Saturday, March 2, 2024

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This one has decided that our bed is her bed. Night before last she didn't come in to sleep with us until late in the night when I woke up and felt her sleeping between my head and the window. Then last night she did the whole routine of coming into the bathroom with me as if to hurry me along in my shower and teeth-brushing activities, then scratched the side of the bed for a bit, jumped up on the vanity beside my bed, jumped back down, did some more scratching, and finally, after some urging, jumped on the bed with me. First she makes herself comfortable ON my hip as I lay on my side reading. I guess that's the highest point on the bed where she can keep watch for Jack. Then, when she's ready, she settles down beside me and all is fine unless I move so much as a molecule at which time she snarls at me. 
Why do we love this cat? 
And today, I found her sleeping on the bed in the daytime and if I've ever seen her do that before, I have forgotten. She generally naps on the porch or on the couch, or perhaps the love seat in the library. 

I've had the blues today. Just one of those days. I woke up and had a little cry with my coffee and it's like that sometimes. No motivation to do a damn thing but I did spend about an hour and a half talking to my best girl from nursing school, my darling Terry. She FB messaged me that she was going to be a grandmother! Her daughter is pregnant! I immediately called her and we talked and we talked and we talked and we talked and we talked. 
God, I love that woman. She is going to be the world's best grandma. I am so happy for her. Terry, like me, is incredibly emotional. She always has been. And by the end of the call we were both crying, telling each other how much we love each other and she said the best thing which was, "I think how we love each other is not normal." And she was exactly right. In another universe, another lifetime, we are true love sweethearts. And my husband is well aware of this.

I took some of the porch plants back out today. Not too many because I need help with the big ones. It has become so warm. Tomorrow and Monday it's suppose to get up to 79°.  Are you kidding me? (Or as Jeff would say, "Are you fucking me? Shit off with that damn!") Then I decided to go trim the fronds on the sago palms which is one of my least favorite jobs as they have needle fronds that inject poison into the skin and yes, I could wear long sleeves but unless they're made out of chain mail, it's not really going to help. By the time I finished that little chore I was soaking wet with sweat. Summer's heat may actually finish me off this year. And look what I found.

Bad picture. Sorry. I was on the ground and in an awkward position. That, my friends, is the first bamboo sprouting of the spring that I've seen and you know what that means- TIME TO KICK THE BAMBOO! 
Ooh boy. 
And I kicked that one. 
There is so much to do in this yard. SO much. The area around the sago palms I trimmed today is filled with bright green, fresh crocosmia. As are several other areas. The camellia bed has hundreds of plants coming up or which are already up that I need to pull. And look at this.

Not a snow storm. A camellia petal storm. I'm letting it be although I have heard from a reliable source that leaving dead blossoms under camellia plants does something that isn't good. I'm not even going to google it. 

And while we're at it, here's my baby tomato sprouts. 

I swear I'm going to get at least some of those in the ground. 

I better go check the greens I'm cooking and make up my squash croquettes and put the fish I thawed into some buttermilk and lime juice before I dust them in the breading and air-fry them. 
Our egg rolls last night were very fine. 

Life just does roll along, doesn't it? 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. That food sounds so good. I can never think of croquettes when I want the word. It's so much better than the alternatives.
    Hard to believe your garden is already booming, even the teeny tomato first leaves.
    I read in amazement when you talk of talking all that time on the phone. I'd be exhausted and trying to hang up long before! But it suits you and the friend!

  2. a good coffee cry and a call with a dear friend will do wonders! The spent camellia blossoms under that tree are gorgeous......... can't believe you hit 79 degrees but in Florida, anything is possible......we had another 1 1/2 inches rain and a *high* of 63 simmering in wood stove all day and cozy inside. Finally peeled off a am down to thermal underwear w/ Tee over top....perfect! LOL! Still got wool socks on, though......roasted split chicken w/ roasted acorn squash on for dinner here.....not very inventive, but will be yummy
    Susan M

  3. I am so grateful I never had bamboo to kick.

  4. My school friend's name is Terri and we talk and talk on the phone and cry too and I always feel a little bit bereft when I put the phone down.. Bamboo is the curse of satan, we moved from a house with it and now and then I wonder how the people who moved in cope with it. And our camellia blossom used to go a yuk brown, I used to hope for a good wind so it would all blow away! A good cry is good for you, leaves you feeling whole again, I feel.

  5. Congrats to your BFF becoming a Grandma! I was going to plant some Bamboo until reading your Blog made me reconsider. I don't know that it grows as well in the Desert as in a Tropical location, but, I don't need to plant anything that might grow out of control and be difficult to manage.

  6. Tomatoes! Tiny baby tomato seedlings! I hope they all do well.
    Why do you allow Maurice to scratch the bed? Lola has a giant scratching post in the back porch, it used to be Angel's but now she uses it and climbs right to the top platform to survey her kingdom. She has never scratched anywhere else since she got a squirt from a spray bottle when scratching the recliner one time.

  7. I love croquettes; very popular here, too. So amazing and rare to have a friend like Terry. My sense is the two of you should talk more often. Is “kick the bamboo” a euphemism? That camelia carpet is stunning. After 12 years with us, our cats still surprise us with where they settle and how they relate to us... and each other.

  8. Please think about getting a crew in to do the heavy work in the garden this would let you enjoy the planting and growing without melting into a puddle. My husband went onto the roof last year to paint the chimneys and the temp up there was 36 c it nearly killed his 71 year old arse and I've put my foot down so the next painting will be done by a company.

  9. I am glad that I haven't got your style of looks huge! I have some in a pot and the stems are less than pencil thickness.

  10. I LOVE Jeff swears! Makes swearing cute!
    I do not think that loving another could possibly be abnormal unless the other is a Chrysler or a tower- remember those folks? Mary and Terry- just goes together doesn't it?
    Bamboo is escaping the neighbor's yard and spreading like a virus. They thought it would make a good boundary- NOPE! They may have to invest in a Panda, as they are not kickers, nor do they especially see the danger of bamboo triffids.

  11. I've never heard that leaving camellia petals on the ground does anything bad. I can't imagine what it would be, but I'm not Googling it either. (We never pick up our fallen camellias.)

    It's great you caught up with your friend. Friendships like that are rare!

  12. omg, your camellias are small trees! my lone little one is about 12" and struggling. no flowers this year. I don't think it's grown one whit in three years. getting warm here too. worked in the yard all day yesterday and will today too.

  13. Hope that getting out in the yard and talking to your dear friend made you feel better. Sure cure for the blues, I think!

  14. Hubby and I had a long talk last night as we're both struggling. My day was ok except for time with Katie was difficult. I brought her home, which I don't normally do but it was so cold and there was fresh snow everywhere, just didn't feel like struggling with her wheelchair. I trimmed her bangs and waxed her moustache and she ate a ton. Wednesday she has another ECG so I guess we'll see what that says.

    I'm sorry you were feeling blue, it sucks. I'm feeling like that today too. It will get better, always does thank goodness.

    I stole your Jeff cartoon and put it on my instagram page, it's a huge hit:)

  15. I think of the Moon kingdom as a magical garden with so many corners to explore. But I have been here long enough to know that the first sign of bamboo is not a welcome thing. Those camellia petals are a beautiful blanket under that tree. I hope the blues have lifted. Some days are just like that. Chemical memories. Or something.

  16. I sent the Jeff cartoon to my son, Jeff. He swears like a damned sailor (which he was), but he never responded back, so 🤷 ... not sure it was appreciated by him! LOL
    I thought it was funny!


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