just-for-fun read-through of Our Town. Oh, how I have missed my Opera House loves. My Jan and my Jack, my Kathleen (although we do have chicken/porch visits weekly, at least) and my Herb. My Colin and my Linda and my Lisa, perhaps. And my Rich. Oh, how I have missed my Rich.

Kathleen and Rich stopped by last night to pick up a car (long story) and I was in the garden, sweating like a pig and filthy. Wearing overalls, of course. I was weeding, clearing out the garden and getting it ready for the fall garden. I was putting the pulled weeds in the chicken coop because the chicks love to go through the weeds and their roots for bugs and tasty bits.

"Don't hug me," I admonished Rich. He's always so clean and neat and tidy and always smells so good. He's having to grow a beard for his part in the upcoming production of Fiddler on the Roof and it's driving him crazy. "It makes me feel dirty," he says, rubbing his chin.

But he hugged me anyway, sort of. I air-kissed him. That's Rich. He's such a dear. I met him when we did Casablanca and he and I and Kathleen became friends. He's the kind of friend whom you could call up at midnight and say, "Please drive me to Miami. It's an emergency." And he'd get up, get dressed and show up at your house with a full tank of gas, no questions asked.

And he would smell good, too.

Kathleen's the same way.

It's good to have friends like that. I am so fortunate to get to play with people like that. All of the Opera House folks are good folks. I feel like they're "My People," even if we aren't all the same.
Boy do I miss being in a play.
So tonight will be fun. Big, fun with my play-mates.

And today is filled with to-do's and but-firsts. Library (another happy place) and the grocery store and I need to make something to eat to take tonight and what will that be? One time I made stuffed grape leaves to take to an Opera House gathering but I realized that people would have been much happier with pizza rolls or baby quiches. But damn, I loved those grape leaves. So did Kathleen who brought sushi. We're two of a kind, that girl and I, in many ways. As we were looking at the chickens last night with Rich I said, "You know, Kathleen and I could just sit all day and watch our chickens," and Rick shook his head in amazement. I'm sure he wanted to say, "And this is why I think you're both crazy," but he didn't. He just smiled.

And isn't that a friend? They may not understand why you do what you do but they understand that you need to or want to. Same with me and Mr. Moon's hunting. I don't understand it but I love him and I know by now that he needs to hunt the way I need to write, which he, in turn, does not understand but accepts as part of who I am.

Acceptance. We all need it. And when we love someone, there's a lot we need to learn to accept. And if we don't, then how can we really love that person? As Lyle Lovett said once, "If I was the man that you wanted, I would not be the man that I am."

Amen, Lyle. Amen.

So I've gone from Project Runway to the Opera House to friendship and love and acceptance to Lyle Lovett. Phew! A coop full of crazy chickens for you today.

And one more thing- my son gave me a copy of a 'zine he did called Biscuits and Gravy and it's so filled with love for the south and the food we eat here and good writing, and also, his mama, that I just wish I could give everyone a copy. Maybe if you go visit him at Tallyhassle he'll send you one. I don't know. Maybe he won't. But it's worth a try.

Here's a quote from it:

"You can raise your kids and they'll never realize they're poor if you know how to make good soup."

Lot of wisdom in that boy of mine.

And here's a picture of Suzie and Red, looking up at me and saying, "Where's the treats, Ma?"

Sorry babes, I've given you all the treats I have today.
Now. I'm off to town and out into the world and tonight I'll play with my friends.
Have a wonderful Friday.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. They're my people too, and oh how I miss them all. The price I'm paying for bringing the boy into this world.
    I had hoped to make it tonight, but alas, can't. Tell everyone I said hello, and we'll see them during "Fiddler".

  2. Hey, I made it into the coop with the chickens, today. And that's a good thing.

    You have fun tonight! I know you will, obviously. Take something delicious and odd, no pizza rolls.

  3. I love Hank. Motherfucker is multi-faceted. He really is.

    Your Friday sounds great!

    I love you for your chicken watching and for birthin' your babies. They are all unique wonders like they mama.


  4. I also totally love Project Runway. Always good nutjob watching.

    Sorry I've been so MIA, long story.

    Do you make stuffed cabbage, too? I LOVE stuffed cabbage!

  5. I had no idea Project Runway was going to be on and then my mom called me at 8:16 pm and told me to turn it to Lifetime...
    I refuse to watch that channel so it shows how much I love that show.

    Have fun tonight!

  6. Have the bestest fun tonight! Yay for the end of the holidays!

  7. Jon- We'll miss you. But you're doing important work!

    DTG- I think I'm making little phyllo spinach thingees.

    Ms. Bastard- Ah, nice to have my beliefs about my children verified by an outside expert. Not that you're really "outside."

    Ms. Windy- I was thinking today about how much I've missed you. And no, I've never made stuffed cabbage.

    Erin- I know. What's Bravo without Project Runway? Sorta WTF?

    Mwa- Thank-you!

  8. Jon - Oh boy will we miss you! But you've got to take care of our little Milton. Been looking at pictures from R&J.
    Mary - that was Jon's first show here. And I love those little phyllo spinach thingees! See you soon. Yippee!

  9. Stuffed cabbage is similar, I think, to the grape leaf dish you mentioned. Spicy meat and sauteed onions and peppers wrapped snuggly and baked in cabbage leaves. YUM!

  10. Jan- The phyllo is thawing as we speak.

    Ms. Windy- Maybe I'll get some cabbage planted this fall and I WILL MAKE SOME STUFFED CABBAGE. I've always meant to.

  11. hi ms. moon, good to have friends both next door and the online friends like the overalls folks ! please take time to read Mayas about her mother in law, 89, going to have her first pair of overalls on her birthday, accidentally being November 20, the coming international overalls day ! isn't that something ! have fun at the opera !

  12. My children won't eat the damn soup!

    Clearly, my soup is not good enough.

  13. Oh Mama, I have gotten so far behind in my daily readings. I think I have the worst case of but-firsts I have ever known. Ok, maybe not quite that bad, but I have a lot of stuff to get done and that includes having my last weekend of fun before school.
    Glad you're going to go play with your friends tonight. I kind of wish I was apart of it.

    I am also very jealous that you got to watch PR, because I have no TV, which means no Tim Gunn. Damn. Oh well, there are other things I should be doing anyways.

    Love you so much, and have a ton of laughs for me tonight!

  14. I'm so glad Lifetime didn't mess with Project Runway and even added the model show. It was so good to see Heidi and Tim again! She's the best of all those who tell people they win or have to go. And Tim! Tim is wonderful!

    Those are powerful and loving words your son wrote. I'll go over there and see about ordering one.

    Enjoy your evening! Those are my people, too!

  15. So that's when I'll come to Lloyd. This vegetarian makes an exception for Stuffed Cabbage.


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