Monday, March 9, 2009

Me, Alone On A Monday Night With A Camera. And Remember: Click to Make It Bigger

It's so quiet in Lloyd tonight. This moment the only sound I can hear besides the crickets (I think) is the sound of my keys tap, tap, tapping.

I spent a little time in the garden today in the sweet light of late afternoon, weeding and planting totally inappropriate seeds. Then I set the sprinkler on and when I went out to turn it off, I took that picture above. It's not a from-the-balcony-in-Cozumel sunset, but it's a sunset over my little garden. See my cabbages?

And here's the way my wisteria looks this evening. I will take pictures of it in the next few weeks and you will be amazed at the way it changes. See the tiny buddlings? Oh. Just wait. If you were a bee, this would be foreplay porn.

Do you remember the picture I took of my baby begonia, less than a month ago? Here it is (was):

And here it is tonight:

My babies are growing. Oh, how my babies are growing.

And one last picture. This is what bok choy looks like when it bolts. Bolting is what plants do when they have given it their all. When they are done producing the tender green parts which we love to eat and are making the flowers which will create the seeds to ensure their immortality. Oh. If only humans bolted.
Maybe we do.
I dreamed I was pregnant last night- a tender, impossible flowering.
But Lily, she is flowering. She is bolting into motherhood.
She is ensuring my mortality and is prettier than these flowers, which are sort of Dr. Seussian in their orange vase. Don't you think?

And if a picture is worth a thousand words and the pen is mightier than the sword, I've just given you a dissertation, a ballad, a poem, a battle's worth of ammunition- a peek into the world in which I live.


  1. Beautiful thoughts, beautiful pictures. This is why I stop by every day.

  2. I am so happy for all your babies! I hope one day I am good at making things grow like you are. Right now I am proud that I have kept two little foliage plants alive for 6 months. However do not ask me what their names are because I have no idea. I love you so much. Looking forward to lunch tommorow. Your bolting daughter, Lily

  3. Nice. You know I like a tour of the garden.

  4. I wish I could "click to make it bigger" on my beets; they just never got going well.

  5. Rachel- You are so sweet.

    Lily- Yep. See you at lunch. I will check your bolting.
    Love you, dear.

    Brother B- Not much to tour right now, but it looked pretty in the sunset.

    Magnum- I'm with you. The label on my baby beets did not say that they would be the size of baby ants.

  6. Love the Seussian Bok choy!! Great pix. And yes, I have seen Lilly and she does radiate and glow! Beautiful woman. I still can't believe she is grown... or Ms. Honey Luna either. Whoa! Mind blowing.

    I think the pregnant dream is a very very good one. If you believe in the language of dreams it means you are blossoming into a new phase... a good one! Cool, eh?
    talk soon,
    pf... ps have I told you harley is potty trained? Praise be!

  7. glorious! plant babies AND human babies. it really doesn't get too much better than that, i think.

    i look forward to many, many more garden updates as spring moves along.

  8. Your backyard looks like a little piece of heaven.

  9. Petit Fleur- Just wait, your boy will grow up that fast, too. Look- he's already starting- who's potty trained? MR. HARLEY! Yay!

    Lady Lemon- as I said on your blog- you are kicking my ass in the gardening department.

    Steph- That is mostly the side yard. But it is mighty nice. I think. So's the other side yard. I'm so lucky.

  10. I was led to you through FB this evening and found your incredible blog, pics of the garden, your babies, etc...what magic you spin my friend - in everything you do. I miss you so and feel grateful for this peak into your heart your home and all that is happening within both right now. I am thrilled to learn of Lily's pregnancy - wow!!! Your pregnancy dream is most certainly about the seeds of potential that surround you now - bask in the abundance my friend. I love you more than words... lisa wilson

  11. your pictures and smooth words are giving me an aching, homesick pulse in the center of my chest.

  12. Lisa-Lisa-Redheaded-Lisa-Whom-We-Adore (her real name)- I MISS you so. We must talk. Soon, soon, soon.
    Those babies must be almost grown now. Love to you all.

    Maggie May- You have that southern blood, don't you?

  13. I so enjoy your writing. And it's forever getting richer, deeper, isn't it! :) Happy Sunday!

  14. Thank-you, Quiet Girl. Thank-you.


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