Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lily's Legacy

Last night Herb and Kathleen came over and in between the sunset ride in the convertible, the martinis, and supper, I washed and dried 47 diapers.
They have been in a cedar chest since Lily's sister, Jessie, became potty-trained. She's twenty now, so that was a while back.
They have been waiting, white and soft and functional for at least seventeen years, maybe eighteen, and it felt like treasure when I pulled them out. I didn't realize I still had so many.
When I folded them this morning, I kept thinking of how nicely they are going to fit around Lily's baby's bottom. How comfy they are going to be for him. I thought about Lily changing her baby and how she'll be an expert in three days at this business of diaper-changing. How each diaper change is an opportunity to kiss her baby, admire his perfect belly, his boy-parts, his tiny butt. How she'll so carefully clean him up and make him all cozy again, tucked into soft white cotton.
It doesn't seem possible.
But the diapers are ready and so she may have this baby at any time.
I am handing over the diapers to Lily who is about to become a mother.
And so it continues, and so it begins.


  1. Goodness. That made me teary. On a Saturday, no less!

    Happy baby bottoms to you!

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  3. I got a whole pile just like that, but only to use as burp cloths. My father just about shouted at me when he thought I was going to use cloth diapers. My parents did it with me and my first sister and hated it so much they were the worst advert. Do tell us how it goes.

  4. 'And so it continues, and so it begins'

    thus the day begins as the project is chosen; a few recycled wool soakers for ms. moon's first grandbaby, while little amziel plays ms. moon.

    i swear. this morning she masquerades as you...

  5. It is treasure! Buried for years in a cedar chest and marked with an X for "Don't you dare ever throw these things away!" and dug up now by she who originally hid them away. Treasure, definitely. Give yourself a little "Aaaargh!"

  6. So are you and the rest of the family betting which day that baby will make his appearance yet? You could start a pool-winner gets half, Lily gets the other half.

  7. I can't believe her baby shower is today. I can't believe it's all so soon. I cried all over my walk today, and she's not even my baby! But she is the first baby I fell in love with.

  8. I've been crying for a few days now. I think about how we are going to have another person in our family to love and to hold and to teach and to listen to his thoughts on the world, and to watch grow. It's going to be so wonderful!

    And I'm so honored that the same pieces of cloth that I wore around my cute baby but are going to be the same ones my nephew poops and pees in. haha, that sounds funny...

  9. Aww I love you so much mommy. Also Jessie and May, I cried reading their comments. I am so excited it is baby shower day! I feel like it is my birthday or something. Plus Jason is making me banana pecan pancakes right now, he is so sweet. See you soon.

  10. Ms. Trouble- Everyone has the weepies today. Sweet weepies.

    Mwa- Isn't it funny? I loved using my cloth diapers. Ah well, we're all different.

    Adrienne- I love you.

    Windy- It's so cool, isn't it?

    May- I KNOW! It's here upon us. The shower is going to be fun. I love you.

    HoneyLuna- Your TINY baby butt. You were such a little elf baby. Don't worry. These diapers are as clean as clean can be now. I love you.

    Lily- You have a good man there. I can't wait to hand these diapers over to you! It's so damn exciting! I love you, too!

  11. Lily and May - you're gonna love your little nephew more than you ever thought possible (and I know you know this). So many memories wrapped up into one post. Yours evoke others', and it's all so lovely.


  12. Ginger- We are waiting with bated breath. Honestly.

  13. Beautiful diapers! I bet it was a wonderful feeling to wash them once again. I passed on my newborn sized diapers to my cousin, and when I get them back I think I'll save them, along with my larger ones which Sylvie is still wearing. A treasure indeed!

  14. Diapies a go go! I love when things get passed on to the next generations. It is so fun and makes for interesting stories. I mean, how interesting is: "I used pampers"? ha~ I mean, I know it's not for everyone, but really, you know what I mean. And Glen's baby clothes... that was too precious!

    The party was a great time. It was good to see Billy and Shayla too. I have not had an opportunity to congratulate them personally. So many fun people and good food. Good times.
    xo pf PS I'm going to say "butt paste!" and drink a beer! ha!

  15. Ms. Fleur- AND a baptismal gown. Oh yes. Sorry you missed that part.
    But let us hope that Butt Paste is as good as it seems.
    It was so great to have you guys there. I do love you and I hope you know that.

  16. Let me just say that I have no doubt I could still put a cloth diaper on a baby with my eyes shut.

    I can't wait to hold my nephew!

  17. I'm finding the idea of a kid wearing the same diaper/nappy as their mother funny!

  18. DTG- And that knowledge will come in handy again.

    DaddyX- Well, mostly they were Jessie's, thus the baby's aunt's diapers, but still. The mad hippie thinks it's cool.


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