Saturday, March 16, 2013

Last Night

My Blogger app on the phone keeps telling me that I have reached the limit of my photo publishing.
Boy oh boy. I need to figure that shit out but it's not going to happen tonight which is sad because I have a few nice ones including some stingrays that Mr. Moon and I saw in the water when we were walking today.
I can't believe it's our last night and yet it is. We've been observing our Saturday-night-on-the-island ritual which is to play cards on the back porch and listen to Prairie Home Companion on the radio. We both got a little sunburned today which shocked us but it's true. I'd show you a picture but...I've reached my photo publishing limit.

All right. It's Mr. Moon's turn to deal and he's beating the pants off me and even if I HADN'T reached my photo publishing limit I would not be showing you pictures of that.


Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Ah, last nights are always a little melancholy. But stay in the moment, dear one. xo

  2. Kisses right back to you. Enjoy your last night.

  3. There is some kind of setting that allows you to save your photos to Picasa.
    Glad that you had a good time. But a couple of days isn't long enough.

  4. Enjoy the rest of the evening. S. Jo

  5. How odd re. the photo publishing. I'm looking forward to seeing those stingrays!

  6. Birdie- No other minute to be in. It was a good evening.

    Mr. Shife- We did!

    Jill- Kisses accepted. Thank you!

    Syd- Sometimes a few days on Dog Island is enough. There's only so much to do. But I've spent as long as a week there and was content and hated to leave.

    S. Jo- We had such a good dinner. Imagine that!

    Steve- I think that is only for my app on my phone. I need to figure out how to get around it because I love being able to do an instant picture-post from my phone.


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