Saturday, March 11, 2017

And I Can't Even Blame PMS

Bridal Wreath Spirea

Isn't that a sweet picture of a sweet flower? Each small blossom cluster does indeed look like a bridal wreath made up of tiny individual blooms. I'm sure there's a name for that. I'm certain I don't know it. 

Ugh. I've just been in an itchy mean mood all day. Luckily for the human race, I've not seen a soul except for two people who passed in front of my house walking a dog, NOT ON THE SIDEWALK! WTF? I only spied on them from the doorway. Not like I spoke to them or anything. 
Here's another thing that happened- about six fire trucks and at least two ambulances went roaring and screaming past my house this afternoon, heading west. I honestly did not know that Jefferson County had six fire trucks. I wonder what that was all about? I can only imagine something very dreadful. 

I do not know what the cause of my mood has been. Since I haven't been around anyone, there's been no one to piss me off so we can't blame that. I worked in the garden a little, working the dirt and getting it ready to receive some rattlesnake beans and cucumber and squash seeds and I planted those. I finished all of the monkey grass clearing I wanted to do around those roses, cleaned out the hen house and put the poopy hay around the bushes as mulch. 

I got this picture from Jessie.

They went to a book themed birthday party and Jessie made August into a little mouse from "When You Give A Mouse A Cookie." And even though that's the cutest mouse I've ever seen in my life, I still felt pissy. 

Hell. I even made soup and that hasn't made me feel one bit better. 
And now my husband's home and Hank and his friends are all delivered safely to the island for their stay and I should be happy, right? My husband even brought me back some shrimp and stone crab claws. 
And yet, I am still pissy.

Look at this.

Chickens in roses. What could be better? 

And this.

Which is pretty much the definition of happy-making. 

And then there's this.

No. Not the poop. The wings! I'm beginning to wonder if that chick is even of the chicken family. I've never seen a chick's wings grow as fast as Nicey 3-3's are. That baby is going to be flying around the bathroom in a few days. 

Well. Maybe. 

So. All of this should add up to be enough to at least make me contented if not ecstatically ecstatic, right? 

Ah. I'm just an old bitch. A bitchy old bitch. 
And this too shall pass. 
I hope it passes soon because Mr. Moon does not deserve the fruits of this bitchy bitter tree I've climbed and settled in. 
I think I'm going to make some Irish soda bread. 
And if that doesn't make me happy then I need to just go to bed. 

Love...Your Friend, Mrs. Bitchy McBitch Face, aka Ms. Moon


  1. They should be walking on the sidewalk, God damn it! Good money went to pay for them! And you pay your taxes! People can't just be waking around wherever they want all willy nilly! We have laws and rules for a reason! Get on the sidewalk, assholes or there will be hell to pay!

    Actually, I live across the street from a provincial park so we get a lot of people walking by our house. Sometimes, if I am in a particularly foul mood I think about shouting curses at them out my front window. The joggers in spandex who always look totally miserable but especially pious would be my first object of scorn. Then the people who smoke and flick cigarette butts on the road. Nobody would be safe from m my scorn if I just went with it one day. I wonder what would need to happen to put me over the edge and get to that point? It's a precarious situation. One day. One day.

    1. Well, as I always say- one of these days may find me wearing a slip with my hair teased up drinking directly from a gin bottle, sitting on my front porch and screaming obscenities at everyone. Especially the Spandex bike clubbers who pedal past, eyes fixed firmly on the road.

  2. whatever the *cause* of your bitchy day........ it is balanced by all the days filled with light and loving grandchildren and bountiful gardens and chickens and Mr Moon. It balances out, hopefully on the *half full* side . ;-) . sometimes one just can't explain the funk, it remains a mysterious thorn
    Susan M

  3. Where I live we always called that Mock Orange. I don't know why. But I do love it's scent.

    Up day, down day, up day, down day....pretty much life.

    1. Spirea and Mock Orange are two different plants but they do share similarities.
      Yes, up and down. That is life.

  4. When I get like you, I just go to bed...sometimes that helps.

    1. I tried very hard to stay OUT of bed yesterday. And I did it. But I easily could have succumbed.

  5. There must be something in the air because I'm Bitchy McBitcherson, too. Actually, I've been on the verge of tears all day. A TV commercial made me cry so I read a while. Damn if that didn't get the waterworks going, so I decided on a nap. Got a cramp in my leg, which you guessed it...made me cry. The good news is I'm going to bed soon and tomorrow's another day!!

    1. Sometimes I think that sadness manifests as bitchiness. And sometimes anger.
      I've been quick to cry too.

  6. Ah hon, I'm sorry this day was hard. You have a beautiful garden. And the light in that top photo is simply magical. Thank you for sharing your life with us, all the shades of it. may tomorrow be easier on your pain body.

  7. you are starting to make me look bad. I haven't done a damn thing but read for about a week. and now i have two dumped puppies in my garage. they showed up yesterday (the mother got chased off by a neighbor) and when I went to close up for the night there they were and would not be chased out so the garage door stayed open all night but they are still here today. trying to get the local pet rescue people to come get them but they're all in church now.

    1. Oh god. I HATE it when I am forced to do something like deal with puppies. Bless you, honey.

  8. Sometimes we just can't talk ourselves out of a bad mood -- especially when it has no rational genesis. It has to just pass. Meanwhile, it sucks. But yes, those chicks and that "mouse"! Those flowers!

    1. I know! I have so much NOT to be bitchy about. Especially that darling mousie in overalls.

  9. Stone crab claws! I could be nice to anybody for those! Feel better soon


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