Sunday, November 23, 2008

Well Now, That Just Makes Everything All Right

Audacious announcement from the Vatican announcing that John Lennon has now been forgiven for his remark about the Beatles being more popular than God.

First of all, I didn't know the Vatican really concerned itself with such matters.

Secondly, the remark was made 42 years ago while John himself ascended to the right hand of (my) god almost twenty-eight years ago.

For some reason, this just makes me so angry.

As if an offhand remark made by a twenty-something year-old rock star forty-two years ago requires an official forgiveness from a man who dresses in dresses and claims to know What God Thinks.

I suppose we can all sleep more peacefully now.

Thanks, Pope for setting it all straight.

And when I say "thanks" I mean, shut the fuck up. This reminds me of how the Mormons like to volunteer their time to go get baptized for every dead person in the world in absentia so that everyone can go to Mormon heaven, whatever that is.


It's not just content to screw around with the living.

Nah. They have to fuck around with the dead, too.

They're either raisin' 'em or baptizing 'em or forgivin' 'em.

I wonder what John would say. Probably something like, "Bite my ass, Pope."

Or maybe that's just what I'd say. But since John's not here anymore to say anything, I'll just say it for him.

Bite my ass, Pope.

And that's all I have so say about that.


  1. I like it when you get all "Sinead O'Connor" on us! Well said!

  2. Bwahahaha!

    Excellent post, Ms. Moon. Just excellent.

  3. I always thought that girl had spirit.

  4. I think if John had lived, he would have done other things in the past 28 years (OMG, it's been 28 years, how could this be true?) to piss off the Vatican and they wouldn't have forgiven him.

  5. I sure hope so, MOB. I have a feeling you're right.
    Don't you miss him?
    There have been a zillion popes, but there will never be another John Lennon.

  6. Heh, heh, heh...Mary, don't beat around the burning bush, just say what you mean! I think John would say something droll like, "You may say I'm a dreamer, but since I've been gone, I've imagined there's no Vatican, cause I sure as hell haven't found any heaven!"

  7. Did you feel like Wanda Sykes when you said, "Bite my ass, Pope"? Because that's how I imaged you saying it in my head. That was pretty funny

  8. Actually, HoneyLuna, I just felt like myself.

    And B-Boy- sometimes I just have to say what I feel.

  9. it's probably a yoko thing with the pope

  10. Yeah, they probably had tea together in the Vatican. Yoko said, "Pope Dude, spread the love. Forgive my husband."
    He said, "Okay Yoko. For you, I will."
    I'll bet she got a good laugh out of the whole thing. I hope so, anyway. She seems like a pretty gracious person.

  11. Isn't there anything else pressing in the Vatican to deal with than JOHN LENNON???? Like the molestation of altar boys or something???

  12. I think the most amazing thing about ths story is that someone convinced John to appologize back then.
    Man, I would love to see how that unfolded.

  13. Ha Ha LOL!!! damn that's funny! thanks for the smile :) LOL!!! bite my ass! ha ha!


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