Monday, March 6, 2017

Big Adventures In Jefferson County

Well, I did go to the Tractor Supply although the first thing I said to Billy when we got in the car was, "Don't let me go to the Tractor Supply."
"Okay," he said.
We drove to Monticello and went to a restaurant that a former teacher of Billy's runs. I know her from my Opera House days where she's not only a board member or president of the board or something, she also caters the dinners they serve before plays. She's a doll and was a formative person in Billy's young life and he will always adore her and she will always adore him.
They hugged and hugged and I got a good hug too and Billy and I both ordered the special which was a fried green tomato and bacon sandwich with one side and a drink and then we sat and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and...
We talked about kids and grandkids and grandparents and religion and what happens when we die. And love. You know, the basics of polite conversation.

After lunch we went to the Tractor Supply.
But guess what? They were completely out of baby chickens! They didn't even have any baby ducks!
"Where are all your baby chickens?" I asked an employee.
"We sold them," he said.
But not to worry. They're getting more tomorrow.
Also? They had these.

Cutest little softest stuffed baby chicks this side of real. And when you press their chests, they make little peep sounds just like living breathing chicks. So I got one each for Maggie and for August and one for Waylon too because I wanted to send something home with Billy for his boy.

When we got home, Lily and her kids stopped by to pick up Owen's seizure medication which we'd forgotten to give back after the boat ride. Owen wanted to pick some kale.
"I just can't resist kale!" he said.
So we picked some kale and he wanted some lettuce too and so we picked that and then he picked a bunch of carrots and gave them to Billy to take home along with some mustard greens that Miss Shayla, Billy's wife might like.
"The boy and I will try them," said Billy. "I doubt we'll tuck into them but we'll try them."
It's so funny. When I first met Billy he wouldn't eat anything that was green except maybe an M&M. Shayla has worked hard to get him to branch out beyond fried meats and potatoes and ironically, he now is the grocery manager at the local Co-op store and spends his days ordering and dealing with organic and healthy foods.
I'm proud of him.

And here are Billy and Owen, holding their vegetables.

I told Owen he should just take that bag of greens to school and when everyone asked him what it was he should say, "My snack bag. What do you think it is?"

And Mr. Moon came home to get ready to leave for auction and Maggie wanted everyone to hold her including Billy and I made my husband's for-the-road popcorn and snack bag which did not involve any kale whatsoever, raw or otherwise and there were many kisses and hugs. 

And now here's the fun thing- when Billy got home with the carrots, Waylon decided that HE wanted to grow carrots too so he and Billy FaceTimed me and Waylon asked what they needed to grow carrots and I told him "good dirt, seeds, sunshine and water." 
As the call ended, I could hear Waylon saying, "Let's go get some good dirt, Daddy."

And so it's been another good day. 
Even if I don't have any baby chicks in the bathtub tonight, peep, peep, peeping under a warming light with their bright little eyes and their tiny beaks and funny little feet.

I am going to get some, goddam it. 
And I can't wait. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Yay for baby chicks. And those lovely folks you spent time with today. I'm glad you have both in your life!

  2. Cute chicks! The kids should love them. Whatever happened to Billy's blog? Owen is growing up and he's such a special little boy. Just love him.

  3. You and Billy are soulmates. There are all kinds of soulmates and we each have many of them whether we've met them or not and he's one of yours. I believe this. Hugs.

  4. I cannot imagine not wanting to eat a green thing. That is so completely alien to me. I love mustard greens like crazy.


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