Friday, March 22, 2024

Well, At Least The Beans Are Very Happy

That is what I ended up making last night. Shrimp and grits. There really are grits underneath that seafood goodness. Damn, it was good. We didn't end up eating until about 8:30 but who cares? 
Probably my husband. I tried to make it worth the wait though. For some reason (craziness) I always think it's going to take me far less time to make supper than it does. You'd think I'd know by now how long something is going to take. In my mind I'm thinking, "Well, shrimp just takes a minute to cook," which is true but I had to cook the grits and grate the cheese to put in them and find the Better Than Bouillon in the refrigerator which is generally a lengthy process and get that simmering and then chop and sauté  the onion and peppers and garlic and peel the shrimp and set it aside with lemon juice and Old Bay and make a broth for the shrimp sauce and this all just takes time. And it is so worth it! 
I also made a lovely garden salad and of course that doesn't happen in an instant although once again- I always think it will. 

For tonight I planned on making hamburgers. Keeping it simple. 
And guess what Mr. Moon ate in town today? 
He NEVER orders hamburgers out. 
But of course he did today. I can remember my grandmother talking about how Granddaddy always seemed to have whatever she was cooking for supper for his lunch in town. I think this is a pretty common situation. I offered to make us something different tonight but sweet Glen assures me that he will be happy to eat another hamburger tonight. I'm sure almost anything will please him after martinis are involved.

It's rained on and off all day long so I've stayed inside. I got out my ironing board and my sewing machine and after considering the length of the fabric I bought yesterday, I decided it was perfect as it was. 

I ironed a hem all around the edges and then stitched it all up and the whole thing did not take an hour. I do believe this was the first project I've ever done in which I didn't screw up something like sewing a hem on the wrong side of the cloth or something. I mean, it was stupid-simple but I have a history of even being able to fuck things like that up. But no, I wound a bobbin and threaded the machine and it ran like it was made yesterday instead of seventy years ago and...voila! 
I was going to wash the fabric before I did the sewing but I forgot to put it in with the sheets so I washed it afterwards instead with a load of towels and now it is even softer. 
I sure hope the man can sleep under it comfortably. He's had a hell of a week, working on car-related things, helping a friend, renewing his dealer's license (for selling cars), helping Lily find a house, and I don't even know what all. He even came home today with a truckload of compost. The man does not know how to slow down and he doesn't quit until his list has been completed. 
Meanwhile, I was freaking out because there were things I needed at Publix and I did not WANT to go to Publix. Not one bit. So I decided to just go to the evil and horribly unpleasant GDDG and see if I could find what I needed there. 
And by golly, I did. Well, almost, but they had everything I really needed. That place surprises me sometimes. I even found a card for Gibson whose little party is tomorrow that says, "Happy 12th Birthday, Grandson!" 

Publix does not carry flower seeds or any seeds at all and if they did, they'd cost more than fifty cents a package. 

So that was very good. 

Here's some pictures of southern blue flag irises that are blooming. 

Glorious geometry in shades of blue and purple, yellow and white. They remind me of kaleidoscopes. Now if those took over the yard, I would not be too upset. 

The tung tree. Not a great picture at all as it was taken in the rain and gloom but you can get an idea of how fully and quickly the flowers have opened. It's already dropping petals. 

I am not sure why but the news about Princess Catherine has saddened me. I suppose it's just the fact that any mother of young children who has to deal with something this difficult is hard to hear. I wish her only the best and if anyone has a shot at the best treatment in the world, it would be her, and of course there are probably hundreds of thousands of young mothers who are given similar diagnoses yearly who don't have the resources she does but Catherine gives a face to this disease and its effect on families and reminds us that cancer does not discriminate. And the fact that her father-in-law, the King of England, is also being treated for cancer is only a further reminder. 


I have suggested to Mr. Moon that I make sloppy joes with the ground beef rather than hamburgers and he said that would be nice. So I best get to it. 

Martinis have been made, the sheets on the bed are clean and neat and here we are. 

Happy Friday, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon

P.S. Lily just received notice that her divorce is finally final. She is once again Lillian Rose Moon. She wanted her name back and she got it. This has been a long and difficult journey but all is now well and she is a Moon girl, again. 


