Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our First Family

Can you imagine those old, creaky ghosts in the White House and the way their ectoplasmic juices are going to explode with surprise and then delight when these girls are giggling their way through their new home?
I can imagine the ghost of some old white-wigged president playing hide-n-seek with Sasha. I can imagine the ghost of his wife, reaching out to pat those children, sighing with frustration that she can't hold them in her spectral arms. I can imagine Malia growing up, those long legs getting longer and longer, that beautiful face becoming a woman's face.
I can see Michele, welcoming foreign dignitaries with that grace she holds in every atom of her body.
I can see lots of kisses in the White House for four (eight?!) years. Real kisses.
I can see Barack, with his thoughtful and intelligent mind, considering those babies, that wife, in every decision he makes.

John Lennon said that here in the US we go out every four years and elect a new daddy.

I like our new daddy. I think we done real good.

Bless our hearts. At long last, bless our American hearts.


  1. I was thinking we need to hire a feng shui expert to clear the vibes out of the White House for them, but I think you're on to it -- they ARE the feng shui people, along with the girls' new puppy!!! :) :) :)

  2. That was so funny about that new puppy. I bet those girls are really happy about having a new pup.
    What I kept on thinking last night was, "The First Family is so beautiful!" I really like our new daddy too.

  3. It's just so right. I just feel content and ready/excited for change in our country. And, that part of his speech about the puppy was endearing. What a lovely family.

    And, definitely there needs to be something done to clear out the old vibes. I agree!

  4. bless all of our hearts!

    The world is proud!

    The tides are changing.

  5. How beautiful.

    How just plain right it feels.

    It's been a long time coming, but hope and change are hard work.

    Bless our hearts, indeed.

  6. Look at them. Look at us. Damn, we did it. I got laughter in me like bubbles today and I can't stop tearing up.

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  8. You made me all teary. I am so happy today. Everything seems new and possible and fresh. I don't think I have ever been this proud to be an American.

  9. I have spent all morning rewatching Obama's victory speech and searching the web for clips and pics.... I am just so happy and teary and I just love that man, so eloquent, so wonderful, and as Spike Lee reportedly said last night: this changes everything.....

    and it just got better in the end, watching Obama & Biden's families intermingle, touch, hug. Oh man... I'm crying again. This is just so wonderful!!!!!!!

  10. This is straight-up beautiful. Well said. Well said.

  11. Ms. Lopo- Yeah. I'm pretty sure the White House is going to be a happier place. Aren't you just remembering all those pictures of Caroline and John-John in the Oval office with their daddy? I am.

    Honeyluna- I told your daddy that Obama's youngest daughter was probably more excited about a puppy than she was about her daddy being elected president. That was pretty awesome.

    Nicol- you're right!

    AB- I can feel the world's love from here.

    Nannygoat- yep. We still have work to do, but now we're in the mood to do it. We have hope.

    DTG- when you called me last night at 11:01, I had never heard you sound that happy, that elated. What a beautiful moment. Thanks for sharing it with me.

    Lady Lemon- I KNOW I've never felt this proud to be an American. Oh wait, I finally, at long last, do feel proud to be an American!

    Ample- yeah, that scene really got me too. The tears just sprung forth again. Wasn't it amazing? Wasn't it like seeing a dream come true?

    EDP- thank-you. I really appreciate those words.

  12. That may well be the nicest reflection on this I've read these last couple of days.

  13. Wow XBox! Thanks for dropping by and leaving such kind words. I know you have some spare time on your hands this month....

  14. haha, why wouldn't I?

    I liked the way you referred to him as a daddy.
    You can tell a lot about a man by the way he treats his family.

  15. He just seems to genuinely love and adore his wife and children. And yes, that shows a lot about the man.


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