  1. your shrimp and grits looks awesome, but eating at 8:30 would be way too late for me....since I normally hit the bed at 9pm! Yes, I was saddened to hear Princess Catherine's news, but Ive been expecting something along those lines....and news of King Charles not great either..... much planning to be done in that royal realm. Glad Lily's divorce is final! No cooking for me tonight....hubby doing the marketing and informed me he is bringing home dinner (chili relleno's ) from our fave mexican for me!
    Susan M

  2. I wonder if it is the beginning of the end of the monarchy in England. I do hope not.
    On a lighter note (lighter blanket, don'tchaknow), well done and may Mr. Moon sleep under a cloud tonight.

  3. It must be awful for William with both his wife and his father having cancer. There is only one thing worse than having cancer, watching someone you love have cancer. I hope for the best for both of them, especially Katherine. I don't imagine William wants to be a single dad, like his own father was. They have resources but it doesn't matter how rich or well off you are, losing your mother is traumatic.

    I don't like shrimp or grits but it does look good. I had leftovers with a spinach salad. Jack has been grumpy as hell all day. He's still not feeling good and still has diarrhea. Poor guy. I told him after his bath that I love him, even when he was grumpy and that I love him, even if I'm grumpy.

    Have a good weekend.

  4. The shrimp dish looks just great. I'm not a grits person, but I'd take the shrimp fast!

  5. Your shrimp and grits looks delicious. I am happy for Lily Moon and wish her the very best. Mr. Moon's new blanket came together very nicely. He must be happy to have a custom blanket made specifically for him. Nice work Ms. Mary Moon.

  6. This is why I make my soups in the mornings, they can simmer away until done, then I set aside the serving for that night and portion the rest into containers for the freezer. Ditto just about anything that takes more than a quarter hour to throw together. The added bonus is doing everything else while I smell dinner cooking.
    I'm very happy Lily is herself again.
    You bought Zinnia seeds!! I love them though they never grow for me. As soon as the tiniest bit of green sprouts above the earth the creepy crawlies eat it. So I enjoy them in other gardens instead.

  7. The shrimp and grits look so good. I was never a fan of grits when I was younger but now cheezy grits and shrimp is something I really like.
    I feel sad for Kathern going though cancer as well, not because she is a royal but a mother with young children. I honestly thought at first when they were being so seceret about her stomach surgery that she might have had a tummy tuck after having three kids. I thought she might have been embarassed for all to know.

  8. You're just a time-optimist same as I :) Seeds always make anything better, and hooray on a sewing project NOT gone awry - I can relate here too!

  9. If I were born a Moon, I don’t think I’d ever give up that name. Congratulations to Lily! The shrimp looks mouth-wateringly good. We eat dinner between 9 and 10, so you were still early. Mr. Moon is an inspiration (as I sit here with my feet up). May your Saturday be as sweet as your Friday sounds.

  10. I'm not a monarchist but I think Catherine is a sweetheart and wish her all the best. My next door neighbour died of cancer yesterday and while it was no unexpected it was surely a shock. And way to go Lily. I'm happy for her and (I hope) for her ex. I wish them both well. I took my maiden name back after my divorce and finally felt whole again!

  11. Congrats to Lily! I'm sure that makes for a more stable family situation where everyone is now free to move ahead. I was astonished to see that news about Kate Middleton. The Royals have really had a heck of a time the last few years, haven't they?

  12. I'm happy for Lily. Divorce is so stressful to go through. Hope she finds a house soon.
    Happy weekend to you, Mary!

  13. hooray for Lily. property and kids make divorce a minefield. I'm glad mine involved neither nd I only had to wait 3 months between filing and final.
    I always try to start dinner at 5 in order to eat at 7:30 because I look at a simple recipe that says 30 min prep, 10 minutes cooking or whatever and know it will take me 3 times as long though last night I got to sit down for 20 minutes in between prep and cooking.
    still have to get mu zinnia seeds in. ground should be dry enough today.

  14. What a relief for Lily. I am happy to hear it!

  15. Happy for Lily Moon. And oh sloppy joes. I need to make those soon.

  16. 37paddington: Lillian Rose Moon is a beautiful name, like the one who carries it. I’m glad the legal tangle is over and she’s free to move on. I hope she finds the perfect house. And that shrimp and grits sure looks yummy. I’ll be right over!


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